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April 15 Holidays 2021

DateDayHoliday NameHoliday TypeCountry
15 AprThursdayLao New Year HolidayPublic HolidayLaos
15 AprThursdayBirth Date of Kim Il SungPublic HolidayNorth Korea
15 AprThursdaySongkranNational holidayThailand
15 AprThursdayYom HaAtzmautNational holiday, HebrewIsrael

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April 15 Birthdays / April 15 Famous Birthdays

Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday will be 569 years old on April 15, 2021. Da Vinci was a scientist, engineer and inventor, artist and philosopher who was regarded as a universal genius of the Renaissance. made famous paintings such as “The Last Supper” (1494–1498) and the “Mona Lisa” (1503–1506), numerous sketches of the revolutionary war and flight equipment and anatomical studies. In addition, April 15 marks the anniversary of the birthdays of Richard von Weizsäcker (1920–2015) and Wilhelm Busch (1832–1908).

68 BCGaius MaecenasRoman politician
April 15, 1282Frederick IVDuke of Lorraine
April 15, 1367Henry IV of England
April 15, 1442John PastonEnglish noble
April 15, 1452Leonardo da VinciItalian painter, sculptor, and architect
April 15, 1469Guru Nanakthe first Sikh guru
April 15, 1552Pietro CataldiItalian mathematician and astronomer
April 15, 1563Guru Arjan Devfifth Sikh leader
April 15, 1588Claudius SalmasiusFrench author and scholar
April 15, 1592Francesco Maria BrancaccioCatholic cardinal
April 15, 1641Robert SibbaldScottish physician and geographer
April 15, 1642Suleiman IIOttoman sultan
April 15, 1646Christian V of Denmark
April 15, 1684Catherine I of Russia
April 15, 1688Johann Friedrich FaschGerman violinist and composer
April 15, 1707Leonhard EulerSwiss mathematician and physicist
April 15, 1710William CullenScottish physician and chemist
April 15, 1741Charles Willson PealeAmerican painter and soldier
April 15, 1771Nicolas ChopinFrench-Polish educator
April 15, 1772Étienne Geoffroy Saint-HilaireFrench biologist and zoologist
April 15, 1793Friedrich Georg Wilhelm von StruveGerman astronomer and academic
April 15, 1795Maria Schicklgrubermother of Alois Hitler and the paternal grandmother of Adolf Hitler
April 15, 1800James Clark RossEnglish captain and explorer
April 15, 1808William ChampEnglish-Australian politician, 1st Premier of Tasmania
April 15, 1809Hermann GrassmannGerman linguist and mathematician
April 15, 1817William CrowtherDutch-Australian politician, 14th Premier of Tasmania
April 15, 1828Jean DanjouFrench captain
April 15, 1832Wilhelm BuschGerman poet, painter, and illustrator
April 15, 1841Mary Grant RobertsAustralian zoo owner
April 15, 1841Joseph E. SeagramCanadian businessman and politician, founded the Seagram Company Ltd
April 15, 1843Henry JamesAmerican novelist, short story writer, and critic
April 15, 1856Jean MoréasGreek poet and critic
April 15, 1858Émile DurkheimFrench sociologist, psychologist, and philosopher
April 15, 1861Bliss CarmanCanadian-British poet and playwright
April 15, 1863Ida FreundAustrian-born chemist and educator
April 15, 1874George Harrison ShullAmerican botanist and geneticist
April 15, 1874Johannes StarkGerman physicist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate
April 15, 1875James J. JeffriesAmerican boxer and promoter
April 15, 1877Georg KolbeGerman sculptor
April 15, 1878Robert WalserSwiss author and playwright
April 15, 1879Melville Henry CaneAmerican lawyer and poet
April 15, 1883Stanley BruceAustralian captain and politician, 8th Prime Minister of Australia
April 15, 1885Tadeusz KutrzebaPolish general
April 15, 1886Nikolay GumilyovRussian poet and critic
April 15, 1887Felix PipesAustrian tennis player
April 15, 1887William Forgan SmithScottish-Australian politician, 24th Premier of Queensland
April 15, 1888Maximilian KronbergerGerman poet and author
April 15, 1889Thomas Hart BentonAmerican painter and educator
April 15, 1889A. Philip RandolphAmerican activist
April 15, 1890Percy ShawEnglish businessman, invented the cat’s eye
April 15, 1892Theo OsterkampGerman general and pilot
April 15, 1892Corrie ten BoomDutch-American clocksmith, Nazi resister, and author
April 15, 1894Nikita KhrushchevRussian general and politician, 7th Premier of the Soviet Union
April 15, 1894Bessie SmithAfrican-American singer and actress
April 15, 1895Clark McConachyNew Zealand snooker player
April 15, 1895Abigail MejiaDominican feminist activist, nationalist, literary critic and educator
April 15, 1896Nikolay SemyonovRussian physicist and chemist, Nobel Prize laureate
April 15, 1898Harry EdwardGuyanese-English sprinter
April 15, 1901Joe DavisEnglish snooker player
April 15, 1901Ajoy MukherjeeIndian politician, Chief Minister of West Bengal
April 15, 1901René PlevenFrench businessman and politician, Prime Minister of France
April 15, 1902Fernando PessaPortuguese journalist
April 15, 1903John WilliamsEnglish-American actor
April 15, 1904Arshile GorkyArmenian-American painter and illustrator
April 15, 1907Nikolaas TinbergenDutch-English ethologist and ornithologist, Nobel Prize laureate
April 15, 1908eden ahbezScottish-American songwriter and recording artist
April 15, 1908Lita GreyAmerican actress
April 15, 1910Sulo BärlundFinnish shot putter
April 15, 1910Miguel NajdorfPolish-Argentinian chess player and theoretician
April 15, 1912William CongdonAmerican-Italian painter and sculptor
April 15, 1912Kim Il-sungNorth Korean general and politician, 1st Supreme Leader of North Korea
April 15, 1915Elizabeth CatlettAfrican-American sculptor and illustrator
April 15, 1916Alfred S. BloomingdaleAmerican businessman
April 15, 1916Helene HanffAmerican author and screenwriter
April 15, 1917Hans ConriedAmerican actor
April 15, 1917Elmer GedeonAmerican baseball player and bomber pilot
April 15, 1917James KeeAmerican lawyer and politician
April 15, 1918Hans BillianGerman film director, screenwriter, and actor
April 15, 1919Alberto BrecciaUruguayan-Argentinian author and illustrator
April 15, 1920Godfrey StaffordEnglish-South African physicist and academic
April 15, 1920Thomas SzaszHungarian-American psychiatrist and academic
April 15, 1920Richard von WeizsäckerGerman soldier and politician, 6th President of Germany
April 15, 1921Georgy BeregovoyUkrainian-Russian general, pilot, and astronaut
April 15, 1921Angelo DiGeorgeAmerican physician and endocrinologist
April 15, 1922Michael AnsaraSyrian-American actor
