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Christian wedding wishes with bible verse: Marriage is the greatest step in two people’s lives. With the big yes-word, many changes come to them and they become one soul. However, these changes also involve constant compromises, temptations, and disagreements, as well as love, loyalty, and honor.

Marriage is a struggle that God willing will last a lifetime. The main thing is that the future bride and groom fight for each other and for the ever-growing love.

Many future bridal couples decide, in addition to the civil marriage, to be married in church in order to start their future together with God’s blessing. Sealing your marriage before God is something special, so it is more than appropriate to use Christian wedding sayings in the greeting cards.

But not only does a Christian wedding saying look good on the greeting cards, beautiful Christian sayings can also be used on the invitation cards. Or you would like to leave the couple a special message in the guest book and wish them all the best on their life together with Christian wedding wishes.

If you want to give the wedding couple a special treat, defy today’s digital world and write by hand a wedding card full of loving and honest words that you can give them at the wedding celebration. It is precisely because of digitization, ever shorter texts and the replacement of words by emojis that we find it difficult to summarize the right words.

Therefore you will find a large selection of Christian wedding wishes here, through which you can express your blessings. Keep in mind that all material wedding favors will one day fade, however the words you wrote with all your heart will last for a lifetime.

christian wedding wishes with bible verse – Verses from the Old Testament

1. “Praise the Lord my soul, and what is in me, his holy name. Praise the Lord, my soul, and do not forget what good he has done you. ” –  Psalm 103, 1-2

2. “My heart is ready, God, my heart is ready for me to sing and praise. ” –  Psalm 57: 8

3. “Commit your ways to the Lord and hope in him, he will make it well. ” –  Psalm 37, 5

4. “God’s ways are perfect, the Lord’s words are purified through. He is a shield to all who trust him. ” –  2 Samuel 22:31

5. “Praise our God, let his glory ring out, which keeps our souls alive and does not let our feet slip. ” –  Psalm 66, 8-9

6. “Cast your cause on the Lord; he will take care of you. ” –  Psalm 55, 23

7. “If we have found grace in your eyes, let us know your way. ” –  Exodus 33:13

8. “It is the goodness of the Lord that we are not yet through; His mercy has no end, but is new every morning, and your faithfulness is great. ” –  Lamentations 2: 22-23

9. “A person sees what is in front of their eyes. But God looks at the heart. ” –  1 Samuel 16: 7

10. “Lord, show me your ways and teach me your paths! Guide me in your truth and teach me! Because you are the God who helps me; I wait for you every day ” –  Psalm 25, 4-5

11. “Seek the Lord and you will live. ” –  Amos 5, 4

12. “Whoever sits under the umbrella of the Most High and remains under the shadow of the Almighty says to the Lord: My confidence and my castle, my God in whom I hope. ” –  Psalm 91, 1-2

13. “God strengthens me with strength and shows me the right way. ” –  2 Samuel 22:33

14. “Rely on the Lord forever; for the Lord God is a rock for ever. ” –  Isaiah 26: 4

15. “Seek the Lord while he is to be found; calls him while he’s near. ” –  Isaiah 55: 6

16. “I know well what thoughts I have about you, says God: Thoughts of peace and not of suffering, that I give you a future and hope. ” –  Jeremiah 29:11

17. “The Lord has done great things for us; we are happy. ” –  Psalm 126, 3

18. “Even mighty waters cannot quench love, neither can currents wash it away. ” –  Song of Songs 8.7

19. “So it is better to be two than alone; for they have a good reward for their labor. If one of them falls, one raises the other. Woe to him who is alone when he falls! Then there is no one else to help him up. Even when two are lying together, they warm each other; how can a single one get warm? One may be overwhelmed, but two can withstand, and a triple cord does not break easily in two. ” –  Ecclesiastes 4: 9-12

20. “You have been told what is good and what God demands of you, namely to keep God’s word and practice love and be humble before your God. ” –  Micah 6, 8

21. “I want to give my spirit in you and I want to make of you such people who walk in my commandments and keep my rights and do them ” –  Ezekiel 36:27

22. “The ways of the Lord are right, and the righteous walk on them ” –  Hosea 14:10

23. “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is kind, and his kindness endures forever. ” –  Psalm 106, 1

