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Daily Horoscope of Daily Horoscope of November 2nd 2020 Monday. The language of the stars for each sign of the zodiac. Know your Wednesday horoscope.

The language of the stars for each zodiac sign: Read your zodiac sign from November 2nd, 2020 here.


Do not put yourself under pressure if some things do not work as quickly as you thought and enjoy relaxing hours. You will feel what is good for you and an old idea may come back to your mind. This can now possibly be implemented. Think about it and write down important things.


They can do a lot of what you want. However, commitment is also required. Set clear priorities, make a plan, and pick up on tips from people around you. In a dispute between friends, you can mediate. Just don’t get involved without asking.


You leave the stress of everyday life behind you, because Venus beams you to cloud nine. You enjoy being together, forging future plans, drifting a little and looking forward to in-depth discussions. In the Freundeskreis, you can solve stuck situations with innovative ideas.


You are extremely demanding and want to quickly implement a lot of what you have considered. However, do not put yourself or others under pressure or take up tips from others. Short retreats, wellness and meditative sports bring you into your inner center, and you will succeed in some things right away.


In discussions with colleagues, you get to the heart of what you have found important for a long time. There may be short-term debates because opinions differ, but give in to Venus. They make sure to find a common denominator to drive success.


Singles feel who suits them and they enjoy closeness and get involved in some changes. In your partnership, you advance projects together that you had put on hold. They prove that you have a good overview of everything important (including financial matters) and that you can organize them well.


Saturn slows you down a bit, and you feel challenged by certain incidents, whether at work or at home. Try to stay calm and focus on what’s important. Venus has a supportive effect and soothes angry minds. Make time for love too.


You are good at everyday life and you can also bring forward what you have put aside. You are also happy to help those who cannot progress on their own or who have lost track of everything. In love you can score with consideration. You will enjoy pulling together.


Venus gives you harmonious hours, and happy and relaxed you can turn to the things that are burning under your nails and for which you have so far lacked the leisure. That can be financially worthwhile. Channel your vigor into your workout too. You strengthen your body and mind.


They rush ahead and show that you care about a project. An exact procedure is important to you, and you also demand that everyone involved act accordingly. But be careful not to get into things. Relax with walks or music.


Venus encourages you to listen to your gut instinct when making decisions. In love you enjoy closeness and security, and you show yourself to be committed. This goes down well, and you can also talk about things that you’ve marginalized. Your togetherness gains in depth.


You have a good feeling for the essentials and are now devoting yourself to the things that can bring you success. You not only have your concerns in mind, but also those of your loved ones. You are not affected by the incidental. You also skilfully avoid envy, naggers and power struggles.

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