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A child’s first birthday is always a big event. What doesn’t happen in your child’s first 12 months? The birth itself is a fantastic moment that you as a parent will never forget. As stressful as the first days and weeks may be, you get to know your little one more every day and you know how to align yourself and your life with them. Breastfeeding, screaming and playing with the offspring quickly becomes routine.

Your baby will soon recognize faces, make the first controlled sounds, crawl and want to explore everything with great curiosity. How quickly time flies! With a little help, it may now be able to take its first steps or even say its first words! Your baby’s first birthday marks an important milestone in your child’s development.

You are welcome to use our collection of 1st birthday wishes and greetings for children to celebrate your baby’s first birthday in style! Your little one deserves to celebrate a real children’s birthday after all their progress in the first 12 months!

1st birthday invitation message

1st birthday wishes for baby girl

Your little daughter may not have long hair yet, but she already feels like a princess. Treat her to the fun and create a celebration with a nice children’s birthday party that you will remember forever.

1. “Hopefully, on your first anniversary on earth, you will receive fantastic gifts. I send you my very best congratulations!”

2. “I send you colorful birthday greetings and wish you a lot of fun on your first birthday in this world. Happy Birthday!”

3. “Congratulations on your 1st birthday, my little darling. Have you already said the first words? In a year you will be babbling a chop on your parents’ leg, I am quite sure of that!”

4. “I am sending you an angel who will protect you all your life and make sure that you are always happy.”

5. “I’m not sure yet whether you will become a vet or join the next NASA mission, but I am sure that you can do whatever you want to do. You are a very special little girl. Congratulations on your 1st birthday.”

6. “We wish you all the happiness in the world, on which your radiant smile lasts your whole life.”

7. “You mastered the earth’s first 365-day journey around the sun excellently. I wish you a lot of fun on the second circumnavigation. Congratulations on your 1st birthday.”

8. “I wish your little princess all the luck in the world for her first anniversary and that the second year of life holds many great adventures full of fun and joy in store for her.”

Beautiful 1st birthday wishes for baby girl

Short 1st birthday wishes for son and daughter

If you’re looking for short birthday quotes for sons and daughters, you probably have twins. What is double happiness on the one hand is connected with many worries on the other. After all, children are not toys, but people who need all your attention, love and attention. The first birthday in particular is one of those days when the whole family sticks together.

1. “Your angelic smile and your innocent eyes make me believe that life is worth it – despite all worries. I wish you all the best!”

2. “You are now a whole year old, and sometimes a real bully, you grow so fast that one might think that you are really beating the drum again!”

3. “Fantastic, I can’t believe that you’re already 1 year old. You are great!”

4. “Eating with your hands is a task and a privilege at your age. So get your fingers dirty. Happy first birthday!”

5. “It was just a year ago that the … .. came into the house. Every day we are more happy, your smile drives all worries away!”

6. “You are already our little star, and maybe one day you will become a big one! With best wishes for your future!”

7. “Hopefully you will be really spoiled on your 1st birthday! You are a wonderful child and you deserve the best in life. Enjoy your first big day, little prince!”

8. “Happy first birthday!
And let me tell you that there is more to life
than a birthday cake, balloons and gifts there is ice cream too!”

9. “Happy 1st birthday!
At your age, life offers so many opportunities
… to throw food at adults.”

10. “We are so happy about you.
If you blow out your first birthday candle today,
then wish that time doesn’t go by so quickly!”

1st birthday wishes for baby boy

Happy 1st birthday! Birthday wishes for the first birthday for little boys has long conquered your heart and you are of course ready to do so, so that your little one feels really comfortable on his first birthday. Use these short birthday greetings for children to keep your son’s first birthday in memory forever.

1. “I wish you all the best in life, angels who always float next to you. Health and friends and cake and bacon, eat it up quickly or the cat will snatch it away!”

2. “I wish you an angel for you all alone, he should always be with you! Should protect you with all his might no matter where you are – day and night. He likes you very much and gives you his blessing so that you are lucky on all your paths!”

