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4th wedding anniversary quotes: 4th wedding anniversary. Although the marriage is still so young after four years, we firmly believe that in this short period of time it has become very strong and firm.

Since this wedding day is very important for the cheering couple, like everyone else, one should congratulate the bride and groom with loving words, because in these 4 years they have certainly experienced a lot and have remained a strong couple.

Here you will find lovingly written sample texts that you can adapt for your greeting card. To spice it up a bit, you can also choose a romantic or funny quote. Or how about a poem? 😉

Classic congratulations for the cheering couple

On the fourth wedding anniversary, the marriage is still very young. Although it can be said that the cheering couple has grown pretty strong, they are still at the beginning.

What they need now are loving congratulations and useful tips on how to look after their marriage.

Well, what is your secret love recipe for a successful and happy marriage? 😉

Sample text no. 1

Dear cheering couple,

on this special day you should be grateful for all the ups and downs that you have had so far. Without her it wouldn’t be marriage. Without them, your love for one another would never grow stronger. Without it, you would not be able to plan your future any further.

Always stay together. Solve your problems together. Never be silent when the truth is in your heart. Forgive each other when someone makes a mistake. Love each other more and more every day.

All the best for the 4th wedding anniversary!

Sample text no.2

My dear,

you’ve only been married four years. In these four years of marriage you have learned to live as one soul and now your job is to lead that soul through all of eternity.

Many obstacles await you, but I already know that you will always fight for this soul – hand in hand.

I wish you all the best for your silk wedding.

Sample text no.3

Marriage is nothing more than wedding planning. Sometimes it is stressful and time-consuming, you always have to have a plan B. Sometimes you also have doubts and many misunderstandings arise.

But, all of this is not even important as long as you say yes to each other again and again at the end of the day and dream together hugging.

Above all, I wish you patience, understanding and very, very much love.

May the fourth wedding anniversary bring you very good luck! <3

Sample text no.4

Dear cheering couple,

today you celebrate your silk wedding. It’s a really big day because it has so many meanings: on that day you promised each other eternity. You promised to honor and love one another. That’s how it should be. Without these two promises, marriage will not work.

Work hard on your marriage every day. Tell each other how much you love each other. Always tell what you feel. Make each other laugh. Wipes the other’s tears from his face. Hug each other and never let go. Enjoy every moment together, because eternity runs quickly when two people love and understand each other.

All the best for a silk wedding!

Sample text no.5

Hey you two

I hope that you enjoy this wonderful day together and that you remember all the beautiful and romantic moments of your marriage.

I have good news for you: an eternity full of such moments awaits you. However, you have to help fate a little. And how??

Long hugs, kisses, loving words, tender touches, a lot of understanding, honor and affection are the main ingredients. Make the best of it!

I wish you a wonderful 4th wedding anniversary!

4th wedding anniversary quotes: Romantic quotes, love sayings and wisdom

With one of these sayings or quotes you give your classic congratulations that certain something.

Pick a quote that has a deeper meaning for you and convey this message to the happy cheering couple.

1. “Always choose love! When you have made up your mind to do it once and for all, you will conquer the whole world. ” –  Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky

2. “It is not the lack of love but the lack of friendship that makes marriages unhappy. ” –  Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

3. “I do not believe that only a position, a certain relationship makes people happy, with the exception of marriage, when you have got the little devil who was destined for you in heaven. ” –  Theodor Fontane

4. “Life receives meaning only through love. That means: the more we are able to love and give ourselves, the more meaningful our life becomes. ” –  Hermann Hesse

5. “The best present is someone who takes you in their arms and says: Whatever happens, I am always by your side!” – 

6. “The golden rule in marriage is: bear and spare! Like government, marriage consists of a series of comparisons. You have to give and take, abstain and curb, endure and be patient. The gentle answer drives away the anger! This is a golden treasure in marriage too. ” –  Samuel Smiles

7. “Everything you are, everything I bring up for you justifies my love and nothing, not even yourself, could prevent me from worshiping you. ” –  Marquis de Lafayette

8. “Life receives meaning only through love. That means: the more we love each other and are able to give ourselves, the more meaningful our life becomes. ” –  Hermann Hesse

9. “But now there remain faith, hope, and love, these three; but the greatest of them is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13” – 

10. “Experience teaches us that love does not consist in looking at one another, but in looking together in the same direction. ” –  Antoine de Saint

11. “Love is the greatest adventure of the human heart. It changes everything, your thinking and your doing, your feeling and your speaking. All your life ” –  Phil Bosmans

12. “Love, like fire, cannot exist without a constant drive; she ceases to live as soon as she ceases to hope or fear. ” –  François de La Rochefoucauld

13. “Since marriage is a knot that death only loosens, the ties that form this knot should be similar to one another and consist of the same threads. ” –  Miguel de Cervantes

14. “But our Lord God from the beginning did not make holy marriages a penance; if he does, then the foolish man has made him so himself. ” –  Adolph Kolping

15. “O happy, who has found a heart that only thinks and ponders in love ” –  and faithfully connected with love, his beautiful life is only just beginning. 

