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Older brothers are a mirror for the little ones; It is clear that arguments and quarrels are inevitable, however, the protection, advice, chatter and help of an older sister are for life. Take advantage of our congratulations and birthday quotes for an older sister and prepare an emotional and tender letter.

birthday wishes for elder sister in english

1. “My heart is happy just thinking that I will always have you in my life. Growing up by your side was the best thing that ever happened to me and, therefore, you will always be with me in my best memories. Oh May you always and forever be happy!”

2. “I admire you a lot and if they asked me what I want to be when I grow up, you would be my answer. Happy birthday, sister.”

3. “Every year on this date I give thanks to God for having an older sister like you by my side. Happy fulfills, I love you very much.”

4. “I am proud of you, of everything you are, of what you have already achieved, and what I am most proud of is that you are my sister and friend. Best wishes for your special day.”

5. “Your birthday is always a good time to thank life that you are my big sister and my best friend. Best wishes!”

6. “This is the birthday sentence for a more tender and beautiful older sister, and we are convinced that it will excite those present. If you want to discover other phrases and birthday wishes, visit this other link!”

7. “You are my sister, my best friend and my example to follow. My biggest wish in your day is that you can make all your dreams come true. Happy birthday sister. I love you.”

elder sister birthday wishes

8. “How lucky to grow up with someone like you as an example, sister! Happy birthday! I send you a giant hug and my best wishes.”

9. “Your birthdays are always fantastic, I remember them from childhood, the illusion that made me go to my older sister’s birthday … and the one that keeps on making me! I love you and every time I’m with you I’m fine. Best wishes!”

10. “You taught me to be brave, to look ahead of everything that comes and not to fear that something could go wrong, because if so, it will be fine next time. Thanks for being my guide. Happy birthday, sister !.”

11. “Happy birthday to that person I am proud to call my big sister.”

12. “More than an older sister, you are like a second mom. Thank you for always being with me for better or for worse. Happy birthday!.”

13. “You are the best gift our parents have ever given me. Today I am very happy to be able to celebrate another year with you. I love you as a second mother and, at the same time, as my best friend. Thank you for your advice, for taking care of me and for always standing up for me.”

birthday wishes to elder sister

14. “Having you as an older sister was the reason I always felt safe and secure… thank you for being the reason for all my childhood smiles, I love you, sister! One of the birthday quotes for an older sister that we like best, because they say that sisters can protect us as much as a mother and have as much fun as a friend… is the perfect combination of the two! If you want to get inspired with more Quotes between brothers, don’t miss this other article by”

15. “The world is a wonderful place because you are part of it and have been with me since I was born. Best wishes from the heart.”

16. “If you want to get inspired with more Phrases between siblings, don’t miss this other article by”

17. “From your courage I learn and from your good character I nourish myself. Thanks for being so amazing. Thanks Happy birthday !.”

18. “Of all the people in the world, you are the best big sister that has ever touched me. On days like these, I remember all the special moments we spent together and I feel like hugging you to death.”

19. “You are the accomplice in many of my adventures and those that are yet to come, so be prepared! Many congratulations, sister.”

20. “When you have an older sister, you have an eternal friend. Happy birthday, old woman! Together with you I learned that our discussions last only a few hours that we can count our sorrows by eating ice cream and that there is always time to dedicate to your sister.”

21. “Happy birthday! May this day be very cheerful and may all today’s beautiful surprises be for you. Thank you for taking care of me and being my guardian angel, my companion in adventures and the one who bears me when I am sick. I want to tell you that you are the best sister in the world and I hope we will continue to be together for the rest of our lives.”

22. “Happy Birthday Sister! Don’t worry about getting old, remember that every time they see us together they think we are twins. You are the first person I tell my stories to. You are my accomplice and the person with whom I have learned to share my life.”

23. “One of the birthday quotes for an older sister that we like best, because they say that sisters can protect us as much as a mother and have as much fun as a friend… is the perfect combination of the two!”

24. “Today we are great friends, who live together all the time and forever. Happy Birthday Sister!.”

25. “Just for you, big sister, I could cross the ocean to wish you the best birthday ever. You’re the friend I’ve always had, even before I knew what friendship was.”

funny birthday wishes for elder sister

26. “Thank you for being that older sister who never saw me as inferior, who always counted on me for everything and who never put me aside. Every day I become a better person because I grow with you as a referent. Today, in your day, I feel very blessed to continue celebrating with you and being a part of your life.”

27. “Today the most admirable woman I know turns another year: thank you for being an example to follow, sister.”

28. “Although sometimes we fight and I tell you I don’t love you, we don’t, sister. I love you and I wish you the best on this very special day for you.”

29. “Happy birthday! As an older sister, you have always been a great example to me and I am very proud of who you have become.”

30. “Even if you are a little crazy, I can’t imagine life without your laugh and your love. I love you sister, happy birthday!”

31. “Nowhere is it better than next to my older sister… even if the years pass and each one has her own life, mine will never be as beautiful as when we grew up together. I love you sister. If you want to discover other phrases and birthday wishes, visit this other link!”

32. “It is so good to walk knowing that you will always be ahead… Happy birthday, big sister!”

33. “Before I was born, God had already sent me the best big sister. Happy birthday and may your life be as happy as mine.”

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