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50th birthday quotes: The 50 years represent a moment of life in which you have to deal with the past, look back and understand how short life is after all. Fortunately, the age of 50 no longer represents the halfway point of middle age, but has become the “new forties”.

The 50 years serve us to understand that there is only one life and that we must continue to enjoy it to the fullest day by day, starting from appreciating the simplest things, without neglecting the aspirations that most stimulate us to become better people.

Below is a selection of happy birthday wishes for 50 years to celebrate this day, the dreams we still have and the happiness that awaits us in the future. Here they are!

50th birthday quotes

1. “If people wore their 50s like you do, the world would be full of kids! Happy birthday !”

2. “50 is just a number when you are young forever. Happy birthday!”

3. “Always celebrate the age you feel, not the one you represent! Best wishes!”

4. “Best wishes for you too have reached the wonderful goal of “Half a century of experience”. Happy birthday!”

5. “You have lived 50 wonderful years , may you experience others as magnificent as these! Happy Birthday !”

6. “Look, you don’t really show them, happy fiftieth birthday!”

7. “You have made it to the second half of the game of your life , happy 50th birthday .”

8. “And so we’re at 50. You don’t know how much you cost me for candles, but it was a pleasure all the same. I wish you well and don’t worry: we will make a bigger cake in the next few years. Best wishes!”

9. “50 years , but come on you are not old yet! Courage continue to live with your usual cheerfulness and lightheartedness! Greetings !”

10. “Best of all, now whatever happens you can blame the midlife crisis. Happy birthday for your 50 years!”

11. “May the next 50 be even better than the first. Happy birthday!”

12. “And who would have thought that on your 50th birthday you would stay the same as when you were a little girl? Happy birthday, we are very happy for you !”

13. “50 years! It’s time to enjoy that midlife crisis you’ve always dreamed of. Happy birthday!”

14. “As Dante said in the Divine Comedy, you are in the middle of the journey of your life! Best wishes for your 50 years !”

15. “Your first 50 years were truly amazing, I can’t wait to see what you do in the next 50. Happy birthday!”

16. “The candles on your cake have become 50 , blow them all out in one breath! Greetings !”

17. “A sincere wish for a happy birthday. Fifty candles are an important number only if you give them importance. Best wishes!”

18. “It is not white hair. They are the reflections of wisdom. Happy birthday!”

19. “Honestly, age doesn’t matter and least of all if a friend like you turns fifty. For me you are always that desk mate with whom we laughed a lot and fought little. Happy Birthday my friend!”

20. “You are not 50, but 37.5 + VAT. Best wishes!”

21. “Booom and it’s 50 years old! Greetings !”

22. “Well, you are finally 50 , now you are ready to give your friends some pearls of wisdom and wise and mature advice! Greetings !”

23. “50 years and don’t hear them! Happy birthday !”

24. “If the INPS sees how well you carry your 50 years, immediately move the retirement age. Happy birthday!”

25. “In the end, what matters is not the years of your life, but the life you put into those years.”

26. “And it’s already 50 years , many good wishes !”

27. “You know you’re getting old when the candles cost more than the cake.”

28. “Birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live. Happy birthday!”

29. “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether they are twenty or eighty. Anyone who continues to learn stays young. The most important thing in life is to keep your mind young.”

30. “When they ask you how old you are you don’t answer “50 years”, but “5 decades”. Happy birthday!”

31. “A splendid shine of life , I wish you an extraordinary birthday !”

32. “Forty years are the old age of youth, but fifty years are the youth of old age.”

33. “What do you want half a century to be? Think about when you will be a grandfather and will regret this day! Best wishes my friend!”

34. “Wisdom comes with winters.”

35. “What a privilege it is for me to wish you a happy birthday on your 50th birthday. You are a special person and the world is a better place thanks to you. Happy birthday!”

36. “Happy birthday my friend, time passes but we resist bad weather! May it always be so!”

37. “You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.”

38. “Here are your first 50 years! May the sun always continue to shine in your soul, best wishes !”

39. “Happy 50th year of wrinkles, thinning hair and stress … Joke you are a bright young man as always, best wishes !”

40. “Never give weight to the years. Happy Birthday!”

41. “The older you get, the better you become, like wine. Happy 50th birthday!”

42. “Now you are finally in the mature age, so stop playing and start being serious … if you can! Best wishes!”

43. “Middle age is the most beautiful age! Best wishes from the heart!”

44. “May the next half century of your life be as wonderful as the first half. Happy birthday!”

45. “50 years old , but you’re still a little girl. Happy birthday !”

46. “Life begins at 50. The other 49 were just training. Happy birthday!”

47. “Do you remember how happy you were when you turned 10? Well now you should be 5 times more. Happy birthday!”

48. “Fifty years and not hearing them, and above all, not seeing them because now you are farsighted! Happy birthday from all of us with the heart!”

49. “The first part of life ends and now comes the beauty, the real fun. Remember to always stay the way you are and keep aging so well. Happy birthday!”

50. “The only limit to our realization tomorrow will be our doubts today.”

51. “You were lucky enough to sip the elixir of eternal youth, because at 50 your body is still young and strong! Happy birthday !”