April 15, 1922Hasrat JaipuriIndian poet and songwriter
April 15, 1922Harold WashingtonAmerican lawyer and politician, 51st Mayor of Chicago
April 15, 1922Graham WhiteheadEnglish racing driver
April 15, 1923Artur AlliksaarEstonian poet and author
April 15, 1923Robert DePughAmerican activist, founded the Minutemen (an anti-Communist organization)
April 15, 1924M. CanagaratnamSri Lankan politician
April 15, 1924Rikki FultonScottish comedian
April 15, 1924Neville MarrinerEnglish violinist and conductor
April 15, 1927Robert MillsAmerican physicist and academic
April 15, 1929Gérald BeaudoinCanadian lawyer and politician
April 15, 1929Adrian CadburyEnglish rower and businessman
April 15, 1930Georges DescrièresFrench actor
April 15, 1930Vigdís FinnbogadóttirIcelandic educator and politician, 4th President of Iceland
April 15, 1931Kenneth BloomfieldNorthern Irish civil servant
April 15, 1931Tomas TranströmerSwedish poet, translator, and psychologist Nobel Prize laureate
April 15, 1933Roy ClarkAmerican musician and television personality
April 15, 1933David HamiltonEnglish-French photographer and director
April 15, 1933Elizabeth MontgomeryAmerican actress and producer
April 15, 1935Stavros ParavasGreek actor and producer
April 15, 1936Raymond PoulidorFrench cyclist
April 15, 1937Bob LumanAmerican singer-songwriter and guitarist
April 15, 1937Robert W. GoreAmerican engineer and businessman, co-inventor of Gore-Tex
April 15, 1938Claudia CardinaleItalian actress
April 15, 1938Hso Khan PhaBurmese-Canadian geologist and politician
April 15, 1939Marty WildeEnglish singer-songwriter and actor
April 15, 1939Desiré EcaréIvorian filmmaker
April 15, 1940Jeffrey ArcherEnglish author, playwright, and politician
April 15, 1940Penelope CoelenSouth African actress, model, beauty queen and 1958 Miss World
April 15, 1940Willie DavisAmerican baseball player and actor
April 15, 1940Robert LacroixCanadian economist and academic
April 15, 1941Howard BermanAmerican lawyer and politician
April 15, 1942Francis X. DiLorenzoAmerican bishop
April 15, 1942Walt HazzardAmerican basketball player and coach
April 15, 1942Kenneth LayAmerican businessman
April 15, 1942Tim LankesterEnglish economist and academic
April 15, 1943Pınar KürTurkish author, playwright, and academic
April 15, 1943Robert LefkowitzAmerican physician and biochemist, Nobel Prize laureate
April 15, 1943Veronica LinklaterBaroness Linklater, English politician
April 15, 1943Hugh ThompsonJr., American soldier and pilot
April 15, 1944Dzhokhar DudayevRussian-Chechen general and politician, 1st President of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria
April 15, 1944Dave EdmundsWelsh singer, guitarist, and producer
April 15, 1946John LloydScottish journalist and author
April 15, 1946Pete RouseAmerican politician, White House Chief of Staff
April 15, 1947Linda Bloodworth-ThomasonAmerican screenwriter and producer
April 15, 1947Martin BroughtonEnglish businessman
April 15, 1947Lois ChilesAmerican model and actress
April 15, 1947David OmandEnglish civil servant and academic
April 15, 1947Cristina Husmark PehrssonSwedish nurse and politician, Swedish Minister for Social Security