24. “The Lord God is the sun and shield; the Lord gives grace and honor. ” –  Psalm 84:12

25. “Show your wonderful goodness, Savior, to those who trust you. ” –  Psalm 17, 7

26. “Where you are going, I will also go; where you stay, I stay there too. Your people are my people, and your God is my God. Wherever you die, there I die too, there I want to be buried too. The Lord do this and that to me, only death will part you and me. ” –  Ruth 1.16 f

27. “For mountains will certainly give way and hills will fall, but my grace will not depart from you, and the covenant of my peace will not fall, says the Lord your Merciful. ” –  Isaiah 54:10

28. “I trust that you are so gracious; my heart is happy that you are so happy to help. ” –  Psalm 13, 6

29. “Rely on the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your understanding, but remember him in all your ways, and he will guide you right. ” –  Proverbs 3: 5-6

30. “Rejoice and be happy! For behold, I come and will dwell with you, says the Lord. ” –  Zecharaja 2, 14

christian wedding wishes with bible verse – Verses from the New Testament

1. “Rejoice with the happy and weep with the weep. Be of one mind to one another. Do not seek high things, but hold yourself down to the low. Do not think of yourself as wise. Do not retaliate evil for evil. Be mindful of the good of everyone. If it is possible, as far as it is up to you, have peace with all people. Do not let yourself be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. ” – Romans 12: 15-18.21

2. “Do not owe anything except to love one another. ” –  Romans 13: 8

3. “But now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but love is greatest among them. ” –  1 Corinthians 13:13

4. “Always be ready to answer any questions asked about the hope that is within you. ” –  1 Peter 3:15

5. “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. ” –  Matthew 22:37

6. “Love is long-suffering and kind, love does not jealous, love does not act willfully, it does not inflate itself, it does not behave improperly, it does not seek what is yours, it does not allow itself to be embittered, it does not attribute evil , she is not happy about injustice, but she is happy about the truth; she endures everything, she believes everything, she hopes everything, she tolerates everything. Love never ceases when prophetic speaking will cease and speaking in tongues will cease and knowledge will cease. Because our knowledge is piecemeal, and our prophetic speech is piecemeal. But when the perfect will come, the partial work will cease. But now faith, hope, and love remain, these three; but love is the greatest of them.” – 1 Corinthians 13: 4-10.13

7. “See, I am with you every day until the end of the world. ” –  Matthew 28:20

8. “Blessed are the pure in heart; for they will see God. ” –  Matthew 5: 8

9. “Bear the burden of one another, and you will keep the law of Christ. ” –  Galatians 6: 2

10. “He who is faithful in the least is faithful also in the great ” –  Luke 16:10

11. “We know, however, that all things are for the best of those who love God, those who are called according to his counsels. ” –  Romans 8:28

12. “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you. ” –  Matthew 7, 7

13. “But be kind and cordial to one another and forgive one another, just as God has forgiven you in Christ. ” –  Ephesians 4:32

14. “Let all your things happen in love. ” –  1 Corinthians 16:14

15. “I can do everything through him who makes me mighty: Christ. ” –  Philippians 4:13

16. “Rejoice, let yourself be straightened out, let yourself be admonished, have the same mind, keep peace! So the God of love and peace will be with you. ” –  2 Corinthians 13:11

17. “But faith is a firm confidence in what one hopes and a non-doubt in what one does not see.” – Hebrews 11: 1

18. “I give you a new commandment that you should love one another as I have loved you; so you will love one another too. ” –  John 13:34

19. “You did not choose me, but I chose you and determined that you should go and bear fruit, and your fruit should remain, so that if you ask the Father in my name, He may give it to you. ” –  John 15:16

20. “Let us rejoice and be happy and give him honor. ” –  Revelation 19: 7

21. “The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, loyalty, meekness, morality. ” –  Galatians 5:22

22. “God is love; and whoever abides in love abides in God and God in him. ” –  John 4:16

23. “Blessed are the merciful; for they will receive mercy. ” –  Matthew 5, 7

24. “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. ” –  John 8:12

25. “Let the word of Christ dwell abundantly among you. ” –  Colossians 3:16

26. “All good gifts and perfect gifts come down from above, from the Father of Light. ” –  James 1:17

