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The religious rite of baptism represents entry into the Christian Churches and the first of the seven sacraments in the life of the faithful, making them children of God and canceling their original sin.

The ritual consists of an immersion in water, which symbolizes the end of an old way of life and a new beginning. But Baptism is also a beautiful festive occasion to present a newborn to family and friends.

Here is a collection of the most beautiful Baptism Wishes Quotes to dedicate to a little girl or a child who takes this little big step on the path of life. Discover them now!

Baptism Wishes

1. “If I had any influence on the good fairy who is supposed to preside over the baptism of all babies, I would ask her that her gift to every child be a sense of wonder so indestructible that it will last a lifetime.”Rachel Carson

2. “May life always smile at you. Best wishes!”

3. “May this joyful encounter with Jesus always guide you on the path of love and happiness. Many good wishes!”

4. “You are the joy of your parents and of all of us on this special day. Best wishes!”

5. “Best wishes! May your life be full of radiant smiles like on this feast day.”

6. “Welcome to the Christian world. May the good Lord bless you and bring love from heaven into your life.”

7. “May every moment of your life be as happy as this day of your Baptism. Best wishes!”

8. “We share with affection your happiness and the sweetness of this moment.”

9. “May life always smile at you. Don’t forget to give your smiles to all those who love you and will be close to you. Best wishes!”

10. “Each child is like a tender bud of forget-me-not and lily of the valley, a little child of heaven, a smile of shining glass beads.” – Mother Teresa of Calcutta

11. “Today you will have the first and most important meeting of your life, the one with Jesus and with our Lord. To you my dearest and most sincere wishes for your Baptism.”

12. “Many and sincere wishes for this special day in which you baptize your little one.”

13. “In the encounter with Jesus we wish you that life will always be full of purity and candor.”

14. “The angel who saw your birth said: – Little creature, fruit of happiness and a smile, go and spread love.” – William Blake

15. “On your first important and worldly date, we will be with you to accompany you. Many dear greetings!”

16. “The Lord Jesus is not only the point of arrival of the earthly pilgrimage, but he is a constant presence in our life: he is always beside us, he always accompanies us; this is why when he speaks of the future, and projects us towards it, it is always to bring us back to the present.” – Pope francesco

17. “Baptism is the bridge that Jesus built between himself and us, the road by which he makes himself accessible to us; it is the divine rainbow over our life.” – Pope Benedict XVI

18. “May the blessing received today always accompany you in life and give you so much serenity.”

19. “We are close to you on a day of joy even greater than that of having given birth to a son: that of being able to count on divine protection in raising him and guiding him towards good.”

20. “With the hope that the holy water you will receive will keep you pure, like today.”

21. “May the Lord, welcomed today in your little heart, transform you into an instrument of peace and love. Best wishes!”

22. “Baptism is a moment, but the love of God that follows and protects us is forever. Best wishes!”

23. “Each child brings us the message that God is not yet discouraged from man.”Rabindranath Tagore

24. “A big party for a little treasure. Best wishes!”

25. “In your first important meeting with Jesus, we wish you never to lose the right path and that life can give you the most beautiful joys.”

26. “Judging by the parents, that child will grow up and become an amazing person. Can’t wait to be there when it happens.”

27. “May the angels of heaven always protect you. Best wishes!”

28. “With Baptism, we are immersed in that inexhaustible source of life which is the death of Jesus, the greatest act of love in all of history; and thanks to this love we can live a new life, no longer at the mercy of evil, sin and death, but in communion with God and with brothers.” – Pope francesco

29. “Today we celebrate the beginning of a new life, which can always be bright and full of joy. Best wishes from the heart!”

30. “With much joy we join your happiness for this happy event. Best wishes!”

31. “Once God is within you, it is for life, and there is no question. There can be uncertainties, it is true. But that particular one will never come back.” – Mother Teresa of Calcutta

32. “Best wishes for your child’s baptism, an important day that he will understand when he is older.”