52. “Years go by, but you only show the best ones. Happy Birthday!”

53. “A first half century has passed , may the other be as splendid as the first. Happy birthday !”

54. “Today is a special day, it’s your birthday . Best wishes for your 50 years !”

55. “In your life manual , you have finally come to page number 50 , happy birthday !”

56. “The older of the two? But you of course! Happy birthday my friend!”

57. “Today you are older than you have ever been, and younger than you will ever be.”

58. “Congratulations on your 50th birthday! You are halfway to 100!”

59. “You have already lived half of your life journey . Take a deep breath and continue walking on the splendid path of your existence, because you still have half a century of birthdays left. Happy birthday !”

60. “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

61. “It takes a long time to become young.”

62. “50 years , but quiet the best is yet to come, joyful wishes !”

63. “50 years , what a goal, happy birthday !”

64. “You’ve come to celebrate 50 springs, happy birthday !”

65. “If someone asks your age today, don’t say you’re 50, but tell them you liked 25 and have decided to have a second party.”

66. “Best wishes to the most attractive, funniest and most grizzled 50 year old of all!”

67. “On this day you added tile # 50 to the puzzle of your existence. Greetings !”

68. “You’re finally 50! Don’t stop because there is still a long way to go. Happy birthday from all your close friends .”

69. “Best wishes for a happy birthday for this milestone that takes you towards maturity … or rather, towards wrinkles and old age! Best wishes!”

70. “Do you think another fifty of these days are enough for you? No? And then a thousand more! Because we are optimistic! Best wishes!”

71. “Fifty is the start of the best phase of your life. Best wishes for this special day!”

72. “For your 50th birthday, I wish you many more of these happy days. Happy birthday!”

73. “Years go by, but you never change. Even if you turned 50, you are still the radiant person I met a lifetime ago. I wish you another 50 of these wonderful years!”

74. “Of all the fifties I know, you are certainly the youngest. Happy birthday!”

75. “Silver birthday? Gold or lead? Maybe I get confused with marriage. Oh well anyway this is a happy day and let’s toast to the continuation of this beautiful friendship. Greetings my friend!”

76. “If you feel old today don’t look at me. I wear them as always very well (in fact I have not yet completed them). Best wishes!”

77. “Dear old (now it can be said) my friend, so many years together and do not hear them … Greetings!”

78. “Don’t pretend you’ve forgotten! On this day you turn 50, best wishes from all the people who love you !”

79. “50 rays of sunshine , for your 50 years , many happy birthday wishes .”

80. “There is something different in the dawn air of this day . It’s not Christmas, but your 50th birthday is here! A sweet wish for you !”

81. “Half a century has passed since you came into the world, best wishes !”

82. “Happy birthday for your first 50 years !”

83. “You don’t stop laughing as you get older, you get older when you stop laughing.”

84. “Best wishes for having crossed the beautiful threshold of 50 years of age . Happy birthday !”

85. “Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it’s your job to deserve the one you’ll have at fifty.”

86. “Happy birthday with all my heart for your 50 years !”

87. “These Wishes are for you who happily grow old without ever changing… with all my heart, Happy Birthday!”

88. “You and I together make a little over a century and think that half of it is your fault! Welcome to the age of reason my friend! Best wishes!”

89. “With the honesty and strength that distinguishes you, you have reached the 50th page of the book of your life! The story is yet to be finished with at least another 50 wonderful pages. Happy birthday friend !”

90. “Don’t take off even a wrinkle. I paid for them all dearly.”

91. “The number of candles is increasing, but the cake continues to shrink. Happy birthday and leave us a slice!”

92. “Come on, fifty years are nothing! Think when you have a hundred! Best wishes!”

93. “Between saying and doing there are at least fifty snatches of ears. There is no point in hiding! Happy Birthday my friend!”

94. “At fifty, everyone has the face they deserve.”

95. “Happy birthday to the kindest and most generous person I know. I wish you all the best for this 50th birthday and for all the years to come. Happy birthday!”

96. “You have crossed the 50th milestone of your life , happy birthday !”

97. “Half a century has passed , but you always remain a youngster! Greetings !”

98. “Here is the dawn of a unique and wonderful morning, because it’s your 50th birthday! Greetings from all your life partners !”

99. “Who at fifty sees the world as he saw it when he was twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.”

100. “May this “half century” bring so many happy moments. Happy birthday!”

101. “You don’t ask a woman’s age, they say, but I would add that no one would ever be able to understand yours. The best worn 50 years I’ve ever seen. Best wishes for this special day!”

102. “Never look back, the time we spent never comes back. And a future of lions awaits us! Happy birthday!”

103. “Today you may turn 50, but to me you are the same person who has been with me all this time. Thanks for putting up with me. Happy birthday!”

104. “Today you will turn 18 with 32 years of experience. You are like good wine that becomes more exquisite with age. Happy birthday!”

105. “50 fragrant roses for your 50th birthday , happy birthday !”

106. “Wow 50 years , but always keep fit, happy birthday !”

107. “Time flies if you spend it with someone you love. I hope it continues to fly with you again. Happy birthday!”

50th birthday wishes: The most beautiful, thoughtful and funny

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