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On the calendar of curious holidays from all over the world, May 2nd is all about newborns. At least when it comes to our transatlantic neighbors in the US, as their national date of this baby day (National Baby Day – often only briefly: Baby Day ) celebrations. This article examines what this is all about and why we should celebrate the babies on this day in May.

Who started National Baby Day?

Unfortunately, even in the case of the US National Baby Day, its origins are pretty much in the dark. It is not known who initiated this special day for babies, since when it has been celebrated in the United States and why its inventor (s) decided on today’s May 2nd.

Regarding the choice of date, whether there is a content-related relationship to the truffle praline day (National Truffle Day), National Play Your Ukulele Day, World Tuna Day, which is also celebrated today . World Thuna Day) or the International Fighting and Holiday of the Unemployed , I could not find out in the course of research.

What is the best way to celebrate Babies’ Day?

While there is next to no background information on this curious holiday, you don’t have to work too hard to get an idea of ​​how best to celebrate it. Anyone who has ever held a small baby in their arms certainly knows the feeling that they can restore faith in the good in the world. At least for a moment. 😉

In this respect, today’s baby day should be spent spending some time with a baby. New parents can of course also celebrate, but it seems to me that this special day for babies is more about relational and social trappings.

Perhaps there are newcomers in your family or in your circle of friends – then today’s May 2nd is a good opportunity for a visit. Because today all babies – regardless of their respective birthday – should be celebrated.

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