August Holidays 2023 around the world. celebrate and plan your holidays. wish your family and friends.

1 AugTuesdayEmancipation DayPublic HolidayGuyana
1 AugTuesdaySanto Domingo Celebrations StartLocal holidayNicaragua
1 AugTuesdayGualdalcanal Province DayLocal holidaysolomon islands
1 AugTuesdayEmancipation DayPublic HolidayBarbados
1 AugTuesdayEmancipation DayPublic HolidayJamaica
1 AugTuesdayEmancipation DayPublic HolidaySaint Lucia
1 AugTuesdayEmancipation DayPublic HolidaySaint Vincent and the Grenadines
1 AugTuesdayEmancipation DayPublic holidayTrinidad and Tobago
1 AugTuesdayEmancipation DayPublic HolidayTurks and Caicos Islands
1 AugTuesdaySwiss National DayNational holidaySwitzerland
02 Aug
3 AugThursdayFreedom DayNational holidayEquatorial Guinea
3 AugThursdayMartyrs’ DayPublic HolidayGuinea-Bissau
3 AugThursdaySan Salvador Day 1 (S. Salvador only)Local holidayEl Salvador
3 AugThursdayMakira-Ulawa Province DayLocal holidaysolomon islands
3 AugThursdayEmancipation DayPublic HolidayBermuda
4 AugFridayFounders’ DayPublic HolidayGhana
4 AugFridayConstitution DayPublic Holidaycook island
4 AugFridayMary Prince DayPublic HolidayBermuda
5 AugSaturdaySan Salvador Day 2 (S. Salvador only)Local holidayEl Salvador
5 AugSaturdayHomeland Thanksgiving DayNational holidaycroatia
5 AugSaturdayFeast of the White VirginProvincial HolidaySpain
5 AugSaturdayThe Day of Our Lady of AfricaAutonomous Community HolidaySpain
6 AugSundayIndependence DayNational holidayBolivia
6 AugSundayCelebrations of San SalvadorNational holidayEl Salvador
7 AugMondayIndependence DayPublic HolidayCôte d’Ivoire
7 AugMondayDay off for Independence DayNational holidayBolivia
7 AugMondayBattle of Boyacá DayNational holidayColombia
7 AugMondayYouth DayPublic HolidayKiribati
7 AugMondayNational Children’s DayPublic HolidayTuvalu
7 AugMondayAugust MondayPublic HolidayAnguila
7 AugMondayCarnival HolidayPublic HolidayAntigua and Barbuda
7 AugMondayKadooment DayPublic HolidayBarbados
7 AugMondayFestival MondayPublic HolidayBritish Virgin Islands
7 AugMondayEmancipation DayPublic HolidayDominica
7 AugMondayEmancipation DayPublic HolidayGrenada
7 AugMondayIndependence DayPublic HolidayJamaica
7 AugMondayEmancipation DayPublic HolidayMontserrat
7 AugMondayEmancipation DayPublic HolidaySaint Kits And Nevis
7 AugMondayEmancipation DayPublic HolidayThe Bahamas
7 AugMondaySummer Bank Holiday (only Alderney)Common local holidayGuernsey
7 AugMondayCommerce DayNational holidayIceland
7 AugMondayAugust Bank HolidayNational holidayIreland
7 AugMondaySummer Bank HolidayCommon local holidayUK
8 AugTuesdayFarmers’ DayPublic HolidayTanzania
8 AugTuesdayDefence Forces DayPublic HolidayZimbabwe
8 AugTuesdayCarnival HolidayPublic HolidayAntigua and Barbuda
8 AugTuesdayFestival TuesdayPublic HolidayBritish Virgin Islands
8 AugTuesdayCulturama DayPublic HolidaySaint Kits And Nevis
9 AugWednesdayNational Women’s DayPublic HolidaySouth Africa
9 AugWednesdayIndigenous Peoples DayPublic HolidaySuriname
9 AugWednesdayFestival WednesdayPublic HolidayBritish Virgin Islands
10 AugThursdayIndependence DayNational holidayEcuador
10 AugThursdayLast Day of Santo Domingo CelebrationsLocal holidayNicaragua
10 AugThursdayAugust ThursdayPublic HolidayAnguila
11 AugFridayIndependence DayPublic HolidayChad
11 AugFridayThe Queen’s Birthday observedNational holidayThailand
11 AugFridayConstitution DayPublic HolidayAnguila
12 AugSaturdayThe Queen’s BirthdayNational holidayThailand
13 Aug
14 AugMondayAnniversary of the Recovery Oued Ed-DahabNational holidayMorocco
14 AugMondayHeroes’ DayPublic HolidayZimbabwe
14 AugMondayFather’s DayPublic Holidaysamoa
14 AugMondayCarnival (First Day)Public HolidayGrenada
15 AugTuesdayAssumption of MaryPublic HolidayCôte d’Ivoire
15 AugTuesdayConstitution DayNational holidayEquatorial Guinea
15 AugTuesdayAssumption of MaryPublic HolidayGabon
15 AugTuesdayAssumption of MaryPublic HolidayGambia
