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Compliments for Girls: When we find ourselves in front of a woman or a girl we like, it is not at all easy to make her understand our weakness towards her beauty and her character.

In this sense, compliments are an excellent starting point to snatch a smile from her and to see if her reaction can show interest in us.

Below is the list of the best compliments to give a girl to make her fall in love with us or just to show our sincere respect. Discover them now!

Compliments for Girls

1. “I like your way of thinking, it’s different from that of other women.”

2. “You have the most beautiful smile in the world.”

3. “If only they were all like you.”

4. “You are perfect just the way you are.”

5. “I like your shoes.”

6. “I like your haircut, it looks great on you.”

7. “I could kiss you forever.”

8. “I don’t know if you are more beautiful inside or out.”

9. “You are stronger than you think.”

10. “I’m proud of you!”

11. “You always make me laugh I like that so much.”

12. “You are more beautiful every day.”

13. “You are the best part of me.”

14. “You are a tenacious woman.”

15. “You know how to make me happy.”

16. “I love to make you laugh.”

17. “I am happy to talk with you.”

18. “I like being with you.”

19. “It is fortunate to have you around.”

20. “Do you believe in love at first sight or do I have to go back to you?”

21. “I trust you blind.”

22. “Nobody is as loyal and reliable as you!”

23. “You’re funny.”

24. “You’re everything for me.”

25. “I can be myself with you.”

26. “I love watching you.”

27. “I like your creative streak!”

28. “You are the kindest woman I know.”

29. “I am incredibly proud of you.”

30. “You are a ray of sunshine on a gray day.”

31. “You make me feel things I’ve never tried before.”

32. “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”

33. “I would follow you everywhere.”

34. “You have a great character!”

35. “You are always beautiful”

36. “If I didn’t have you, I would often be lost.”

37. “I wouldn’t mind getting old and getting fat with you.”

38. “You make me the happiest man in the world.”

39. “I didn’t think you were also smart.”

40. “You can talk about anything I appreciate that about you!”

41. “Do you want to share some of your future best memories with me?”

42. “You complete me.”

43. “I love your new hairstyle.”

44. “You are my whole world.”

45. “Ever since I’ve known you I’ve understood what love songs are about.”

46. “I love your humor, you are really funny!”

47. “I prefer to spend my free time with you.”

48. “Your mind is as sexy as your beauty.”

49. “You are everything I wanted and more.”

50. “You made a big difference in my life.”

51. “I like your style.”

52. “I love every inch of you.”

53. “You can make me feel like a man.”

54. “You make me feel like the luckiest guy in the world.”

55. “You are the strongest woman I’ve ever met.”

56. “You look like an angel.”

57. “I like your dress.”

58. “You understand me like no other!”

59. “You have class.”

60. “You are everything I’ve ever wanted.”

61. “If we were in the Middle Ages, I would fight a dragon for you.”

62. “You are my family.”

63. “Words cannot explain the wonderful person you are.”

64. “You are the reason I find this world beautiful.”

65. “I love to hold you in my arms.”

66. “For me you are perfect.”

67. “I like the way you see things.”

68. “You look beautiful even without makeup.”

69. “No matter what question I ask you, you will find your answer to each one! You are really smart.”

70. “You’re beautiful.”

71. “Try never to change.”

72. “You have talent.”

73. “You taught me to dream even when awake.”

74. “With you I feel at home.”

75. “I could listen to you talk for hours and never get tired.”

76. “You take my Breath Away.”

77. “A day when we haven’t talked is not a perfect day.”

78. “You never get bored with you.”

79. “You cook better than my mother.”

80. “You’re always on my mind.”

81. “You really have a great laugh.”

82. “I love your curves.”

83. “You’re unique.”

84. “How do you get all this energy?”

85. “Besides being beautiful, you are also funny.”

86. “Fill in an empty space in my heart that I never knew existed.”

87. “Steal horses? Not only that, you really do shit with, it never gets boring with you!”

88. “Your sweetness is my weakness.”

89. “You inspire me.”

90. “I would recognize you in the midst of a thousand.”

91. “Wow you are so tough! I like reparteeism a lot.”

92. “You really know how to dress well.”

93. “You deserve the world.”

94. “You light up my life.”

95. “You make me happy.”

96. “Losing you would be a huge loss!”

97. “I am so happy to have met you.”

98. “You deserve the best things.”

99. “You smell good.”

100. “Your parents deserve a medal.”

101. “Your smile warms the room.”

102. “Even if you are not perfect, there is nothing about you that I would change.”

103. “You have all my respect.”

104. “I would die for your smile.”

105. “You are a jewel.”

