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Already knew? On May 10 we make with the US -your-room on Day cavities (Engl. Clean Up Your Room Day ) for order in their own homes. Reason enough to pay tribute to this day of action with your own contribution to the calendar of curious holidays from all over the world and to tell your story with this contribution. Do we tackle it or what is it about?

Who Started National Clean Up Your Room Day?

We have already had a number of curious holidays on the subject of tidying up and cleaning up in the last few weeks and months. As an example, reference is made to the following dates in the calendar of the curious world days:

to flush your desk-to-day (Engl. National Clean Off Your Desk Day) always on the second Monday in January,

  • the Schaff-order-in-your-home-day (Organize Your Home Day) on January 14,
  • to flush your desktop on tag (National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day) on October 20, or
  • the concealed Your Refrigerator Day (Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day) on 15 November.
  • Although in the course of my research I could not find out who started National Clean Up Your Room Day, since when it has been celebrated in the United States and why its inventor (s) decided on May 10th of all times , the core message seems clear and unambiguous. Namely, that you should do this on this date or on the occasion of this national clear your room day. Namely, keeping his room tidy. 😉

Tidying up the room: constant stress issue between parents and children
And this is probably one of the oldest controversial factors in the family context. Because about what a tidy room represents or how the term order is defined, there are probably very different views between the generations. And even if there are no fixed rules or laws, it usually boils down to a mixture of compromise and the rules of the domestic game that both parties have to adhere to.

In this respect, the (fictitious) debate about the addition of an unofficial, national holiday, which would be marked by the addition national, appears to me to be much more interesting in the case of clearing your room.

With a little imagination, you can imagine two competing camps: On the one hand, the parents, who, given the infamous chaotic children’s room, would probably give a lot for such a celebration or rather a day of action as a permanent or national institution see. On the other hand, there are the children and young people, who are likely to think relatively little of such an institutionalization.

Whereby the clean-up appeal is likely to apply in both directions. 😉 And who has nothing to do with cleaning up, May 10, can also act as International Monty Python Status Day or as a US day of shrimp (English National Shrimp Day) or. Day of the windmill (English National Windmill Day). commit. 🙂

With this in mind: Get down to work and have a successful Clean Up Your Room Day for all of you.

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