27. “Let us look out for one another and be incited to love and do good works. ” –  Hebrews 10:24

28. “Bear one another in love and strive to maintain unity in spirit through the bond of peace. ” –  Ephesians 4: 2

29. “Whatever you do by word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. ” –  Colossians 3:17

30. “Serve one another, each with the gift he has received, as good stewards of the various graces of God. ” –  1 Peter 4:10

christian wedding wishes with bible verse – Poems for the greeting card

1. On the wedding day today,
we stand before you here
wholeheartedly congratulate us.

The youth, very quietly,
says goodbye to you now. You begin
the new phase of life as a

Life often has thorns,
not roses just alone.
But your marriage will be strong
if you master it together.

Don’t forget
to ask Jesus Christ every day
to protect your marriage
in joy and in sorrow.

Entrust him with your rudder of
the little ship of life,
he will be happy to guide
it heavenly. – Lori Runkowsky

2. Father, look
graciously down on this couple at this hour !
Hear the yes from her mouth,
steady it forever!
your “yes” to their marriage covenant at this hour! – Carl Straube

3. Now, Lord Jesus, founder of marriage,
noble guest at Cana there!
Look at these children of yours, too
, today and forever!
Also bless your marital status, tie
your love bond tightly, guide you
on every step
and listen to your pleadings.
Help them to move
along the narrow street without any wavering, to
thank you childishly for everything
and to flee the vain worries.
Yes, Lord Jesus, sweet light,
lift up your face on them!
And glorify your name
in all of us,
amen! – Gustav Knak

4. From you, God of unity,
the marriage covenant was once consecrated;
from you also comes the blessing.
O now bless from your heights that
stand here in front of your face
to lay hand in hand!
Let them, father,
devoted to you,
live in
unity, love one another faithfully
and practice your word! – Georg Ernst Waldau

5. Lord, two stand before your face in
order to be one in the future
and thus
to Christ each other love and faithful until death.
Say the amen yourself to the covenant that
unites them before you;
Help that her yes
be meant from the bottom of the heart forever.
Put heart and heart together, so
that nothing should divide them;
keep them one in joy and pain until the end of their lives. – Viktor Friedrich von Strauss and Torney

6. What God brings together,
man should not divide!
So we go there
in God’s peace and joys.
inscribes the names in the book of blessings.
He himself, Lord of hosts,
will be our shield and our reward. – Benjamin Schmolck

7. Make Lord, a heart out of the two firmly bonded
by love,
pour blessings and prosperity
on the newly elected estate!
Let them grow old together
and see many good things on earth,
stand with them in trouble
and be our God forever! – Kaspar Neumann

8. Where God does not build a house himself,
where God does not trust the bride and groom,
advice and work are in vain.
Wherever God rules the house of Gang, and brings
the bride to the bridegroom, the
lust of life wells up.
Count, choose, worry, think!
If God directs it, it will work –
no one else will force anything. – Johann Adam Lehmus

9. God Creator, Founder Heil’ger Eh ‘,
look at this couple from your heights,
who stand in front of you and close their covenant
here in front of you with heart and mouth!
Look down on them with grace!
Let them be
united in love and loyalty together down to the grave and
consecrate their lives entirely to Jesus! – Johann Adolph Schlegel

10. Marriage should be sacred to us!
God set and inaugurated them himself
with the blessing of his mouth;
And Christ’s love has
reconciled, sinned and consecrated them again
with the salvation of the new covenant.
Praise him!
Praise him!
Faithful spouses
walk blissful communion paths in the shadow of
His grace
. – Karl Bernhard Garve

christian wedding wishes with bible verse – girlfriend of the bride

11. Today in your hearts it blooms as in May,
and everyone who is here is happy, in the
face of the love that has united you
and bright as the sun shines for both of you.

Oh, dear friend, how you shine today!
The wedding hall is solemnly decorated,
and your dearest friend,
who has become your husband today, is standing near you .

And with your wedding the time is over
when we were everywhere with you.
The friendship that bound us firmly was intimate, and that we
often understood each other without words!

How much time we spent together,
praying to the Lord, singing and laughing …
I thank you for your trust, loyalty and courage , friend, the time with you was good!