3. “You have been in the world for a year You know how to hold the bottle You can almost walk You like the playground and shopping I wish you health and joy and fun. I wish that your happiness on earth will increase from day to day … from year to year!”

4. “The birthday is here again, the same crap as every year. Everyone comes running and shakes your hand like a fool. But today it doesn’t matter, it’s not the last time. Happy Birthday!”

5. “Happy Birthday! For the new year of your life I wish you: that joy gives you a lot of laughter and that there is always someone who loves you. That health is by your side and happiness goes with you. I wish you all of this and I would like to be here now. But read these words and be sure: I am thinking of you!”

6. “Your birthday should be full of happiness and sunshine today. And besides, be wonderful your whole new year of life!”

7. “Hard to believe, but true Today you will be a year! Every day goes by in no time and you are constantly learning something about it. You can already crawl, run around, laugh a lot of super-great things. You are a real bright man with whom you can have so much fun! I wish you the very best for the first cradle celebration!”

8. “Mom’s stomach was so much rounder, now you are here, you little miracle! Fumble around the world curiously and researching on your own two feet. Sometimes you have to cry too, often you shine in such a way that the world lights up! I wish you the very best for your first cradle celebration! I also thought of mom and dad today – I want to tell you, you did a great job!”

9. “Your birthday, that’s today, many people congratulate you a year you’re already here I wish you all the best!”

10. “Happy Birthday. Have sun in your heart, whether it’s storming or snowing, whether the sky is full of clouds, the earth is full of quarrels … have sun in your heart, then come what may: the darkest day shines for you”

1st birthday wishes for baby boy

first birthday wishes for grandchildren from Grand Parents

As proud grandparents, you would of course also like to congratulate your grandchild on their first birthday. Here are loving birthday greetings from grandma and grandpa for their beloved grandchild.

1. “We very much hope you keep us young and give
our life new impetus.
We want to see and accompany
you as you grow up and our love should guide you forever.
Because Heaven didn’t want us to totally rust,
he sent you to us.
From now on there will be funny children’s birthdays,
together we will experience a lot more.
Our heart opened when we saw you the 1 x.
From now on we will send our wishes to heaven.
One of the wishes will be, you should be well here on earth,
you should grow up being protected.”

2. “Full of perseverance and zest for action, life is now moving forward for us.
We want to give you all of our love
and guide your young life on the right track.”

3. “You will call us grandpa and grandma.
Few people will know you better than we do.
We always want to take good care of
you and spend many wonderful years with you.”

4. “Because Heaven knew that lively, cheeky and lively little
children needed enough support, so he gave them grandma and grandpa.”

5. “Because the grandparents and grandchildren are a perfect team,
parents always like to stand apart and watch the game.
Off to the game of your life little grandchild!”

6. “You made our life perfect, the
way you look at us and the way you laugh sweetly.
We want to give everything for you.
You are the greatest asset in our life.”

1st birthday blessings for children from mom and dad

The child hears blessings on the 1st birthday of mom and dad, but doesn’t understand any words, just looks at their happy faces and is also happy. The environment is also happy for the child and his parents because it is a real happiness and you had to celebrate.

1. “Well look what you can marvel at here,
there is a tiny little birthday man!
He’s beaming as if he knew exactly:
This is my show today!
And he’s absolutely right about that,
because the little one – he’s the boss today!
May his 1st birthday be a successful start
to a life full of love, happiness and sunshine!”

2. “Your first year of life passed with a lot of yelling and full diapers.
Short nights, I don’t want to cheat, have
stolen a lot of my hair.
But all the stress is quickly forgotten
when I think of your laugh.
I often sat by your cot
and said you were a present.
I wish for many more times
when we are together.
With all the adventurous sides
and everything that matters: I love you, my child!”