33. “Today you will have the most important meeting of your life, the one with Jesus. I wish you never to lose the way of the Lord.”

34. “When I approach a child, two feelings arise in me: tenderness for what he is and respect for what he can become.”Louis Pasteur

35. “May the loving and merciful gaze of God always accompany you. Best wishes!”

36. “Congratulations on the baptism of your sweet little angel. May this day bring everlasting happiness to your family!”

37. “A child’s smiles are the foundation of a home.” – African proverb

38. “With the wish that the Grace of the Lord will always accompany you!”

39. “May the angels of heaven always protect you.”

40. “Sincere wishes for your Baptism. May the angels of heaven always protect you and make your life happy.”

41. “Best wishes for this first step on the journey of faith. Congratulations on your baptism.”

42. “For you he will give orders to his angels to keep you in all your ways.” – Book of Psalms 91:11

43. “One small step for your child, one big step for the Christian church community. Best wishes!”

44. “Today you will take your first little big step towards God. Extend your hand and entrust yourself to Him, He will be able to guide and protect you.”

45. “Be the expression of God’s goodness.”Mother Teresa of Calcutta

46. “The excited parents, the cry of a newborn, the sweetness of a baptism. Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment with us!”

47. “May the love of God flood your heart forever. Best wishes!”

48. “To you and to your splendid creature, the most sincere wishes for good health, joy and serenity.”

49. “May the Lord always light your way and protect you from all evil.”

50. “The love of two people is completed with the birth of a child. Today you baptize him and Jesus, with his infinite hands, will show him the way to an extraordinary life. Heartfelt greetings.”

51. “May this day be just the beginning of a life full of happiness. Best wishes!”

52. “May the Holy Spirit watch over you and accompany you every day, showing you the way to happiness of the heart and soul.”

53. “It is joy in our hearts, knowing that you will meet Jesus for the first time, knowing that He will lead you on the path of the love of happiness.”

54. “Thanks to Baptism, we are capable of forgiving and loving even those who offend us and harm us; that we are able to recognize in the least and in the poor the face of the Lord who visits us and draws near.” – Pope francesco

55. “Endless congratulations and best wishes from the heart to the little one and to the parents. May your family always enjoy every good and happiness.”

56. “Best wishes to you, little angel, and may the hand of the angels lead you in the right direction forever.”

57. “Whoever welcomes this child in my name welcomes me.”Gospel according to Luke 9:48

58. “Moment of great emotion. Best wishes!”

59. “May the angels of heaven always protect you. Many good wishes!”

60. “May God’s grace and the blessings you receive on the day of your Baptism guide you through your life.”

61. “May the Angels of Heaven always protect this new and wonderful little angel. Best wishes!”

62. “He who has preserved the innocence of his Baptism is like a son who has never disobeyed his father.” – Giovanni Maria Vianney

63. “No other moment of life is more tender than the moment in which a child is bathed with the water of salvation. Best wishes for your little one’s baptism.”

64. “To an angel, so that the hand of the Saints and the Archangels may lead him through life.”

65. “We must empty ourselves of everything to let him in, to do what He wants. This is the most beautiful thing about God. Being omnipotent, yet not compelling anyone.” – Mother Teresa of Calcutta

66. “Dear friends, let us open the door of our life to the newness of God who gives us the Holy Spirit, so that he transforms us, makes us strong in tribulations, strengthens our union with the Lord, our remaining steadfast in him: this is a true joy. !” – Pope francesco

67. “With the hope that you can always grow in goodness, in charity and in the Grace of God.”

68. “A warm and loving welcome to your little one who is joining the Christian community today, best wishes!”

69. “With the joy of the whole family we wish you a good Baptism, full of happiness and health.”

70. “Baptism that today frees you from original sin, brings you closer to the Lord who will know how to guide you throughout your life.”

71. “May the joy of this day always be renewed. Best wishes!”

72. “Moments of infinite tenderness to be kept in the heart and remembered forever … Lots of affectionate wishes!”

