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Happy Birthday Wishes for Mother: The mother represents a central figure in the life of every individual and that is why on the occasion of her birthday you want to do something special as if to repay what you have received over time.

But what we receive from a mother in reality cannot be quantified because the gift of life itself has a value that is impossible to quantify. This is all the more valid nowadays than in the past, in fact once upon a time the woman had the predetermined role of being wife and mother, it was a social obligation to which no one could escape to the point that those who did not procreate were not considered a ” complete woman “.

Nowadays, however, being a mother is a choice, and also a difficult choice because it often means limiting other areas of private and social life. First of all work, in fact, despite the numerous achievements in the legislative field that should guarantee women who choose to be mothers, in practice we must admit that having a child still today can affect the working career and that, very often, at the return after maternity leave there is no full reintegration in previous duties but one remains penalized by having to adapt to secondary jobs due to the new commitments that the role of mother entails.

Furthermore, it happens more and more frequently that when a woman chooses to have a second child she prefers to stay at home permanently because the costs for kindergarten and/or for a babysitter, far exceed the amount of her salary, making it economically convenient to stay at home. to look after their children. But despite all these aspects, the desire to be a mother is so strong that even many women choose to have a child even without a partner, using artificial insemination techniques in order to satisfy that maternal instinct that keeps the world going from its origin. .

And it is precisely this maternal instinct that anthropologists also trace the creation of a spoken language, in fact, it seems that it was the mothers who invented sounds that were used to reassure their children or to warn them of possible dangers.

So, when we think of a mother we must have the full awareness that it is a person who has done everything that was available to give the best to their children, who can at least reciprocate with some small sign of gratitude, for example. example on the day of the birthday allowing the mother to experience a special event feeling the protagonist.

What to do then?

First of all, you can try writing a greeting card with a dedicated phrase and then you can try to organize a nice birthday party to which to invite her friends and the people she cares about most because let’s always remember that in the end the best gift you can give to a mother is your own our time and our availability making her feel all the love we feel for her.

Deep birthday wishes for mom

1. “Everything changes, you always tell me: friendships, loves, jobs, houses, even me … But I know that the only one who will never change is you, my fantastic mom. Best wishes!”

2. “Mom lends you her arms after turning them into wings.”

3. “The more I grow up, the more I realize how lucky I am to have a mother like you. Happy Birthday!”

4. “Your affection and your smile fill my heart with a thousand sparks of happiness. Happy birthday mum!”

5. “Nobody, including me, ever tells you how great you are as a mother. Well, Mom, I’m the luckiest person in the world to have you next to me. Happy birthday!”

6. “Behind every great man or woman is a mother who supported them when they needed it. Happy Birthday Mom!”

7. “Happy birthday to the most awesome mom! Whenever I do the right things in life, I know it was you who taught me to do them.”

8. “Here’s a smile from me for you. Let this day bring you something new. Happy Birthday Mom!”

9. “My mother, do not be sad for the time that passes: you will always be the most beautiful for us, your sweet children. Best wishes.”

10. “My dear mum, you are the only one who has the ability to transform my world from black & white to bright and resplendent colors. Thank you for filling my life every day with the most beautiful things. Happy Birthday Mom!”

Emotional birthday wishes for mother

1. “Every day I wake up and thank you. Thank you for your advice, your warmth, your love and your heart – you are the only person who loves me unconditionally. For better or for worse, you are always my mom and I want you a world of good!”

2. “If growing up I managed to become just a little bit like you are now, I would consider myself enormously satisfied. Happy Birthday Mom!”

3. “Best wishes to the one person who has always believed in me. Happy birthday mom .”

4. “Nobody can inspire me more, nobody can hug me stronger. Happy Birthday Mom!”

5. “When I say that there is no other mom like you, I don’t just mean that you are a kind and loving mother. I mean you are a kind, loving, intelligent, sweet, generous , down-to-earth and rare mother ! Happy Birthday Mom!”

6. “Mom, every day, you are my lifesaver. It doesn’t matter when I feel sad or in how many unpleasant situations you find me, you are always with me to support me. You always understand everything, you comfort me and support me every time. Happy birthday, my sweet love!”

7. “My mom is beautiful, nice, cultured and also charming … but a bit too painful! Despite this, you are and will remain the best. A huge kiss for your birthday.”

8. “Mom, you make my days brighter and you are always there when I need you. You are that person who makes the world a better place! Happy birthday!”

9. “If I look back at the years we spent together, only one thing is clear to me: your love and understanding for all of us. Together with respect, which, as you know, is the first thing. You kept our family together. We love you with all our heart. Happy birthday, dear mom!”

10. “Dear mom, today is a special day as you add another year to your constant experience , which has always helped me in difficult times. Happy Birthday!”

