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With the US day of April showers Day – rare: April Showers National Day) is on the 22 April devoted to the changing weather. Reason enough to investigate this meteorological phenomenon of sudden, mostly heavy rain showers with this article in the calendar of curious holidays from all over the world and to tell its story. Why do we celebrate April Showers Day today?

Who started April Showers Day?

In contrast to many other curious holidays and action days from the United States, the source situation in the case of April Showers Day looks relatively clear, at least with regard to the initiator. The initiative for this article from the calendar of meteorological holidays probably goes back to the US e-card provider 123greetings.com (see also the list of related links below). However, it remains unclear in which year the April Showers Day was launched.

Why does the United States’ national April shower day fall on April 22nd?

It also remains unclear why the initiators chose April 22 as the date for the April shower. In principle, the name specifies the month, but why it should be the 22nd of all things does not seem to be justified. At least none of the sources found provide a concrete statement on this.

If there is a substantive connection to today also committed in the United States beyond the date of jelly beans (Engl. National Jelly Bean Day) or the International Earth Day is (Engl. Earth Day), I could while researching for this article at least not find out. At least the Earth would somehow fit thematically.

The term April Showers as an English-language description of a weather phenomenon

Even if the roots of today’s April showers are clearly to be found in the United States, the term April Showers is an established term that is mainly used in Great Britain and Ireland.

He essentially describes the heavy and sudden rain showers that are so typical of the changeable April weather in the northern hemisphere and – especially on the British Isles – are caused by the north movement of the jet stream. As a result of this weather phenomenon, low-pressure areas from the Atlantic bring heavy rain bands over the islands and, in combination with strong wind, produce strong downpours in each case – often in combination with snow and/or hail. This is also related to the saying: April showers bring May flowers from the 17th century, which has established itself as a fixed expression in the Anglo-American language area.

With this in mind: Better to pack your umbrella today and have a great day of April showers to all of you. Whether in the United States, Great Britain or anywhere else in the world. 🙂

April showers bring may flowers

April Showers Day images - april showers bring may flowers - wishes db
April Showers Day images – april showers bring may flowers
April Showers Day images - Happy April Showers Day - wishes db
April Showers Day images - Happy April Showers Day - wishes db

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