73. “And it is in the child’s eyes, in his dark and deep eyes, like sleepless nights, that the light is born.” – Paul Éluard

74. “A child is loved because he is a child: not because he is beautiful, or because he is so or so; no, because he is a son! Not because he thinks like me, or embodies my desires. A son is a son: a life generated by us but destined for him, for his good, for the good of the family, of society, of the whole of humanity.” – Pope francesco

75. “With the wish that you can always grow in happiness and grace.”

76. “And behold, while all the people were being baptized and Jesus, having also received baptism, was praying, heaven opened and the Holy Spirit descended upon him in bodily form, like a dove, and a voice came from heaven: ” You are my beloved Son: I am pleased with you ”.” – Gospel according to Luke 3: 21-22

77. “Children are the joy of the family and of society. They are not a reproductive biology problem, nor one of the many ways to fulfill themselves. Nor are they a possession of the parents … No. Children are a gift, they are a gift.” – Pope francesco

78. “Baptism is an act of brotherhood, an act of filiation to the Church. In the celebration of Baptism we can recognize the most genuine features of the Church, which, like a mother, continues to generate new children in Christ, in the fruitfulness of the Holy Spirit.” – Pope francesco

79. “Best wishes for all good to you who enter the community of the Church today.”

80. “Deep wishes for a happy, serene and faith life.”

81. “On the day of your first encounter with God, I wish you a long and prosperous journey in life accompanied by lots of luck.”

82. “Thank you for letting us participate in such an important moment in life. Many good wishes!”

83. “This is just a small step along the path of life. We wish you to keep the purity and candor of this moment forever. Happy Baptism!”

84. “Your wings have already sprung and your flight is about to begin. Best wishes!”

85. “Today you have found in the baptismal water the way to purity, light and blessing. Best wishes!”

86. “Today is a special day for your journey of faith. Keep God’s love in your heart.”

87. “Today a little angel will receive his Baptism. I wish you to cherish this sweet moment in your heart for a lifetime.”

88. “The clarity of the Blessed water and the purity of soul come together in a sweet moment of Faith, that of Baptism. Best wishes!”

89. “A warm and loving welcome to your little one who is joining the Christian community today, best wishes!”

90. “The birth of a child is a gift from the Lord: the most precious of gifts a family can receive.”

91. “Happy birthday to this beautiful growing family! Congratulations!”

92. “With the deepest participation, I send wishes of life, of joy, of happiness.”

93. “Jesus did not come to teach a philosophy, an ideology … but a “way”, a way to travel with him, and you learn the way by doing it, walking.” – Pope francesco

94. “May the blessing of the Lord remain forever in your heart keeping it pure as on this holy day.”

95. “Best wishes and congratulations for the happy event of baptism.”

96. “God is bread, God is love, God is forever.” – Mother Teresa of Calcutta

97. “I have no greater joy than this: knowing that my children walk in the truth.” – Third letter of John 1: 4

98. “Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.” – Gospel according to Mark 16:16

99. “Like a little angel you came down from heaven to be with us: we wish you a peaceful and happy life illuminated by faith in the Lord.”

100. “Baptism is an unforgettable time. At this time of great joy, I send you my best wishes for the baby and your whole family.”

101. “The Lord bless the fruit of your love. Happy Baptism!”

102. “May you grow in the name of the deepest and healthiest values ​​of the soul. Best wishes!”

103. “Baptism is a bath that restores its original vigor to the soul.” – François-René de Chateaubriand

104. “Congratulations on this special day to you and your wonderful family.”

105. “We wish you that the Holy Water received today will keep you pure forever.”

106. “This special day is the welcome party to the new life this child will experience from now on. Christian life.”

107. “May the stars of the sky light up the long road of your life forever. Best wishes!”

108. “We wish you to always walk along the way of the Lord. Best wishes!”

109. “When you were born you became part of our family, today you become part of an even bigger family. May it be of help to you on a journey of happiness and joy.”

110. “Today is a special day because your journey towards faith begins. We wish you that the path of your life will always be illuminated by the love of God. Best wishes!”

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