April 15, 1947Woolly WolstenholmeEnglish singer and keyboard player
April 15, 1948Christopher BrownEnglish historian, curator, and academic
April 15, 1948Michael KamenAmerican composer and conductor
April 15, 1948Phil MoggEnglish singer-songwriter and musician
April 15, 1949Alla PugachevaRussian singer-songwriter and actress
April 15, 1949Craig ZadanAmerican director, producer, and screenwriter
April 15, 1950Josiane BalaskoFrench actress, director, and screenwriter
April 15, 1950Amy WrightAmerican actress
April 15, 1950Karel KroupaCzech football player
April 15, 1951HeloiseAmerican journalist and author
April 15, 1951John L. PhillipsAmerican captain and astronaut
April 15, 1951Stuart PrebbleEnglish journalist and producer
April 15, 1951Marsha IvinsAmerican engineer and astronaut
April 15, 1952Kym GyngellAustralian actor, comedian, and screenwriter
April 15, 1952Brian MuirEnglish sculptor and set designer
April 15, 1952Avital RonellCzech-American philosopher and academic
April 15, 1955Dodi FayedEgyptian film producer
April 15, 1955Joice MujuruZimbabwean politician
April 15, 1956Michael CooperAmerican basketball player and coach
April 15, 1957Evelyn AshfordAmerican runner and coach
April 15, 1958Keith ActonCanadian ice hockey player and coach
April 15, 1958John BracewellNew Zealand cricketer
April 15, 1958Memos IoannouGreek basketball player and coach
April 15, 1958Benjamin ZephaniahEnglish actor, author, poet, and playwright
April 15, 1959Fruit ChanChinese director, producer, and screenwriter
April 15, 1959Kevin LoweCanadian ice hockey player, coach, and manager
April 15, 1959Emma ThompsonEnglish actress, comedian, author, activist and screenwriter
April 15, 1960Pierre AubryCanadian ice hockey player
April 15, 1960Susanne BierDanish director and screenwriter
April 15, 1960Pedro DelgadoSpanish cyclist and sportscaster
April 15, 1960Tony JonesEnglish snooker player
April 15, 1961Neil CarmichaelEnglish academic and politician
April 15, 1961Carol W. GreiderAmerican molecular biologist
April 15, 1961Dawn WrightAmerican geographer and oceanographer
April 15, 1962Nawal El MoutawakelMoroccan athlete and politician
April 15, 1962Tom KaneAmerican voice actor
April 15, 1963Alex CrawfordNigerian-South African journalist
April 15, 1963Manzoor ElahiPakistani cricketer
April 15, 1963Manoj PrabhakarIndian cricketer and sportscaster
April 15, 1964Andre JoubertSouth African rugby player
April 15, 1964Lee KernaghanAustralian singer-songwriter and guitarist
April 15, 1965Linda PerryAmerican singer-songwriter, musician and record producer
April 15, 1965Kevin StevensAmerican ice hockey player
April 15, 1966Samantha FoxEnglish singer-songwriter and actress
April 15, 1966Mott GreenAmerican businessman
April 15, 1967Frankie PoullainScottish bass player and songwriter
April 15, 1967Dara TorresAmerican swimmer and journalist
April 15, 1968Ben ClarkeEnglish rugby player and coach
April 15, 1968Brahim LahlafiMoroccan-French runner
April 15, 1968Ed O’BrienEnglish guitarist
April 15, 1969Jeromy BurnitzAmerican baseball player
April 15, 1969Kaisa RooseEstonian pianist and conductor
April 15, 1969Jimmy WaiteCanadian-German ice hockey player and coach
April 15, 1970Chris HuffinsAmerican decathlete and coach