3. “Your first year is now over,
we all don’t care.
Today it’s all about you, it’s
your birthday, oh how nice!
Guests come to visit us and
there are gifts and sweet cakes.
Today should be wonderful,
with fun games and lots of laughter,
let’s let it rip.
My sunshine only for you.”

4. “The little baby is born,
you have chosen [name] as a name.
With a stubborn head and full of strength,
he / she made the way into the world.
To have a child is fantastic,
how was life without bare?
From now on, nothing can separate you anymore,
[Name] will soon realize that too.”

5. “Today it’s all about the house … – because the little one … is celebrating his / her 1st birthday! We wish the sweet birthday boy all the best, good luck and health with all our hearts! May the next 365 days only have nice surprises in store for you and may God always be at your side with his love and goodness!”

1st birthday wishes for birthday cards

You keep beautiful moments forever, even in many years you can remember them well if you keep birthday cards, for example. Birthday wishes for the first year in the birthday cards give the child the opportunity to read and understand all the wishes for themselves later.

1. “Happy birthday, little princess. Mom and Dad are so proud that you exist!”

2. “For the one year old of your sweet little rascal, we would like to send the very best greetings and wish you all the best for the future.”

3. “The first year in particular is the hardest for many, parents sleep less and the days are getting longer. But you can’t be angry with such a sweet baby, congratulations.”

4. “When you are there all hearts start to shine, for your first birthday I wish you the best in this world!”

5. “Our best wishes for our birthday child: happiness, health, joy and of course lots of great gifts!”

6. “The first year is still the best year! Good luck and congratulations.”

7. “I would like to wish you a delicious cake and lots of presents today, for a nice party with the birthday crowd. Happy 1st”

8. “The future and the past are a wonderful time with you, with no one you had more fun than with me. I wish you all the best for your 1st anniversary because I like you so much.”

9. “The first birthdays in life are the most beautiful, no question about it. But before I just say useless stuff, I dare to make my dearest birthday wishes.”

10. “You are a real treasure, your parents must be very proud to have you! Congratulations on your first birthday and may all your wishes and goals come true.”

Short poems and rhymes for the 1st birthday

Birthday verses are classics. Short poems and rhymes for 1st year birthday are ideal because you can find very simple poems for children.

make love bigger,
nights shorter,
hands busier,
patience more strained, and
the future brighter and livelier.”

“Hui – there is great joy.
… celebrates her / his 1st birthday, how wonderful!
We wish the little birthday girl
good luck, love – and always a fresh diaper!”

“Have a birthday, that’s nice!
You will understand this saying from today.
Because birthday number 1 is really great,
even if you don’t yet know what all the hustle and bustle is about.
In the next year you will be smarter
and take an even closer look at your gifts.
Then blow out the birthday candles yourself
and take part in the whole delicious feast.
But now you should first enjoy your 1st birthday,
which we will sweeten for you with all the trimmings!
I wish you all the best”

“The time of the cradle is long gone,
you are in great leaps and
bounds to master your little life
and inspire your parents anew.”

“Like every year, your birthday is there
to celebrate on the same day.
But today it is the very first,
so we are celebrating it particularly well.
You are now a whole year old that
mom pops the cork.
The dad was ecstatic,
the birthday cake was decorated.
You should be
healthy and lively here on earth for many years to come.
Little sunshine enjoy your day,
we all wish you from the bottom of our hearts, a
lot of joy in the new year while growing.”

“Our little diaper package is
now happily going through life
step by step through the little life.”

“Our little crawling mouse
brings the whole family into the house today.
The party is
about to start , the occasion is fantastic!
Our darling will be 1 year old today –
the whole pack of families congratulates you!”

“A little mouse steps on the gas
has a lot of fun with everything that
Makes her happy with a year of mood and laughs contentedly.”

“Let it live long, the birthday child,
12 months passed so quickly!
Now is the…. already 1 year
and in the house … nothing is as it used to be!
Keep your parents happy
and make their lives even richer and more colorful!”

“Lots of beautiful toys
may make you happy make
our little boisterous wind
be a happy child forever.”

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