11. “Dear mom, it’s a great day to celebrate your birthday! Thank you for all your patience, your boundless love and your daily encouragement. I wish you a bright future and an ocean of happy moments. Best wishes!”

12. “Dear mom, today is a day to celebrate: it’s your birthday! I’m sure you’ll have a great day. I wish you good health and a great future!”

13. “Mom, you taught me irony by saying: Try to laugh, I’ll make you cry. You taught me stamina: You don’t get up until you’ve finished eating. You made me understand how the cycle of nature works: As I created you, so I destroy you. You explained the laws of logic to me: Because I say so, that’s why. But also and above all good manners: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! You are special!”

Fantastic Happy Birthday Wishes for Mother from daughter

1. “Mom you are adorable !!! You are my life and you are my world! Thanks for being with me! Happy birthday mom!”

2. “You know so many beautiful things – and you taught me how to live and enjoy life for real. Happy birthday greetings to a special mom.”

3. “Mom, what a glorious day, today is your birthday! It seems that everything around has transformed, illuminated, become lighter and better! Happy birthday mom!”

4. “I want you to live a wonderful life. Don’t worry about anything, because I am a person who is always next to you! Kisses! Happy birthday mom!”

5. “I do not know where to begin. I just want you to be happy! I wish you mom, never to stop, to continue being who you are. Happy birthday greetings to a special mom.”

6. “You are the most special person in my life, the most beautiful and intelligent. Happy birthday mum!”

7. “Happy Birthday Mom! You know, I’m so happy to congratulate you, that even tears are coming up! Not only for you, me too today is a special day: because if it were not for you, I would never have known all the beauty of this world! Happy birthday, mom!”

8. “Happy Birthday Mom! I want to thank you for always being with me! And for having the best mom! Be happy! Best wishes!!!”

9. “Today is not just a birthday, today is your important date! I hope that even more opportunities open up for you for new creations and the years to come will bring you a lot of joy and pleasant surprises! Congratulations!”

10. “You gave me everything important, I will be grateful to you for life! Mom, in this word the strongest love and the strongest patience merge! Happy birthday mom!”

11. “You are the dearest person in the world to me, because without you there would be no me. It was you, Mom, who taught me to be who I am now and showed me what it is to be a real woman. Thanks and congratulations again, be happy!”

12. “Thanks for everything you taught me! Happy Birthday Mom!”

13. “I wish you on this day to enjoy all that is good and bright, and always remain beautiful, young and as charming as you are today!”

14. “You are the best part of my life. Congratulations on your birthday mom!”

15. “I want your beautiful face to always shine! Happy birthday mom!”

Touching birthday message for mother

1. “I wish you that your eyes always shine with happiness, because it is this splendor that inspires the desire to improve our whole family. Best wishes!!!”

2. “I wish you that every morning, dear mother, starts with a smile and the awareness of happiness, every day brings you only wonderful news, welcome, kind, happy, and the evening will be fulfilling, full of pleasant surprises. Happy Birthday Mom!”

3. “I wish you that the mischievous glint of your eyes never leaves you and the happy smile never leaves your lips. You are the best mom in the world and I love you so much! Best wishes!!!”

4. “Mom, I wish this light was endless, so that with each new anniversary you only become younger, healthier, happier and more successful!”

5. “Life is always complete, if next to you, next to you, is the most important and most beautiful person on earth – this person is you, mom. Happy birthday mom!”

6. “Happy Birthday Mom! Let happiness shine for you, ardent love, inspiring luck and good mood every day! Happy birthday mom.”

7. “You for me are a bright star, which spreads the light along the path of the life of our whole family. Happy birthday greetings to a special mom.”

8. “In this party of light for your birthday I wish you to continue dreaming and making all your dreams come true, to love and be loved, to believe and know that there are still plenty of years full of happiness and good things waiting ahead!”

Happy Birthday Wishes to Mother

1. “Mom, Happy birthday! I always wish you good health, fewer worries, just good people on the road, a warm home, well-being and a long happy life! Best wishes!”

2. “I hope that luck always accompanies you. Let everything around you cheer you up and may you always be happy with yourself! Happy birthday mom.”

3. “Let life show you only pleasant surprises. Happy Birthday darling. Health, love, smiles and simple human happiness.”

4. “I wish there was never distance in life, because we must always be close. Happy birthday mom!”

5. “All the goods of the earth are for you, peace and well-being. Happy birthday greetings to a special mom.”

6. “I want to shake your good hands on my heart and be with you forever. Happy Birthday Mom!”

7. “I wish you that the good Angel protects you, I wish you that sadness and bad weather forget your address. Happy birthday mom!”

8. “I want your beautiful smile to never miss from your face !! Happy birthday! You are very dear to me!”