April 15, 1971Philippe CarbonneauFrench rugby player
April 15, 1971Finidi GeorgeNigerian footballer
April 15, 1971Jason SehornAmerican football player
April 15, 1971Josia ThugwaneSouth African runner
April 15, 1971Karl TurnerEnglish lawyer and politician
April 15, 1972Arturo GattiItalian-Canadian boxer
April 15, 1972Lou RomanoAmerican animator and voice actor
April 15, 1974Kim Min-kyoSouth Korean actor and director
April 15, 1974Danny PinoAmerican actor and screenwriter
April 15, 1974Mike QuinnAmerican football player
April 15, 1974Douglas SpainAmerican actor, director, and producer
April 15, 1974Tim ThomasAmerican ice hockey player
April 15, 1975Sarah TeichmannGerman-American biophysicist and immunologist
April 15, 1976Jason BonsignoreCanadian ice hockey player and coach
April 15, 1976Darius RegelskisLithuanian footballer
April 15, 1976Kęstutis ŠeštokasLithuanian basketball player
April 15, 1976Steve WilliamsEnglish rower
April 15, 1977Sudarsan PattnaikIndian sculptor
April 15, 1977Brian PothierAmerican ice hockey player
April 15, 1978Milton BradleyAmerican baseball player
April 15, 1978Tim CorcoranAmerican baseball player
April 15, 1978Luis FonsiPuerto Rican-American singer-songwriter and dancer
April 15, 1978Chris StapletonAmerican country singer-songwriter and guitarist
April 15, 1980Patrick CarneyAmerican drummer, musician, and producer
April 15, 1980James FosterEnglish cricketer
April 15, 1980Raül LópezSpanish basketball player
April 15, 1980Willie MasonNew Zealand-Australian rugby league player
April 15, 1980Aida MollenkampAmerican chef and author
April 15, 1980Billy YatesAmerican football player
April 15, 1981Andrés D’AlessandroArgentinian footballer
April 15, 1982Michael AubreyAmerican baseball player
April 15, 1982Anthony GreenAmerican singer-songwriter
April 15, 1982Seth RogenCanadian-American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter
April 15, 1983Alice BragaBrazilian actress
April 15, 1983Matt CardleEnglish singer-songwriter and guitarist
April 15, 1983Dudu CearenseBrazilian footballer
April 15, 1983Andreas FranssonSwedish skier
April 15, 1983Ilya KovalchukRussian ice hockey player
April 15, 1983Martin PedersenDanish cyclist
April 15, 1984Antonio CromartieAmerican football player
April 15, 1984Cam JanssenAmerican ice hockey player
April 15, 1984Daniel PailleCanadian ice hockey player
April 15, 1985Ryan HamiltonCanadian ice hockey player
April 15, 1986Tom HeatonEnglish footballer
April 15, 1986Sylvain MarveauxFrench footballer
April 15, 1988Blake AyshfordAustralian rugby league player
April 15, 1988Steven DefourBelgian footballer
April 15, 1988Chris TillmanAmerican baseball pitcher
April 15, 1989Darren NichollsAustralian rugby league player
April 15, 1990Emma WatsonEnglish actress
April 15, 1991Daiki AriokaJapanese idol, singer, and actor
April 15, 1991Javier Fernández LópezSpanish figure skater
April 15, 1992Jeremy McGovernAustralian rules football player
April 15, 1994Brodie GrundyAustralian rules football player
April 15, 1994Shaunae Miller-UiboBahamian sprinter
April 15, 1995Leander DendonckerBelgian footballer
April 15, 1999Denis ShapovalovCanadian tennis player
April 15, 2001Shanti DopeFilipino rapper

