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The May 10 celebrating the US as the national day of the windmill (National Windmill Day – often only briefly: Windmill Day). The following lines of the calendar of curious holidays from all over the world illuminate what this day of action under the sign of the technical building, which does its work by wind-driven wings, is all about . Hurray for wind-powered mills.

Who started National Windmill Day?

As with so many other curious holidays and memorials in the United States, it is unfortunately also true in the case of National Windmill Day that its origins are seemingly completely in the dark. Unfortunately, it remains completely unclear who initiated this Windmill Day and since when it has been celebrated in the USA.

Accordingly, I could not find out why the date was chosen on May 10th of all times. Whether there is a substantive connection to the International Monty Python Status Day, also celebrated today, the day of the shrimps (National Shrimp Day) or clear up your room day (Clean Up Your Room Day). At least I couldn’t find out anything about it in the course of the research.

An American and various European holidays for windmills

It is not for nothing that the USA is regarded as the land of unlimited possibilities, but why they have introduced a special day of honor for the windmills does not open up to me. After all, the classic windmills with rectangular, elongated blades are considered a primarily European phenomenon, which was widespread in the flatlands of the northern regions as well as on the sea coast in the Mediterranean or Asia and the Middle East.

Today’s May 10th should not be confused with some European days of honor for windmills.

  • Here in Germany they been celebrating their own mill day since 1994. On this, the German Society for Milling Customers and Milling Conservation e. V. (DGM) initiated German Milling Day, it is a flexible date that always falls on Whit Monday.
  • Great Britain has its own windmill holiday called National Mills Day, which is celebrated every year on the second Sunday in May. In the meantime, however, the entire weekend around this date is used as the so-called National Mills Weekend .
  • Of course, the windmill also celebrates its own special day in the Netherlands: Every second Saturday (and Sunday) in May, our Dutch neighbors celebrate the so-called Nationale Molendag ( day of the windmills), on which all 950 windmills in the country are open to visitors are. And to make the cliché perfect, this date is then coupled with the national bicycle day. 😉
  • Since 2001, Swiss Mills Day has been celebrated in Switzerland on the Saturday after Ascension Day. This day of action in honor of the windmills is initiated and carried out by the Association of Swiss Mill Friends.

With this in mind: Have a great National Windmill Day to all of you. Whether in the United States or anywhere else in the world. 🙂 And of course many thanks to my father who made some of his windmill photos available to me.

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