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Sleep and sleep are a very popular topic in the calendar of curious holidays from all over the world. The more appropriate it is that we with the May 8, 2021 as US A Night undergoing tag (Stay Up All Night Day have) the perfect counterpart on offer. So what is this Propagated Insomnia Day all about?

Who started Stay Up All Night Day?

In contrast to many other curious holidays and action days from the United States gathered here, the origins and backgrounds of the Stay Up All Night Day are relatively well documented. So this day of action goes back to the American photographer and writer George Mahood and the year 2008 (see also the list of related links below).

When does the US celebrate One Night Getaway Day?

On the other hand, in the course of the research for the present article, I could not find out why Mahood chose the second Saturday in May as the date for the one-night work-through day. To make matters worse, there are contradicting information with regard to this date.

Because while the official website has 10 May 2014 as the last entry in this regard and the American colleagues on the web portal set this date as a fixed date, other sources such as or Chase’s Calendar of Events, after all, refer to the international standard work on curious matters World Days, on a flexible date on the second Saturday in May (see also the list of related links below). Although this statement is consistent with the information on the official website – May 10, 2014 was actually the second Saturday of the fifth month of the year – the final confirmation as to which information is correct is still pending.

Against this background, if we assume that Saturday as part of the weekend is certainly not the worst choice for such an occasion, the following dates for the US Stay Up All Night Day will result for the next ten years:

  • 2019: Saturday May 11th
  • 2020: Saturday, May 9th
  • 2021: Saturday, May 8th
  • 2022: Saturday May 14th
  • 2023: Saturday May 13th
  • 2024: Saturday May 11th
  • 2025: Saturday, May 10th
  • 2026: Saturday, May 9th
  • 2027: Saturday, May 8th
  • 2028: Saturday May 13th
  • 2029: Saturday May 12th
  • 2030: Saturday May 11th

Anyone looking for even a mental support or not uninteresting combination options here can this event or this flexible date also as a parallel event to the national Mini Golf Day (Engl. National Miniature Golf Day) or national railway day (National Train Day) memorized in the United States.

Stay Up All Night Day: The experience of not being able to sleep

Probably everyone – at least from a certain age – has had the experience of having been around the ears for a whole night. Be it for fun (party!) Or time reasons (deadline, night shift) or external influences (children, noise or stress). While in German we use terms for this experience, the night shift, night through or only briefly through, American English is much more pragmatic and only speaks of a so-called allnighter or all-nighter.

In essence, however, both descriptions mean the same state. And this is where the Stay Up All Night Night Day comes in, because the second Saturday in May should be used to turn night into day: Let yourself drift through the night, make plans for a Big Night Out with friends (… ), the only rule to be observed on this appointment is: Don’t sleep until morning comes. After all, what could be better than sitting over the rooftops of the city and watching how slowly everything wakes up. It’s a very special atmosphere.

However, you should also make sure that there are no important tasks, appointments, etc. on the next day. But it is also a fact that this day of action in the truest sense of the word – and as already indicated at the beginning – is the perfect counterpart to a whole series of sleep holidays. As an example, please refer to the following dates:

  • the holiday of sleep (Festival of Sleep Day – sometimes also: National Sleep Day) on January 3rd,
  • the sleeping-in-the-public-Day (National Public Sleeping Day) on February 28,
  • the World Day of sleep (World Sleep Day) on the third Friday in March and
  • the day of sleep in Germany on June 21st.

In this sense: Stay Up All Night Day and get through the night safely.

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