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What is celebrated on CANADA DAY?

The Canada Day, formerly known as Dominion Day, is the day of the Canadian national holiday, created to celebrate the anniversary of the British North America Act, drawn up on 1 July 1867.

On this date, it sanctioned the unification of the British colonies of North America (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Province of Canada) thanks to the ratification of the British North America Act in fact , that outlined Canada as we know it today. This event is better known as the “confederation of Canada” .

On June 20, 1868, the Governor General of Canada decided that Canadians should celebrate the anniversary of the confederacy. Thus, July 1, 1879 became a national holiday, known at times as Dominion Day . However, no official celebrations were held until the 50th anniversary (in 1917) and the 60th anniversary (in 1927).

After the Second World War, the celebrations became more frequent and the national government began to organize numerous events for the occasion. But it wasn’t until July 1, 1983 that Dominion Day became Canada Day and began to be celebrated every year.

How is CANADA DAY celebrated?

July 1st is a holiday in Canada. If it falls on a Sunday, it is moved to July 2nd except in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador. It is a day of rest for the population, schools and most businesses.

Like other national holidays, Canada Day is celebrated with a series of events, often outdoors, as it falls in the height of summer: fireworks, parades and parades, air and sea shows, barbecues and food fairs, concerts and much more. other.

How Canada Day is celebratedThe celebrations are characterized by a patriotic atmosphere: the Canadian national flag is widely displayed and many people paint their faces in red and white, the national colors of Canada.

This holiday is also celebrated by Canadians residing overseas; it is in fact an official holiday, recognized by the Canadian government and the Canadian community abroad: since 2006, in fact, the celebrations have always been held in the very famous Trafalgar Square in London, in the United Kingdom!

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