16. “Only love knows the secret of giving presents to others and thereby becoming rich yourself. ” –  Clemens Brentano

17. “To know each other does not mean to know everything about one another, but to have love and trust in one another and to believe in the other. ” –  Albert Schweitzer

18. “There is a very simple standard for a good marriage: you are happily married if you prefer to come home rather than continue. ” –  Luise Ullrich

19. “Marriage remains popular because it combines maximum temptation with maximum opportunity. ” –  George Bernard Shaw

20. “I do not consider the greatest luck to have completely unraveled a person. It is still a greater happiness to discover new depths with the one we love. ” –  Dostoevsky

21. “There is a day when you walk side by side towards the future and a simple “yes” makes your whole life more beautiful. ” –  unknown

22. “True love is like apparitions: everyone is talking about it, but few have seen it. ” –  François de La Rochefoucauld

23. “Let us be grateful to people who make us happy. They are the lovable gardeners who make our souls bloom. ” –  Marcel Proust

24. “Remember that a good marriage depends on two things: 1. Finding the right person, and 2. Being the right person.” – 

25. “Married couples should leave cracks and joints in their marriage open for the wind of heaven to penetrate. ” –  Khalil Gibran

26. “One can chop wood, make bricks, forge iron without love. But you can’t deal with people without love. ” –  Leo Tolstoy

27. “There is a very simple standard for a good marriage: you are happily married if you prefer to come home rather than continue. ” –  Luise Ulrich

28. “The happiest couples are not of the same character, they just have the greatest understanding for one another. ” –  unknown

29. “True love arises from the harmony of thoughts and the contrast of characters. ” –  Theodore Simon Jauffroy

30. “This is a little love letter. It’s quite short, but goes deep. Doesn’t need a lot of space, leaves a lot of space. For a colorful day and a wild dream. ” –  Jochen

31. “He who loves the other allows him to count as he is, as he has been and as he will be. ” –  Michael Quoist

32. “That is the right marriage, where two are meant to make a pilgrimage through all happiness and woe, faithfully united: the one staff of the other and dear burden at the same time, rest and wandering together, and destination the kingdom of heaven. ” –  Emanuel Geibel

33. “Every loved one is the center of a paradise. ” –  Novalis

34. “Love is life and life is love, because whoever has not loved does not live. ” –  Herbert Höppner

35. “Marriage is the closest, most beautiful, intimate, holiest and most lasting covenant that people can make with people. A happy marriage is the greatest good of earthly life. ” –  Heinrich Daniel Zschokke

36. “Togetherness, togetherness, years of security, some suffering, but much more joy! Let us celebrate your marriage today, but we are happy for a short time on this day of unity. And lifelong joy for two, it will be for eternity!” – 

37. “To love means to seek the happiness of the other. ” –  Johannes Bosco

38. “Marriage is a work of art of love, a work of ability, on which both build, change, correct and redesign ” –  throughout a lifetime. 

39. “Love gives nothing but itself and takes nothing but from itself. Love neither possesses nor wants to be possessed. Because love is enough for love. ” –  Khalil Gibran

40. “Finding people who feel and receive with us is probably the most beautiful happiness on earth. ” –  Carl Spitteler

41. “Protected by an angel, you now go through the land. There was a wild villain who gave the angel his hand. Lonely he swore allegiance to the angel, and that is beautiful; because both are now going through married life together!” – 

42. “Love is the determination to affirm the whole of a person, whatever the details may be. ” –  Otto Flake

43. “The great secret of a happy marriage is to treat all disasters as incidents and not as disasters. ” –  Sir Harold Nicolson

44. “Greater than all pyramids, than the Himalayas, than all forests and seas, is the human heart. It is more glorious than the sun and the moon and all the stars, brighter and more blooming. It’s scary in his love. ” –  Heinrich Heine

45. “We say yes to each other, yes to happiness and unhappiness, yes to health and illness, yes to success and failure. Because love knows no fear, it can say yes forever. ” –  unknown

46. “Marriage: This is what I call the will to two, to create the one that is more than they created it. ” –  Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

47. “Marriage and wine have one thing in common: true goodness only shows itself after years. ” –  William Somerset Maugham

48. “The happiness of a love, especially a true, perfect love devoid of unsettling expectations, is a secret, a secret that only belongs to two people. ” –  Alexander hearts

49. “Life receives meaning only through love. That means: the more we are able to love and give ourselves, the more meaningful our life becomes. ” –  Hermann Hesse

50. “This is what love consists of: That two lonely people protect and touch and talk to each other. ” –  Rainer Maria Rilke

Funny 4th wedding anniversary quotes

In order to survive the daily routine, we always need a pinch of humor. Make the happy cheering couple laugh by writing one of these funny sayings on your greeting card.

