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April 26 is the calendar of the curious public holidays from the world dominated by the Hug an Australian Day. At least if it were up to the American couple Ruth and Tom Roy, who declared this date to be the hugs for residents of the fifth continent. Why we should press our Australian neighbors today, of all days, should be considered a little closer with this article from the collection of curious world days.

Who started American Hug an Australian Day?

The Hug on Australian Day was invented by the American couple Ruth and Thomas Roy. With their website, the two are considered real luminaries when it comes to calendar curiosities. Because since the beginning of the 2000s they have created a total of over 85 trademarked events there.

In the case of the US Hug an Australian Day, the earliest known version of a post on dates back to May 2000. It is not entirely clear whether this day of action has much older calendar roots. After all, Thomas Roy began creating his own holidays while he was working as a radio host in the 1980s (see also the list of related links below).

Although Roy no longer has any strange holidays in the world at his wife’s request, we owe them both such great occasions as the wave -all-of-your-neighbors-to-day (English Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbors Day) on February 7th, Northern Hemisphere Hoodie-Hoo Day on February 20th, Brutus Day (National Brutus Day) on March 15th, invent your own holiday day ( Make Up Your Own Holiday Day) on March 26th or International Screams of Frustration (International Moment of Frustration Scream Day) on October 12th (see also the list of further links below – here especially the overview in the linked Wikipedia entry and the CNN article by Doug Criss).

Why does the American Hug an Australian Day fall on April 26th?

So today is Hug-an-Australians Day. Even if in retrospect it does not seem very clear why the Roy couple decided on April 26th today, at least the message and reason for this strange day of honor for the Australians is plausible.

Namely, to give something back to the people of Australia at least one day a year. To what extent personal experiences or relationships play a role here, I was not able to find out in the course of the research. So let’s just state at this point that this is a great opportunity, as an alternative to the Australian national holiday, Australia Day on January 26th, to pay homage to the land down under (see also the articles on the Australian Save the Koala Day (dt. Save-the-koalas-day) on the last Friday of September and the day of the Wombats (English Wombat day – also:. Wombat National day) on 22 October).

Going there yourself is of course still the best option, but unfortunately also a bit expensive given the requirement to hug an Australian today. 😉 In this respect, the symbolic variant is perhaps the more practicable. 😉

And who can do nothing to start of you so that, for / provided by the 26 April with the National Pretzel Day, the Remember Your First Kiss Day or the World intellectual property Day at least three calendrical alternatives.

With this in mind: A great hug to all of you on American Hug an Australian Day.

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