106. “I didn’t think you were that interesting, you exceeded all my expectations.”

107. “I just feel good with you!”

108. “You taught me the difference between a girl and a woman.”

109. “You are a dream that comes true.”

110. “You smell soooooo good!”

111. “Thank you for being so beautifully yourself.”

112. “Your kitchen is great.”

113. “I feel more alive by your side.”

114. “When I’m alone, I smile thinking of you.”

115. “I like your handwriting, you can write so beautifully.”

116. “There were women like you.”

117. “Don’t believe anyone who talks badly about you.”

118. “You have a beautiful voice.”

119. “Your friendship makes me a better person.”

120. “I get excited every time I see you.”

121. “I value your opinion very much.”

122. “You make my life so much more interesting.”

123. “Never forget how awesome you are.”

124. “Make the hardest things easy.”

125. “The best part of my day is waking up next to you.”

126. “You have some great ideas.”

127. “You are always the prettiest woman in the room.”

128. “I am so lucky to have met you.”

129. “Your heart is safe with me, always.”

130. “I will never forget the first time I saw you.”

131. “Your voice is like a song.”

132. “You are doing a very good job. You can be really proud of yourself!”

133. “I would climb a mountain for you.”

The questions to ask a girl: the 80 best ones to get to know her

The most romantic Compliments for Girls you can find online

Dear boys, I want to reveal a secret to you. We actually like beautiful phrases. And they also like them a lot.
To melt the hearts of girls, if they want to let them melt

If we reject you when you come forward with us on the premises it is only for one of these three reasons: either you use bad phrases, or we don’t like you at all, or, and it is the most common case, they have tried so many times with we who are now addicted and are fed up with horny males.

A beautiful phrase, however, retains its charm for us, and if placed at the right time it can certainly have a great effect on the woman of your dreams. The important thing is not to overdo it.

For example, you can’t go to a girl you’ve known for 20 minutes and tell her you’re in love with her. Just as you cannot go to a young woman with whom you have not yet exchanged a word and make her understand that you want to take her to bed.

How to win over girls who like to dream

Everything in its time. But if you can manage to calm your hormones and keep a cool head, these phrases could have a devastating effect on the woman in question.

1. “A life without you is like a dreamless sleep.”

2. “At first I thought there was something about you that captured me. Then I realized it wasn’t like that. It wasn’t just a part of you that captured me: you were all yourself.”

3. “At school the physics teacher always scolded me because I never indicated the units of measurement. I wish he were here to see that units of measurement, with you, make no sense: you are beyond.”

4. “Beauty is power, but her sword is a smile.”

5. “Even when you’re not there, I always carry you with me.”

6. “Excuse me, the first moment I saw you I was no longer able to take my eyes off you. It is as if you are in another dimension.”

7. “I assure you, there is no one in the world who can love you like me.”

8. “I can’t express how I feel about you. I could walk for ten years, and that still wouldn’t be enough to give you an idea of ​​my love.”

9. “I can’t picture myself happy without you.”

10. “I don’t know why I love you, but I really love you.”

11. “I even like your flaws.”

12. “I feel like I’m drowning in your eyes.”

13. “I seem to have known you all my life.”

14. “I want you to always be in my memories.”

15. “I’m missing something I’ve never even had.”

16. “I’ve never met a person like you.”

17. “If I could relive my life, I would change only one thing: I would try to meet you first.”

18. “If I had to give you marks, I would always give you 10 and praise.”

19. “If I know what beauty is, it is only thanks to you.”

20. “In your gaze I see the wonder of nature.”

21. “Love is risky, which is why it is better to face it in two, to halve the risks.”

22. “Stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it.”

23. “The most serious thing we can do on this earth is to love, the rest doesn’t matter.”

24. “There is one thing I like about you: that you are yourself.”

25. “Those who dream by day know many things that escape those who dream only at night.”

26. “We are made of the same stuff that dreams are made of: we dream together.”

27. “We will laugh more and cry less if we stay together.”

28. “Whatever the soul is made of, yours is like mine.”

29. “When I look into your eyes it is as if I were going through a portal to the future. Towards my future life.”

30. “When I see you my worst days immediately become splendid.”

31. “When you smile, the universe smiles.”

32. “When you speak, it is not my ears but my heart that listens to you.”

33. “With you there is always something to discover.”

34. “Without you I feel that I am missing a piece.”

35. “You know how to make me laugh, even when you’re not trying.”

36. “You’re all I’ll ever need.”

37. “You’re all that’s missing in the world.”

38. “You’re as beautiful as the world.”

39. “Sometimes when I don’t see you for a moment it seems that the whole world is depopulated.”