1. “There is always a wise woman behind a long marriage.”

2. “The wise husband only buys his wife the most expensive china because he can then be sure that she will not throw it at him. ” –  Gino Locatelli

3. “The most difficult task for a woman is to make a man understand that he cannot live without her. ” –  Grethe Weiser

4. “There are two periods when a man does not understand a woman: before the wedding and after the wedding. ” –  Robert Lembke

5. “Marriage works best when both partners remain a little unmarried. ” –  Claudia Cardinale

6. “Getting married: A wonderful thing as long as it doesn’t become a habit. ” –  William Somerset Maugham

7. “A kiss is the best way to shut up together.”

8. “It is enough to please in love, through lovable qualities, through charms. But in marriage, you have to love one another to be happy, or at least have matching faults. ” –  Nicolas Chamfort

9. “Marriage may be folly but at least it is not your sole responsibility.”

10. “Any man can have the last word to a woman, provided he says yes. ” –  Ernst Stankovski

11. “You know we live in the Age of Abbreviations. ‘Marriage’ is short for the Latin ‘Errare humanum est’ ” –  ‘To err is human’. 

12. “The first job of a young wife is to cook her husband’s friends on the run. ” –  Micheline Presle

13. “Marriage is a duel that begins with wrestling.” – 

14. “Marriage is the original attempt to cut costs in half by doubling them. ” –  George Mikes

15. “The perfect man exists in the marriage announcements.”

16. “You can do anything you want with a woman in love. ” –  Gustav Klimt

17. “Marriage is an attempt to be at least half as happy as a couple as one was alone. ” –  Oscar Wilde

18. “My recipe for success for a functioning partnership: If you are wrong, admit it to your wife. And if you’re right, be silent like a grave. ” –  Marcello Mastroianni

19. “A happy marriage consists in forgiving one another for having married one another.”

20. “Before you get married, keep your eyes wide open and half closed afterwards. ” –  Benjamin Franklin

21. “Most women only lose their hearts when they are sure it will be found. ” –  Féllicien Marceau

22. “The feeling needs opposition. If you marry for love, at least your parents should be against it. ” –  Hermann Bahr

23. “Love, what a lovely mist! But in marriage, there is the art! ” –  Theodor Storm

24. “Anyone who wants to have a happy marriage must make a manly decision from day one to insist with relentless energy on the will of his wife in all controversies. ” –  Oscar Blumenthal

25. “You don’t have to be on the same wavelength when getting married, but you should be able to ride each other’s wave.” – 

26. “You only know what happiness is when you are married. ” –  And then it’s too late. 

27. “Marriage is the union of two people, one of whom can never remember birthdays and the other never forgets them. ” –  Frederic Ogden Nash

28. “If you are going to marry someone, you should put them in front of a computer with slow internet to find out who they really are.” – 

29. “A man is only properly married when he understands every word that his wife has not said. ” –  Alfred Hitchcock

30. “Men’s life is determined by deficiency symptoms: they marry for lack of experience, they divorce for lack of patience, and they remarry for lack of memory. ” –  Paul Heinemann

31. “Marry or don’t marry, you will regret both. ” –  Socrates

32. “​​Marriage is a lottery in which men risk their freedom and women risk their luck.”

33. “Marriage is life imprisonment, aggravated by a common camp. ” –  Karl Farkas

34. “The marriage certificate is a driver’s license that is obtained before the driving test. ” –  Wolfram Weidner

35. “Marriages are made in heaven, which is why this state usually requires unearthly patience. ” –  Johann Nepomuk Nestroy

36. “A man without a woman is like spaghetti without parmesan. ” –  Italian proverb

37. “Love is as unproblematic as a vehicle. Only the handlebars, the passengers and the road are problematic. ” –  Franz Kafka

38. “Marriage is when you still love. ” –  Siegmund von Radecki

39. “Women love the simple things in life ” –  men, for example. 