Singing, reading, laughing … everything was so beautiful!
To thank God in prayer for His Son!
The walk through the snow at night was a
lot of fun and joy for both of us …

Allusions, poems – we read to
each other, always had a heart and an ear for one another.
Your door was always open to me,
God was our refuge, He was always close to us!

Thank you, my friend, for the great time!
Your “ship” is now ready for
departure … We have to say goodbye to each other,
but the memory will stay with me forever.

We shared suffering and happiness with each
other … These years of ours will never come back …
God, who gave it, also gives in retrospect
that the memory will be a joy for us.

Now I want to step aside from you quietly,
your husband wants to accompany you faithfully from today.
And I wish from the bottom of my heart that you understand each other
and go through life happily together!

Only be faithful to the Most High, walk clean before Him!
May God always be first in the league!
I wish you luck and blessings from the bottom of my heart,
God is happy to give it to you, He’s so rich! – Katja Sawadski

12. We have come
to celebrate with you
and to thank God who gives
On the wedding day
, our eyes will be
on your paths that
he directs.

He would like to
remain the first
in your covenant forever .
So his peace
will always guide you
through light and dark
to glory.

Lord, give both of them to carry each other
in your love every day, and let them stay near you! Then may come what may. – Toni Jung

13. You have
given the yes for a common life before the Lord God.
Want to be dear and loyal, never give up,
in good and bad days.

The question is how do you do that?
You cannot do that by your own strength.
It is the Savior who goes with you, stands by
your side every day.

Throw all worries on him,
only he gives true meaning in life.
It is God who gave you life,
wants to be with you every day.

Let Jesus guide your life,
He always wants to accompany you faithfully.
May God bless your marriage
and meet you with his love. – Hermann Well-named

14. You stand before God’s throne today,
before his face,
have long been looking forward to the day that
promises a new goal.

From today you want to go together,
walk the marriage path.
Whatever will happen in the future,
God will always be with you.

He wants to protect you, at all times, he
lives in your midst.
In joy, worry, hope, and sorrow he
is the third in the covenant.

Trust in him and live as pleases our God.
Then you will be happy from the bottom of your heart
in this colorful world.

Also do not forget to always thank him
for what he gives you,
because his grace knows no bounds,
just as he loves.

He wants to bless this covenant that
you make before him today,
give you joy every hour, so
that you only enjoy happiness.

And your love should expand,
also your daily bread.
May it carry you through time,
from now on, to death. – Anette Esposito

15. Faith, hope, love , these three,
but love is the greatest of them.
If you keep and care for your love,
it will also bear lovely fruits.

May faith be your foundation,
you are never alone with God in league.
May you never live without hope , be
true to yourself, respect each other , always forgive yourself,
then love will always accompany you
and never grow cold at all times. – Brunhilde Rusch

16. Allow me at this late hour
to address you and the people around you with
a few brief, simple thoughts
in a poetic manner.

Many tears of emotion have flowed,
now the time has come, the covenant is closed,
which – so far the promise is –
you two will never break.
United, always by the hand of the other,
you now want to wander through life.
But watch out! Because we are familiar:
Something like that happens often today:
that man and woman discover each other to pass
the time in marriage,
ends in chaos and misfortune when the sun turns .
We know that only too well
in a world of lust and lies … –

But what is different with you two?
We all know it can be
called the greatest miracle there
is: that you love Jesus.
You two walk faithfully and devotedly
as children of God through life,
on that wondrous path
of limitless love and grace,
which through the Savior Jesus Christ became
concrete and human.
What is special about your oath:
you are bound by a threefold cord.
Because you two always go with Jesus,
He is the rock on which you stand.
He is loyal to you to the end,
holds his hands protectively over you so
that wherever the path leads you,
you always feel His closeness.

You know that your Savior lives.
He wants you to give him everything:
whether joy, sorrow, worry, quarrel,
whether happiness or sadness.

So – the sacrifice is not in vain –
His cross remains the tree of life for you.
The light that is eternal and bright,
for you it becomes the source of joy, you
search together in the silence
for what your Savior will do.

Yes, that you can pray in twos,
in good times and in suffering,
let yourself be close to him,
is our wish for your marriage.