Compliments for nerdy girl

What is certain is that winning a smart girl can actually be quite difficult. With some geese, your fourth-rate repertoire may suffice, but with a girl with a high IQ you have to force yourself.

Science is also good for something

Before you burn your neurons too much, here are some suggestions. These are phrases that play, in an ironic way, on some basic scientific and technological knowledge. Nothing particularly fancy, but at least it’s something fresh and new, and it might work.

1. “My heart is drawn to you, like iron to a magnet, like a compass needle from the magnetic North Pole.”

2. “You are like a LEGO box: complicated to manage, but which gives great satisfaction.”

3. “You’re so smart you look like Wikipedia to me. Can I become your registered user?”

4. “Man, but you’re very smart.”

5. “You can’t find someone like me on Netflix.”

6. “Remember, Superman teaches that real superheroes hide behind a Clark Kent face.”

7. “We are all a little weird and even life is a little weird and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join them by falling into a mutual weirdness we call love.”

8. “When Plato wrote the myth of the androgyne, he was thinking of a guy like and a girl like you, honey.”

9. “You make me feel special like a surprise inside a Happy Meal.”

10. “You’re like a video game that I never want to finish.”

11. “In bed, would you define yourself more like Captain America, Thor or the Hulk?”

12. “You make me feel special like a very rare surprise inside a Kinder egg.”

13. “You’re so muscular you look like a superhero to me. Can I be your damsel in distress? Do you want to save me?”

14. “Would you like to spend the evening discussing galaxies, stars and entropy? There is nothing more romantic than the stars, right?”

15. “You are my universe, you are my Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

16. “You are like the equation of a hyperbola: the closer our distance is to 0, the more your beauty tends to infinity.”

17. ““Friends don’t lie”, so I really have to tell you: I like you.”

18. “I want to be your princess Leia and you will be my Han Solo.”

19. “You are like a collection of comics: precious, fun, to touch with gloves.”

20. “Did you see that moon? A werewolf or astronaut moon. What are you?”

21. “I’m stupid like Chandler, but you’re beautiful like Monica.”

6 tips for the perfect Compliments for Girls: How to do it right!

Regardless of whether you hand out a compliment to your mom, sister, colleague, best friend or (potential) partner: Be aware that not every well-intentioned statement will meet with a lot of love. We have a few tips to help you find the right words.

1. Be honest and don’t overdo it

You don’t really know each other yet, but you already express your deep admiration for all kinds of things? In fact, that doesn’t always go down well. You should refrain from superficial flattery that seems to be said rather than serious. After all, not every woman likes it when you try to smear honey around her mouth.

2. Reconsider your motivation for the compliment

What do you want to achieve with the compliment? Do you want to sneak in or just get the woman to bed? These are not good reasons to pay a compliment – and your dubious motives are likely to be seen through faster than you would like. Because to indirectly expect something in return for a compliment is absolutely inappropriate and does not speak in favor of treating women with respect.

3. Don’t reduce them to just looks and beauty

“Your bottom is super sexy” – sorry, but unfortunately it is not your pick-up line. Care should be taken with compliments about a woman’s body, because how they are received depends heavily on how you relate to one another. If you only know each other for a short time, you should refrain from it. Otherwise, she could quickly feel harassed or harassed by you.

In the survey quoted above, 59 percent of women said they would feel harassed if a man they don’t know well told them they had great breasts. 42 percent of respondents also declined compliments about a firm bottom for the same reason. So keep your hands off utterances that revolve around the body of your flirting object.

4. Give the compliments on the fly

Of course, there are also occasions, such as speeches for a wedding or birthday, that literally scream for compliments. Nevertheless, a little compliment in between that doesn’t seem rehearsed is often much nicer than a long speech of praise. So just pay attention to what you like about her and what you notice spontaneously, and give her positive feedback when it suits you.

5. Find the right amount

Yes, compliments are nice, but they also wear out over time if you completely flood the other person with them. If you use them too inflationary, your loved one will quickly ask themselves the question of whether you are really serious or are just trying – for dubious reasons – to give them a positive opinion.

6. Don’t fall back on 0815 sayings

“Do I have sugar in my eyes or why are you so cute?” Well-worn sayings like this one rarely meet with much love. Get creative yourself and pay attention to what the woman you want to compliment is doing special. Maybe it’s her smile that you find contagious or her positive manner that you admire?

Finding the right compliments for women is not that difficult. Just be honest and show what you particularly like about her. It is better to refrain from hackneyed sayings and do not overwhelm them with praise, otherwise it quickly looks exaggerated and not meant seriously. Sometimes less is just more! What compliments do you like to hear? Let us know in the comments.

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