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The 4th of May 2021 honors the profession of educators with the day of the American teachers day (National Teacher Day (NTD) – often also: National Teacher Appreciation Day). However, this National Teachers Day in the United States is not a fixed date, but a flexible occasion that always falls on Tuesday in the first full week of May of each year. Reason enough to include this national day of honor for teachers in the calendar of curious holidays from around the world and to shed light on its history below.

Who started the US National Teacher Appreciation Day?

In view of the international World Teacher’s Day on October 5th, it is evident that there are different national editions of such a Teacher’s Day. Against this background, it would actually be expected that these teachers’ days would have an official status and that their origins and backgrounds were well documented.

In the case of National Teacher Appreciation Day, however, even the official website of the National Education Association (NEA) says that the sources regarding the US Teacher Day are a bit vague: There are references to Mattye Whyte Woodridge, a teacher from Arkansas who worked around 1944 began to introduce various educational authorities and politicians on the need for a national holiday in honor of the country’s teachers.

American Teachers’ Day is also part of a whole week of action, the Teacher Appreciation Week, which is celebrated in honor and recognition of the country’s teachers, educators and lecturers. Intention and goal of these celebrations: To create public awareness of the central role of this professional group and its role in the education of future generations in the country. And of course this day of action should also be used as an opportunity to thank you for the work / support you have done. It’s not called Teacher Appreciation Week for nothing.

When does the United States celebrate National Teachers’ Day?

Woodridge also wrote to then US President Eleanor Roosevelt, who finally tried to convince Congress in 1953 to introduce a (nationwide) National Teacher Day. However, it seems to have remained with only one suggestion, because it was not until 1980 that the Congress declared March 7th as the national day of the teacher, although this date was continued by the members of the NEA until 1985.

It was not until this year that a decision was made to put the NTD on the Tuesday of the first full week of May of each year. This is still the case today and accordingly National Teacher Day 2018 falls on May 8th. This results in the following dates for the coming years:

American Teachers Day

  • 2019: Tuesday, May 7th
  • 2020: Tuesday, May 5th
  • 2021: Tuesday, May 4th
  • 2022: Tuesday, May 3rd
  • 2023: Tuesday, May 2nd
  • 2024: Tuesday, May 7th
  • 2025: Tuesday, May 6th
  • 2026: Tuesday, May 5
  • 2027: Tuesday, May 4th
  • 2028: Tuesday: May 2nd
  • 2029: Tuesday, May 8th

If you still need a mental support here, you can also note this occasion as a calendar parallel event to the US American Poem on Your Pillow Day on the first Tuesday in May.

In this sense: Have a great teachers day to all of you.

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