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Fills the sink. Pulls out the sponge. The May 18 celebrate the US as national No-dirty dishes tag (National No Dirty Dishes Day). Don’t you think so? The calendar of the curious holidays from all over the world provide the proof with the following article. Against the piles of dirty dishes. 😉

Who started National No Dirty Dishes Day?

You do not know exactly. Unfortunately, even in the case of National No Dirty Dishes Day, it is completely unclear by whom it was started, since when it has been celebrated and why it should fall on the date of 18 May every year. But we already know this phenomenon well enough from numerous other curious holidays in the land of unlimited possibilities.

Be that as it may, in terms of content, however, there is a certain closeness to thematically related days of action from the category of cleaning, cleaning and tidying up. As an example, reference is made to the following dates:

  • the flush your desk-to-day (National Clean Off Your Desk Day) always on the second Monday in January,
  • the Schaff-order-in-your-home-day (Organize Your Home Day) on January 14,
  • the flush your bedroom today (Clean Up Your Room Day) on May 10,
  • the flush your desktop on day (Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day) on October 20, or
  • the concealed Your Refrigerator Day (Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day) on 15 November.

So on May 18th the variant with or against dirty dishes. 😉

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National No Dirty Dishes Day images

The best way to celebrate national No Dirty Dishes Day

When it comes to washing up, there are hardly two opinions: I really don’t know anyone who really enjoys doing this necessary part of the housework. However, the attitude towards the form of washing up is somewhat more divided: While some – even in the case of single households – absolutely rely on a dishwasher, others – such as myself – see no reason for such an electricity and water eater. Rinsing by hand once a week should be enough. 😉

But no matter which faction you belong to, today’s day of action has a clear message and says: There should be no dirty dishes on May 18th and there are essentially three alternatives on how best to celebrate or celebrate this day :

  • You just wash away any dirty dishes. Whether by hand or in the dishwasher.
  • There is a certain charm about simply dumping the used cutlery into the bin after a meal, but from an environmental point of view it is quite a mess. If anything, please use paper plates.
  • You just go out to eat. In my opinion the best option. Then the problem of washing up will definitely be relieved of you. At least as long as you can pay the bill. But it is also a thing that can be planned. 😉

In this sense, all of you a great No Dirty Dishes Day and if all this is too much of / can ever on the next edition of No Housework Day happy on April 7 or (No Housework Day.) alternatively the current date as the International Museum day (International Museum day) or US visit-your-family-day (visit your national relatives day) commit. Or combine all occasions with one another. 😉

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