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Your little darling is turning one year old. A feast day for you and your child. And it doesn’t take much to make your 1st birthday very special.

First birthday – a celebration for baby and family

It’s never too late to celebrate – and not too early either. If you think that a baby at twelve months does not notice that this day is his special, you are wrong. Even the little ones are happy when they are the center of attention – and they feel it very well. But you don’t need to make a lot of effort for the 1st birthday. On the contrary: less is often more.

It is the loving little things that make the day a feast day, for the baby and for you. The notion of “ children’s birthday ” is actually very abstract for a child of twelve months. So he doesn’t care what is celebrated. But of course you will notice that there is a celebration and you will be happy about the special atmosphere on this day.

1st birthday wishes

How to celebrate 1st birthday?

Doing something special on this day doesn’t have to mean that it has to be completely different than usual. Being able to pursue your favorite activities in familiar surroundings is often the best thing for a new year old. First and foremost, this first children’s birthday is a special event for you as parents, because it is a significant turning point:

  • the review of an eventful first year in every respect
  • the pride in how the baby turned out
  • the joy of his progress

Small children – small celebration

Of course it is a matter of honor for you as parents to make the 1st birthday of your now-no-longer baby particularly beautiful. And it’s very easy. The only thing you have to do: think about what the birthday child really likes.

A huge party with many guests and mountains of gifts would be overwhelming for a one-year-old child. The child will also have enough time for big parties later in life. It is more important to try to keep the baby’s usual daily rhythm, for example, to send all guests home at 7 p.m. so that your child can calmly process the day’s experiences before you go to bed.

Where to celebrate 1st birthday?

It depends on the number of guests. The same applies here: the less the better. Mum and Dad are the most important caregivers anyway, and you can give your child the greatest joy if you devote a lot of time and attention to him. Too many guests – grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles, mom’s friends with children, the neighbors – and the associated volume or restlessness can at some point overwhelm the little main character of the day. With this overstimulation, the good mood quickly turns into crankiness. The well-known rule ” as many children’s birthday guests as there are years of age ” is a very good guideline, whether it is the dearest playmate from the crawling group or the godmother on the first birthday.

If, however, all relatives absolutely want to celebrate the birthday child, our tip: extend the festival over the day or spread the celebrations and visits perhaps even over a few days.

What to give for the 1st birthday?

Presents are beautiful, but for your first birthday it should be a few and selected things at most. The more gifts come crashing down on your child, the faster it is overwhelmed and cannot enjoy the individual gift at all. But if the relatives absolutely want to bring a “real” present, here are some tips on what is great for a one-year-old toddler.

11 suitable gift tips for your first birthday

  • Hooded bath towel
  • Children’s dishes
  • Drinking cup, maybe with the child’s name
  • Blanket – you can always use it
  • Funny sound book for the baby
  • Baby building blocks, e.g. Duplo – the Lego bricks for babies
  • Cuddly toy
  • New romper or body
  • Night light carousel lamp
  • Bobby car
  • Picture box , photo calendar or other great photo gifts with the most beautiful baby pictures from the 1st year of life

What to eat for the 1st birthday? Baby’s first cake

Before the first birthday, the vast majority of babies eat industrial sugar-free and mainly milk formula. That doesn’t necessarily have to change with your first birthday.

The cake should of course not be missing, because it belongs to the birthday! Banana or other fruit cakes with the baby’s favorite fruit are popular among babies and their parents.

Only nuts and honey are prohibited, as these can lead to suffocation or poisoning in babies. But the large motif cake for the 1st birthday is of course also allowed. You can order a birthday cake like this from the confectioner or you can opt for the simpler, home-baked variant:

Most of the time, the one-year-old birthday boy only grumbles briefly on the piece of cake in order to make a big mess afterwards. Lubricating, experimenting and trying – that’s the most fun at that age. In return, older siblings, guests or mum and dad have more of the delicious cake.

1st birthday: ideas for invitation cards and decorations

For the birthday party, you should start planning early. Invite relatives and friends in good time so that they can keep the day free.

If you don’t want to buy invitation cards for the children’s birthday party, then design them yourself from cardboard and a photo of your child – or cut them out in the shape of a ladybug or butterfly, for example.

Write the date, time and place on it. Finished.

1st birthday invitation message

First birthday invitation with child’s photo

If the invitation should be a little more unusual, then we have a great idea here for an individually designed invitation for the first birthday.