And that you
know that you are
secure in Jesus Christ every day and that you feel your Creator’s blessing
on all, all of your paths. – Arne Baier

christian wedding wishes with bible verse – wedding poem for the sister

17. My beloved sister,
we are greeted with joy today.
We see you beautifully adorned
in your wedding dress, delighted with joy.

It is a day that you long for for a long time, that is
why Freud expands here.
I want to bring you my congratulations here
, songs of joy should be heard today.

You are showered with gifts,
but I only
want to remember one thing: I want to remember a time,
I know it is not far yet.

A time that passed,
that began a long time
The time of our childhood,
I know it is not far.

We had experienced a lot, strived
for some things.
Were in the meeting
together and witnessed our transformation together.

Together we have praised God
and not let off steam in the world.
Been together in Jesus
and read God’s word together.

We were also on our knees
to flee from many a sin.
We also asked God for strength that
we should remain earnest in Jesus.

I can tell you a lot of suffering,
you bore it faithfully within you.
You also gave me courage to
continue walking in Jesus’ life.

You have spoken many a word of comfort,
you have never broken your faith with me.
I know that Jesus gave you everything that
kept moving my heart.

Therefore I thank Jesus that he gave you
for some difficult hour in life.
That he put you in my family
and that you exist in this world.

I know the time is already over
when we experienced a lot, but
keep all this in mind,
I want to thank you for that.

So the bridegroom hold her in your heart
and give her strength in some pain.
And I hope the door is open
when some suffering hit me.

I hope I can step in
to worship Jesus together. – Otto Eichholz

christian wedding wishes with bible verse – wedding poem for the son

18. My dear son, you stand in front of us here today,
and next to you -…, your bride!
You love her very much! – All people see that,
oh love them always … like today!

Oh, love her not only on the wedding day,
when she is so lovely and so beautiful.
Wear them in love even through everyday life,
even if the youthful beauty will one day pass.

Should she ever be weak and fragile – love,
in fear and distress – stand by her,
do not be too strict, do not grieve with rudeness,
no, like Christ, always be with her.

Love is a precious jewel,
always keep it in your heart.
It has been given to you by God for joy,
to overcome all burdens and toil.

And should you sometimes notice mistakes,
in her – oh cover everything with love!
Just think of how valuable you are to the Lord,
and lovingly guide you never tire!

It is not natural to love
like this, oh think how God loved us!
He gave his life for us himself,
how willingly and how selflessly He did it!

Love her even when the tears roll
and the face seems frozen in pain,
even if you will notice the first wrinkles
and silver threads in your hair at some point. – Katja Sawadski

christian wedding wishes with bible verse – wedding poem for the daughter

19. Now the time has come, the wedding is celebrated,
you want to go through life together.
Love – big and beautiful – has united you,
today everyone can see this love here.
Oh, don’t just love him on the wedding day,
when he, so handsome and beautiful, is standing next to you.
No, love him in every situation,
it won’t always be like today and here.
Be loyal and love him when storms come,
when strict and hard your man will sometimes be,
but love him! He has your “YES!” heard, make an
effort that he can be happy.
My daughter, always obey him,
as the church listens to Jesus Christ.
Fight with sins, never succumb
that you can be like the Savior one day.
If something happens that cannot edify you –
covered with love let the mistakes be.
Let your love see his soul,
what you see is lovely, beautiful and pure.
Only such love can win in life!
And when it gets stormy around you,
you should always lie before him in prayer,
he gives you everything, he, the good shepherd.
Loving one another makes life wonderful,
grace will give you many a year.
Only let death separate you from one another,
because love connects you forever. – Kata Sawadowski

– in good and bad times –
I say YES to you.
you FOREVER , be true to you,
believe me.

by your side FOREVER ,
honor you, forgive
you and be happy to assist you.

YES to you, even when it storms
and sometimes won’t be easy.
YES to you, because I believe
GOD brought us together. – Brunhilde Rusch

21. You met many years ago,
life brought you a lot of sunshine. That’s why
you both decided here today, that’s
how it should always be in the future.

The friends and relatives have come,
today they offer their congratulations.
There are also flowers in abundance and gifts,
life for the two of you is wonderful.

Therefore give yourselves very confidently into God’s hands,
he will guide you and always be with you.
His angel be with you on all paths,
whoever walks with the Lord is never alone. – Christina Telker

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