15 AugTuesdayAssumption of MaryPublic HolidayMadagascar
15 AugTuesdayAssumption of MaryNational holidayChile
15 AugTuesdayMother’s DayNational holidayCosta Rica
15 AugTuesdayAssumption of Mary (Guatemala City only)Municipal holidayGuatemala
15 AugTuesdayFoundation of Old Panama CityCommon local holidayPanama
15 AugTuesdayFounding of AsuncionNational holidayParaguay
15 AugTuesdayAssumption of MaryPublic HolidayFrench Polynesia
15 AugTuesdayAssumption of MaryPublic HolidayNew Calodenia
15 AugTuesdayLiberation DayPublic HolidayNorth Korea
15 AugTuesdayMalaita Province DayLocal holidaysolomon islands
15 AugTuesdayAssumption of MaryPublic HolidayVanautu
15 AugTuesdayAssumption of MaryPublic HolidayWallis and Futuna
15 AugTuesdayAssumption of MaryPublic HolidayFrench Guiana
15 AugTuesdayCarnival (Second Day)Public HolidayGrenada
15 AugTuesdayAssumption of MaryPublic HolidayGuadelope
15 AugTuesdayAssumption of MaryLocal holidayHaiti
15 AugTuesdayAssumption of MaryPublic HolidayMartinique
15 AugTuesdayAssumption of MaryPublic HolidaySaint Martin
15 AugTuesdayAssumption of MaryNational holidayAndorra
15 AugTuesdayAssumption of MaryNational holidayBelgium
15 AugTuesdayAssumption of MaryNational holidaycroatia
15 AugTuesdayAssumption of MaryNational holidayFrance
15 AugTuesdayDormition of the Holy VirginNational holidayGreece
15 AugustTuesdayAssumption of MaryNational holidayItaly
15 AugTuesdayLiechtenstein National DayNational holidayLiechtenstein
15 AugTuesdayFeast of the Assumption of MaryNational holidayLithuania
15 AugTuesdayAssumption of MaryNational holidayLuxemburg
15 AugTuesdayThe Feast of Mary’s AssumptionPublic holidayMalta
15 AugTuesdayAssumption of MaryNational holidayMonaco
15 AugTuesdayAssumption of MaryNational holidayPoland
15 AugTuesdayAssumption of MaryNational holidayPortuagal
15 AugTuesdayAssumption of MaryNational holidaySlovenia
15 AugTuesdayAssumption of MaryNational holidaySpain
15 AugTuesdayAssumption of MaryCommon local holidaySwitzerland
15 AugTuesdayDay of the Assumption of MaryNational holidayVatican City
15 AugTuesdayAssumption of MaryPublic HolidayLebanon
16 AugWednesdayIndependence DayPublic HolidayGabon
16 AugWednesdayRestoration DayNational holidayDominican Republic
16 AugWednesdayAssumption Day HolidayNational holidayVatican City
17 AugThursdayIndependence DayPublic HolidayGabon
18 Aug
19 AugSaturdayDay of the TribesPublic HolidayNauru
20 AugSundayAnniversary of the Revolution of the King and the PeopleNational holidayMorocco
20 AugSundayIndependence Restoration DayNational holidayEstonia
20 AugSundayHungary National DayNational holidayHungary
20 AugSundayOur Lady of SorrowsMunicipal HolidayPortuagal
21 AugMondayYouth DayNational holidayMorocco
21 AugMondaySan Martín DayNational holidayargentina
21 AugMondayAssumption of MaryNational holidayColombia
21 AugMondayGospel Day (Kosrae)Local holidayMicronesia
21 AugMondayDay of the Tribes observedPublic HolidayNauru
22 AugTuesdayOur Lady of GracesMunicipal HolidayPortuagal
23 Aug
24 Aug
25 AugFridayIndependence DayNational holidayUruguay
25 AugFridayYouth’s DayObservanceMongolia
25 AugFridayDay of SongunPublic HolidayNorth Korea
26 AugSaturdayNational Day of RepentancePublic HolidayPapua New Geuinea
27 Aug
28 AugMondayLate Summer Bank HolidayPublic HolidayGibraitar
28 AugMondaySummer Bank Holiday (except Alderney)Common local holidayGuernsey
28 AugMondaySummer Bank HolidayPublic HolidayIsle Man
28 AugMondaySummer Bank HolidayPublic HolidayJersey
28 AugMondaySummer Bank HolidayCommon local holidayUK
28 AugMondayDay of the Assumption of MaryPublic holidayGeorgia
29 AugTuesdayNational Uprising DayNational holidaySlovakia
30 AugWednesdaySanta Rosa De LimaNational holidayPeru
30 AugWednesdayConstitution DayPublic holidayKazakhistan
31 AugThursdayIndependence Day of the Kyrgyz RepublicPublic HolidayKyrgyzstan
31 AugThursdayIndependence DayPublic holidayTrinidad and Tobago
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