DIy First birthday invitation with child's photo step 1 - wishesdb
Diy First birthday invitation with child’s photo step 1


  • Photo of your child
  • Number template and invitation letter
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Pan head clamps

This is how you make the invitation for the 1st birthday

  • Decide in advance how big the invitation for the children’s birthday should be. To this extent, you then print the invitation letter that you previously wrote on the computer.
  • The cover sheet with the number 1 – for the 1st birthday – has of course this format. The “1” should be cut out large enough that the photo can see through it well at the end.
  • Finally, cut the photo into the appropriate format.
  • Now you put all three parts of the card on top of each other and cut a small slit in the upper left corner for the pan head clamp.
  • Put the clip through from above and bend it apart on the back.
  • The individual invitation for your child’s first birthday is ready.

Tip: You can also decorate the invitation with stickers in the form of stars or other motifs.

1st birthday: decoration

There are balloons and candles in the form of numbers or trains as candle holders for the birthday candles.

It is nice when you start a “tradition” now that will be continued year after year. It may then be worthwhile to buy particularly beautiful and durable candle holders that are used with one more candle each year.

The same applies to the decoration for the first birthday: Take a nice, durable garland (maybe you made it yourself), which you can take out every year if necessary. Your child will be happy to discover these on older birthday photos later.

Otherwise, you can also choose a theme or color that is the focus of the celebration for the first birthday: how about gold, white or brown, for example?

1st birthday boy: decoration in blue, silver and white

When decorating a boy, many mums like to use light blue, although medium, dark blue and turquoise tones also fit into the color scheme and look good in combination with silver and white.

1st birthday boy decoration in blue, silver and white - wishesdb

A very simple and effective decoration variant for the 1st birthday are helium balloons in shades of blue and white. Add a big silver one and the birthday table is as good as finished.

Small mustaches and bow ties on wooden sticks, which you can buy online , add an additional wow factor to the birthday cake and muffins.

1st birthday girl: decoration in pink and gold

Have you ever combined gold and pink? What sounds a bit strange at first is the perfect decoration for a little princess’ birthday.

1st birthday girl decoration in pink and gold - wishesdb

You can make garlands with pink and gold balloons with some colored or glittering papers inside transparent balloons. Otherwise, craft stores and online shops offer an almost endless selection of decorations in pink and gold.

Unisex birthday decoration (brown, beige and white)

Not everyone wants to celebrate decoration in classic pink or light blue on their 1st birthday. That’ll come soon enough – as soon as the little ones develop their own taste – and unicorns and pirates are on the agenda.

Colors such as white, brown or beige are therefore an alternative for the 1st birthday. This color scheme is very simple but still really classy – perfect for the birthday party with godparents and grandparents.

Unisex birthday decoration (brown, beige and white) - wishesdb

Children’s games and activities for 1 year olds

You don’t need a sophisticated program with various children’s birthday games for the 1st birthday. Your birthday child and his guests will certainly be happy about a few nice game ideas.

Beach balls, for example, inspire even the youngest ones and if you don’t blow them up that much, then they can be grabbed easily. Beach balls with painted faces (paint should be waterproof) are also exciting.

Balloons are also particularly attractive to 1-year-olds. So that these don’t fly around the apartment uncontrollably, you can hang them in the door frame, through which the little ones can crawl through at the birthday party or maybe even walk.

1st birthday wishes for girl

I wish your little princess all the luck in the world for her first anniversary and that the second year of life will hold many great adventures full of fun and joy for her.

I’m not sure yet whether you will become a vet or join the next NASA mission, but I am sure that you can do whatever you want to do. You are a very special little girl. Congratulations on your 1st birthday.

I send you colorful birthday greetings and wish you a lot of fun on your first birthday in this world. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations on your 1st birthday, my darling. Have you already said the first words? In a year you will be babbling a chop on your parents’ leg, I’m sure of that!

You mastered the earth’s first 365-day journey around the sun excellently. I wish you a lot of fun on the second circumnavigation. Congratulations on your 1st birthday.

Hopefully, on your first anniversary on earth, you will receive fantastic gifts. I send you my very best congratulations!

Beautiful 1st birthday wishes for baby girl

1st birthday wishes for boy

Congratulations on the 1st birthday of your little bundle of joy. I wish him and of course his parents a great start into their second year of life!

I’m not sure yet if you will travel to Mars or become a professional footballer later, but I am already sure that you can do anything you want. You are a very special little boy. Congratulations on your first birthday!

You are already in the world for 1 year and have already experienced so much. There are still many adventures to come. I wish you a lot of fun and send you my heartfelt wishes for your cradle celebration.

I wish you all the luck in the world and fantastic gifts for your 1st birthday. Is there actually baby food with the taste of a birthday cake?

Congratulations on your first birthday, my little darling. Let me know if mom and dad aren’t particularly nice to you today, then I’ll scold them!

1st birthday wishes for baby boy

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