April 15 Celebrity Birthdays

Maisie Williams born 23 years ago

Claudia Cardinale Born 82 years ago

Alice Braga born 37 years ago

Trine Dyrholm Born 48 years ago

Olivier Nakache was born 47 years ago

Susanne beer born 60 years ago

Cody Christian was born 25 years ago

David Hamilton was born 87 years ago

Marcus Nispel was born 57 years ago

Thomas F. Wilson was born 61 years ago

Lily Carter born 30 years ago

Joshua Orpin was born 26 years ago

Danny Pino was born 46 years ago

Lois Chiles Born 73 years ago

Madeleine Martin Born 27 years ago

Julia Butters born 11 years ago

Susan Ward Born 44 years ago

Alessija Lause born 40 years ago

Samira Wiley born 33 years ago

Marie Kremer born 38 years ago

Benedict Samuel was born 32 years ago

Karen David born 41 years ago

Josiane Balasko born 70 years ago

Michael Tucci was born 74 years ago

Julie Sommars Born 78 years ago

Elizabeth Montgomery Born 87 years ago

Sam McMurray was born 68 years ago

John Williams (II) was born 117 years ago

Siri Svegler born 40 years ago

Reed Morano Born 43 years ago

Andrew Daly was born 49 years ago

Damien Dante Wayans was born 40 years ago

Lydie Denier Born 56 years ago

Alex Veadov was born 58 years ago

Tom Kane was born 58 years ago

Amy Deasismont born 28 years ago

Sergei Puskepalis was born 54 years ago

Robert Walker Jr. was born 80 years ago

Sarah Suco born 39 years ago

Patricia López Arnaiz born 39 years ago

Henry James was born 177 years ago

Chrystelle Labaude born 61 years ago

Louie Psihoyos was born 63 years ago

Richard Rush was born 91 years ago

Luciano Catenacci was born 87 years ago

Paula Pell Born 57 years ago

Pierre Vaneck was born 89 years ago

Samantha Fox (II) Born 54 years ago

Tommy Kenter was born 70 years ago

Michael Kamen was born 72 years ago

Georges Descrières was born 90 years ago

Michael Ansara was born 98 years ago

Arian Moayed was born 40 years ago

Lily Pilblad born 20 years ago

Guy Boyd was born 77 years ago

Francis Hallé was born 82 years ago

Irit Sheleg Born 62 years ago

Douglas Spain was born 46 years ago

Isaac Ezban was born 34 years ago

Julien Lambroschini was born 50 years ago

Pierre Moro was born 78 years ago

Sabine Sun born 80 years ago

Flex Alexander was born 50 years ago

Alexandra Masangkay born 28 years ago

Curtis Bernhardt was born 121 years ago

Beate Hasenau Born 84 years ago

Larisa Tarkovskaya Born 82 years ago

Laurie Murdoch was born 62 years ago

Hans Conried was born 103 years ago

Josef Somr was born 86 years ago

Amy Wright born 70 years ago

Ines de Medeiros Born 52 years ago

Maria Solrun born 34 years ago

Kimberly Dos Ramos born 28 years ago

Mohamad Ali Keshavarz was born 90 years ago

Sergey Puskepalis was born 54 years ago

Alex Orr was born 41 years ago

Jango Edwards was born 70 years ago

Nick Came was born 58 years ago

Christa Sauls was born 48 years ago

Anne Germain born 85 years ago

Lorenzo Mieli was born 47 years ago

William C. McGann was born 127 years ago

Kamala Lopez Born 56 years ago

Dominic Brunt was born 50 years ago

Gabriela Duarte born 46 years ago

Santiago Loza was born 49 years ago

Igor Bares was born 54 years ago

Wallace Reid was born 128 years ago

Rikki Fulton was born 96 years ago

Neeltje de Vree born 30 years ago

Paul Bright was born 55 years ago

Ladson Deyne was born 56 years ago

Harvey Lembeck was born 97 years ago

Valerio Attanasio was born 42 years ago

Carlos Theron was born 42 years ago

Dusica Zegarac Born 76 years ago

Charles Nelson was born 119 years ago

Roberto Santos was born 92 years ago

Catherine Belkhodja born 65 years ago

Boris Strugatzki was born 87 years ago

Agata Flori Born 82 years ago

Kym Gyngell was born 68 years ago

Jeffrey Archer was born 80 years ago

Conroe Brooks was born 44 years ago

Ray Cunningham was born 37 years ago

Alan Plater was born 85 years ago

Craig Zadan was born 71 years ago

Travis Hedland was born 30 years ago

Django Marsh was born 19 years ago

Diva Medrek born 65 years ago

Olivier Debre was born 100 years ago

Mariana Avila born 41 years ago

Vida Alves Born 92 years ago

Erin Lee Carr born 32 years ago

Helio Martins Jr. was born 42 years ago

Ray Golden was born 114 years ago

Walter Casagrande was born 57 years ago

Ryutaro Nakamura was born 65 years ago

Enrique Sebastian Rivas was born 37 years ago

Uldis Pucitis was born 83 years ago

Raymond Poulidor was born 84 years ago

Cora Lee Day Born 106 years ago

Eric Voge was born 62 years ago

Dave Edmunds was born 76 years ago

Anne Michaels Born 62 years ago

William Tanoos was born 37 years ago

Marcel Philippot was born 67 years ago

Maurizio Sciarra was born 65 years ago

Patrick Adler was born 62 years ago

Alain Mazars was born 65 years ago

Hernán del Riego was born 54 years ago

Hidetoshi Kageyama was born 70 years ago

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