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The first birthday is a very special day. Not only for the birthday child, but also for parents, relatives, relatives and friends. The delicate and fragile baby becomes a toddler. Even if the birthday child may not yet understand everything – he definitely feels that this day is a special day; one that is all about your child. Although your little sunshine will have many wonderful birthdays over the years – the first one is and remains something very special. Of course, you would also like to share this event with friends and relatives. An unusual and personal invitation is ideal for this. so here are the best 1st birthday invitation message for you.

Classic 1st birthday invitation message

Dear [name] [birthday child] is 1 year old!

To celebrate this appropriately, we are holding a small party in a tight circle.
We celebrate this on the [date] from [time] to [time] o’clock.
You are cordially invited!
The celebration will take place at [Name and Address].
Please let us know by [date] whether you can come.
You can reach us at [telephone number].

Your name]

Our [birthday child] will soon be 1 year old!

We also organize a small but nice birthday party.
We would like to invite you to celebrate this special day with us.
We celebrate on [date], from [time].
Where? In [address].
Cakes and other delicacies are provided.

We look forward to you!
Your name]

Dear [name], the time will come soon!

On [date] it is 1 year since our [name] saw the light of day.
A very special day in our life.
We want to celebrate this day appropriately – together with you.
We would be delighted if you were there on [date] at [time]!
We celebrate in [address].
Delicious and healthy snacks are provided.

Please let us know by [date] whether you have time.

You can reach us at [telephone number].

Your name]

We’re celebrating [Name] ‘s 1st birthday on [date]!

The year went by in a flash – that’s why we want to make the most of this day.
You are cordially invited to the birthday party.
The party will take place on [date] from [time] to [time].
Our address is [address].
Coffee, cake and a nice afternoon await you.

We look forward to you!
Your name]

Short 1st birthday invitation message for WhatsApp

1. “It’s been a year now, you don’t want to believe it. But it’s true, we can prove it. What a wonderful happy day – for us, for you and everyone together. The little sparrow has grown so big that you have to see it. The best way to do this is to celebrate in a small group, to which you are cordially invited!”

2. “Our little darling is celebrating his first birthday. We would like to cordially invite you to this jubilee day and look forward to seeing you! You don’t need gifts, your presence is gift enough – our little one (and we) are most happy about that! Just bring a good mood, everything else is already taken care of.”

3. “This call goes to our favorite party animals! The wildest of us all is already a whole year old – we all know what that means: it has to be celebrated appropriately! Accordingly, we would all be very happy if you breathed a little more life into this wild booze. See you in the birthday jungle!”

4. “The day we have been looking forward to for a year has come, the rest of the life of our little darling has only just begun. The time has come – we are ready! We hope you are too. In keeping with the old custom, we hereby cordially invite you to join us. The party will take place in our home. We look forward to seeing you, don’t miss it.”

1st birthday wishes

Rhyming 1st birthday invitation message

Hurray, hurray!

[Name] ‘s birthday is finally here!
That’s why we cordially invite you
, it will be funny for sure.
We’ll sing, romp, dance and play
until the cakes fly!
Let’s celebrate together:
On [date] at [time].
My address: […]

We look forward to seeing you!

Soon, it’s [name] a year,
it’s going to be celebrated, that’s for sure!
On this day, we let it rip
until we laugh while lying on the floor!
Come over and celebrate with us,
time flies by.
We have to sleep a few more [days until birthday],
hip hip hurray, then we celebrate!

On [date] at [time],
in [address].

We are very happy if you join us!

Hip hip hurray,
how wonderful!
A whole year has already passed,
and yet [Name] life has only just begun.
Diapers, powder and baby food –
that will soon be over.
That’s a good reason to celebrate,
if you’re there, it goes well.

We cordially invite you
to our beautiful, cozy home.

On [date] at [time],
in [address].

[Name] celebrates his / her 1st birthday on [date]!
We pop the corks,
the balloons fall from the ceiling,
the voices echo through the neighborhood
and hope you will like it too!
On [date] at [time]
we expect you to have freshly tapped apple juice
and a delicious birthday cake.
We celebrate in [place].
You are cordially invited.
Please let us know by [date] whether you are coming.
Your name]

Funny invitation texts for the 1st birthday

1. “If our little darling wrote this invitation, the content would probably be “Wüaaaaaaaah !!” in repeated form. So we’ll spare you that and write it ourselves. You are wholeheartedly invited – that’s what we’re all trying to say.”

2. “Just turned a year old and already the swarm of everyone present. So that you too can convince yourself of the magical powers, we cordially invite you to our birthday party. Cakes and numerous delicacies are provided – but the biggest snack is and will remain our little bundle of joy. Let yourself be drawn into the spell of the little one and experience a magical day with all of us – we look forward to seeing you!”

3. “Holla, the forest fairy! A whole year has now passed. We recently joked that we would soon have to think about how to celebrate the birthday and what to write on the invitation cards. And hey presto, the day has already come. So in a nutshell: Come by, we look forward to seeing you!”

4. “Well you! In order to prepare yourself for this unique day, we have put together a few common phrases that you can use at the party: “They are growing up so quickly!”, “The year has passed in a flash!”, ” What a bundle of joy! ”,“ What can he say? ”,“ Can he walk? ”. For more conversation buffers, just let us know whether you can come and how much material you need. We look forward to you!”

1st birthday Invitation wordings from the child’s point of view

Dear [name]

I’m 1 year old!
We celebrate on [date] from [time] to [time],
in [place of celebration / address].
Your mom and dad are of course also invited.
Please let my mom know by [date].
Your phone number is [phone number].
Then she knows how much cake needs to be baked.