40. “Men may have discovered fire. But women know better how to play with it. ” –  Sarah Jessica Parker

41. “If you have no sense of humor, you shouldn’t get married. ” –  Eduard Mörike

42. “Love is a stupidity committed in twos. ” –  Napoleon

43. “Women simplify our pain, double our joy, and triple our expenses. ” –  James Saunders

44. “Love is a great disease ” –  two people always have to go to bed. 

45. “Women have developed in recent years. You are no longer satisfied at the stove, doing laundry and taking care of your child. Men have to accept that. ” –  Lothar Matthäus

46. “No one is so crazy that he cannot find someone crazier who understands him.”

47. “A good marriage is when both are wearing their pants. In a very good marriage, neither of the two is often wearing pants.”

4th wedding anniversary Wishes Nice poems

For those who like to say it with rhyme, we’ve found some beautiful poems that are excellent for a greeting card.

1. The sun does not shine every day.
Many a man is deeply shrouded in fog;
Not all blossoms are seen bearing fruit,
Much ardent wishes remain unfulfilled;
There can be
no lasting happiness in poor life :
But where two hearts beat for each other, they
will more easily bear the suffering of the earth. – Johann Dietrich Lüttringhaus

2. Dearest darling,
You have been mine for 4 years.
I think that’s good, I don’t want to miss you,
come to me and let me kiss you!
I’ve always known it exactly:
You are a wonderful woman!
You look great, you have sex appeal,
the household is a game for you.
You cook excellently, just look here,
my tummy, it is getting more and more!
I am very happy with you
and ask you: keep it up!
You are my angel, my sunshine!
I love you, my darling!

3. One little word long ago
changed your whole life – you were ready!
You had to go through ups and downs,
a laugh here – a sniff there.
So year after year went by,
today some people call you “old couple”.
When we look at your time together,
we see that so much has already happened.
Sometimes it was funny and very nice,
sometimes more of a roar and droning!
But it’s good the way it was,
the long time since that little word “yes”.

4. 4 years – no eternity,
4 years to test it out,
over 1000 days of marriage –
they are among the very best!
They brought, I look back for a moment,
sometimes anger, anger and resentment,
but above all love brought them and happiness!
(Married) life is great with you!

5. It is now the day of the year
on which your wedding was once. Marital
happiness, it remained true to you.
So it will always be anew in the future. – Horst Winkler

6. We wish you
many more happy years of marriage on your wedding anniversary .
Always stay full of love and healthy,
be happy and sometimes do it colorful.

7. So many years in love,
in happy as well as in gloomy hours,
you have always been a role model for old and young
because you prove love gives vigor and drive.
This happiness should exist for both of you for many years to come,
so today we wish you happiness, health and a long life.

8. Today it’s already 4 years:
Cheers to our cheering couple!
You have gone through thick and thin, you have
intercepted disputes, have
laughed and cried
and are still faithfully united!
You have learned to understand each other.
You have mastered it confidently!
I liked to write it on every wall:
Your marriage will last!
Because, you both know that by now:
Your bond is as tight as silk!
It’s been 4 years now!
Congratulations, dear cheering couple!

9. Go the way of life together,
always by the side of the other.
Joy and serenity, love and security, worries and sadness
– continue on the path as a couple.
Happy wedding day!

10. You both are already looking back on xy years of marital happiness . You are both
dear, loyal and dear to
each other until this year.
That is why life should give both of you
happiness and health for many years to come.

11. We wish you all
the best for your wedding day :
satisfaction, love and health –
together, for all eternity!

12. A day that is suppose to celebrate
Each time after a year
is the one where the wedding was
of a loving couple
And if the anniversary is around like that
, that’s all the more a reason
to honor these married couples,
for example like you two today
Because we more than respect you.
We want to congratulate you very much – Horst Winkler

13. The anniversary of the wedding celebration is celebrated
very differently.
One celebrates it or one does not.
But for the marital peace
Is a signal of great value
That is clear and also clear
So that the other can
find out that this yes is still true. – Horst Winkler

14. Love accepts. Sorrow, sadness, joy, fragility.
Every side of you
Love accepts.
Pain, anger, enthusiasm, the feeling of dissolving in time.
Every side of me
Each of my pages has a page with you.
Each of my sides strengthens one with you.
Our sides, one we.

15. I don’t
say a lot because I’m not that kind.
I’d rather give you a cake
instead of compliments from the retort.
And just so that nobody forgets
what kind of an anniversary it is today,
I didn’t piss myself off,
but hoisted a flag for you: For
once I’m ready,
Because you’re my friends,
And because otherwise my wife screams,
I congratulate you for the silk wedding!
So be it, I’ll tell you:
The cheering couple, long live!
Stay happy, many years to come
I knock on the wooden table: knock, knock, knock!

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