9. “Sweet mom, kind, how good it is that you are in the world. Know that you are the only thing that matters to me. Happy birthday mom.”

10. “Today, we just want to say, with love, thank you. Thank you, mom, for your boundless love. Happy birthday greetings to a special mom.”

11. “Be healthy, rejoice in every moment of life, always believe and hope. Always keep your heart open to dreams. Love You so much!”

12. “How many nights have you dedicated to us children? How many times have you knelt in prayer and asked the mercy of the Most High? Happy birthday mom!”

13. “Your eyes sparkle with tears, but I know they are tears of happiness. You have a wonderful life partner, you raised your children honestly and giving them all of yourself. Happy birthday greetings to a special mom.”

Happy Birthday Wishes for Mother as a best friend

Especially for a daughter, the mother can become a kind of best friend, to confide in, ask for advice and reveal joys and worries. In this section we have collected all those wishes that point to this special relationship!

1. “Happy birthday to the best friend I will ever have, to the best woman I will ever know and that I am privileged to have as a mother.”

2. “Happy birthday to the best friend I’ve ever had. Yes, mom, just you! I love you!”

3. “For me you are much more than a mother: you are a teacher, a guide, my strength and my best friend! Thanks for everything you do for me. Best wishes!”

4. “You are and will remain, not only my mom, but also my first best friend. Best wishes mom and thanks for everything!”

5. “The more I grow up, the more I realize that the only true friend of my heart is you. Happy Birthday Mom.”

6. “Happy birthday to the best friend I will ever have, to the best woman I will ever know and that I am privileged to have as a mother.”

The funniest Happy Birthday Wishes for Mother

Finally, why not opt ​​for a little irony and fun even on his birthday? For the wittiest children, here are some irreverent greeting phrases for their mom!

1. “Happy Birthday Mom! Today is a very special day: I managed to get all the candles on the cake!”

2. “Happy Birthday Mom! It’s a miracle: with each passing year you look younger and younger. Keep it up!”

3. “One day alone is not enough to thank you and celebrate you as much as you deserve. I’ll have to continue next year. Happy Birthday Mom!”

4. “Your birthday only comes once a year, but luckily your amazing mom skills are available 24/7.”

5. “Years go by, but you only show the best ones. Happy Birthday Mom!”

6. “I wanted to give you a fun and charming gift for this birthday of yours, but then I remembered that you already have me. Happy Birthday Mom!”

7. “You are my heroine. You have no superpowers, but you have been putting up with me all this time. I wanted to take advantage of this day to thank you and tell you how much I love you. Happy Birthday Mom!”

8. “I admire your kindness, your sweetness, your sincerity, your altruism and your ability to make the best lasagna in the world. Happy birthday!”

Happy Birthday Wishes for Mother from son

1. “Even if wrinkles appear on your face and your head is already gray, I really love you! Happy birthday mom!”

2. “I am grateful to you for everything you have done for me. I am ready to carry you in my arms. Happy mother’s day! Happy birthday mom!”

3. “Today my beloved mom has her birthday. And on this day I don’t wish you anything … and I just say “thank you”. Happy birthday mom!”

4. “Thanks for being here. Thanks for all. And all of this is you, mom. In me, in my actions, in my words. You’re the best. Happy Birthday darling.”

5. “Today is not just a birthday, today your most important date! I wish you even more opportunities for your new creations develop and you will be given a lot of joy and pleasant surprises! Happy birthday mom!”

6. “Dear mother! I know – being a mother is the hardest job, with no holidays and days off. Thank you so much for doing this job so well. Happy birthday mom!”

7. “Thank you for every day when the sun shines and your smile. Thank you for every day that you are with me. Happy birthday mom!”

8. “Thank you mom for your love, affection, knowledge and education! And if I had been given the choice of which mom to have, I would never have changed you at all! I want you to be happy! Happy birthday greetings to a special mom.”

9. “I owe you my life and destiny, mom. Happy birthday greetings to a special mom.”

10. “Although I can never thank you enough for giving me the most precious gift, my life. Happy birthday mom!”

11. “Dear mother! My best wishes to you, mom. Let the light warm your sweet hands! Let the smile never leave your eyes! For you only happiness, health and good luck! Love You so much!”

12. “Thanks for the life you gave me. Thank you for the joy you have given me. Happy birthday to a special mom!”

13. “Thank you for the love and attention you have surrounded me with. Thank you for the happiness and love you have taught me to appreciate, give and receive. Happy birthday mom!”

14. “Best wishes to you, my dear mom, live long and happy, warm us with your warmth and we will give you back the same warmth always!”

15. “You are everything to me, mom! My rock, my friend, my guardian angel. Happy birthday mom!”

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