I’m really looking forward to the celebration!

I hope you will come!
Your name]

I’ve been in this world for a year
and I’ve already done a lot.
My mom says there
‘ll be cake then, maybe we have to look for it together first?
Balloons, horns and candles, they
warm every heart!
It will definitely be a great day that
I will love to have you here!

We celebrate on [date],
at [time] – here with me!

Your name]

Dear [name]

How quickly a year goes by. On [date] I am already 1 year in this world.
I’ve learned a lot. And I am sure that the next year will pass just as quickly.
That’s why I want to invite you for the [date].
We celebrate my birthday with all kinds of delicious and healthy little things.
With balloons and other fun things.
If you are with me at [time], we can do all kinds of things together.
We celebrate in [address].

Please contact us if something comes up!

I’m happy for you!
Your name]

Dear [name],

we have a party on [date]!
You wonder why Because it’s my birthday!
I am already 1 year old.

Be with us at [time] and then we can start.
My parents take care of everything.

Please let us know if you are coming to my party in [address]!
I’m so excited and looking forward to a wonderful day with you!

Your name]

Short 1st birthday invitation message from the child’s point of view

1. “It’s been a year now, it wasn’t difficult for me. For my parents all the more! But it was definitely beautiful, like the day today, my instinct tells me. What makes the day perfect, however, is your presence at this festival! So come over, I’m also very nice, then it will be really great, on principle.”

2. “One of many – but for me the first and something very special. On my special day, I like to be around the most important people in my life. You are very lucky – because you are one of them! That’s why I would be very happy if you come to visit me and spend this unique day with me!”

3. “Hip, hip, hurray, hip, hip, hurray! I did it – the first party of my life is about to take place and I want to have all my loved ones around and really make a splash! You are one of them, so the party will be all the better if you accept my invitation and toast with me on my special day with a nice, warm glass of milk. I’m happy for you!”

4. “Crying, laughing, screaming and eating – I am very good at all of these. At one year I can really do it. On my special day, I would like to demonstrate my skills to you. So come by and have a look at the talent yourself.”

Twins 1st birthday invitation message

1. “This past year has been so much fun,
And now (twin one) and (twin two) are turning one!”

2. “Twice the love and double the fun
Our gorgeous twins are turning one!”

First birthday invitation Wordings for Baby Boy

“As our boy turns one, there was so much fun that we had this year. It is time to celebrate with all the near and dear ones”

“Come to my party and celebrate a bit.
See my first cake, I’ll be wearing it!
We invite you to our son’s
1st birthday!!
on (Date)
from (Time)
at (Venue).”

“Babies, cakes, and balloons, oh my! Come and join us as we celebrate (your baby’s name) the first birthday.”

“Come, we will have cake, pastries, games and lots of fun. The occasion is that our sweet little boy is turning one.”

“It is the birthday of our (child’s name). You are invited to have fun as we celebrate the day with family and friends.”

“After 12 months of being
the baby around here,
It’s time to invite you to celebrate
my fabulous first year!
We invite you to our son’s
1st birthday!!
on (Date)
from (Time)
at (Venue).”

“It is time for fun as (name of your baby) is turning one. Cake, snacks, cold drinks, games, and more. Join the laughter and smiles galore.”

“I learned to laugh and squeal, then sit and stand,
and I can walk now if you hold my hand.
But the fun has only just begun,
lookout world, I’m turning one!
Come to my birthday party
on (Date)
from (Time)
at (Venue).”

“Splashy and enjoyable, it is a birthday bash. Swim and play with water and get soaked. We celebrate (your child’s name), just bring a towel, enjoy the pool party. We are here to take care of the rest.”

“The first year was flashy, and the second one begins. Come join the celebration as our prince turns one.”

“With cakes and games, there will be a lot of fun. Our little boy is turning one. Join us for the 1st birthday of (your son’s name)”

1st birthday wishes for baby boy

First Birthday invitations Girl

“We have animals on our farm, to celebrate (your child’s name) the first birthday. Come and join us for a day full of fun.”

“This is a party you just can’t skip
It’s gymnastics and you’re going to flip!
We’ll jump, roll and hop
The fun will never stop!
[Baby Girl Name] 1st birthday will be great
Please join us to celebrate!
on (Date)
from (Time)
at (Venue).”

“Little cupcakes, little hands, and a small host. As the angel turns one, join us for some great fun. We invite you to our (your child’s name) first birthday.”

“She’s learned to laugh and squeal, then sit and stand. But the fun has only just begun. Look out world, she is turning One!.”

“Splish splash, it’s a birthday bath.
Come get soaked, we’ll swim and play
as we celebrate __’s first birthday.
Bring your suit and towel,
we’ll take care of the rest.
This pool party will be the best.
on (Date)
from (Time)
at (Venue).”

“Hello! I am (your child’s name), and I am turning one. Join me in the celebrations with balloons, cakes and more’”

“She is learning to walk, and can’t wait to run. She is full of smiles and laughter, and is almost one! “

“A year has gone by, how time has flown, No one can believe how she’s grown! She’s really cute and so much fun. She is turning ONE!.”

“Join us
for a
fairy princess
tea party
to celebrate
[Baby Girl Name] First Birthday
on (Date)
from (Time)
at (Venue).”

“Cake, icing, pictures, and balloons. Come with presents if you will, as I celebrate as I turn one. Now, I am one year old; let us have a time of gold.”

“As we go wild in excitement, here is the invitation for you to join. Our sweet little (your baby’s name) is celebrating as she turns one.”

Beautiful 1st birthday wishes for baby girl

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