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Erotic hours

The physical attraction of the opposite sex is awakened, as is the desire to actively approach other people and act together. They want and should enjoy life. The spontaneous, impulsive and at the same time amiable note that clings to your being today will help you build bridges and bring color to relationships.

Go beyond the usual framework

Habits can cripple a relationship and symbiotic closeness can become restrictive. You should now feel this very clearly. You may feel like creating variety in your partnership. Or your partner takes on the role of troublemaker. Depending on your personal attitude, this day will bring fun, entertainment or at most some trouble.

Thoughts on private life

Today it is easy to reflect on the past, family and private life. You should find that this or that could increase your well-being. A factual, dispassionate statement and reflection on what could be changed are good prerequisites for a more joyful private life.


How reliable are you?

Love is also a duty. You show yourself to be reliable towards people close to you and try to support them. You too would like to rely on others and choose your contacts accordingly.

No bad intent

If your loved ones misjudge their tone, you will be particularly affected today. Realize that there was no way they were trying to hurt you. Then it will be easier to overlook the comment.

Exchange is good

You and your fellow human beings communicate more today than on other days. The information flows, be it that the phone rings often, you chat with colleagues, ask something, explain or argue and really come to life. Knowing that you are connected with other people is a boon for you.


Responsibility for your own wellbeing

In order to feel good, you need rules and a framework that offers security. You want to control your inner workings if possible. You only express your feelings when you are sure that they will be recognized. Today is a good day for that. They are easier to show your feelings, but they are also more vulnerable.

Sensitized to the realistic side of the partnership

You meet your loved ones loyally and soberly today and create a solid basis in the relationship, precisely because of the lack of exuberant warmth. Any structure and stability – even outside of relationships – can be beautiful. Today you are extremely sensitive to the beauty of the simple, clear and strict forms.

Profession and partnership

Would you like to integrate work and partnership better into your life? Tell your partner about your professional ideas, wishes and worries! When you share what is important to you, you create common ground. The exchange with a loved one lets you see your own professional position through different eyes.


Satisfied with your services

Your work is going well today. You know what you want and you will achieve your goal with discipline and perseverance. If you do not have unachievable demands on your own perfection, this day will prove to be productive and satisfying. However, it is difficult to spend doing nothing.

How determined are you?

Today you pursue your goals with a very special drive. You are capable of peak performance. People at work or at home may rightly accuse you of selfishness and recklessness. But in dealing with others you will also become clearer about your own goals and motivations.

Good conditions for a sunny day

Today you want and should let it go. You smile at other people and reap goodwill and courtesy. So the door and gate are open for new acquaintances. In existing relationships, your demeanor promotes mutual understanding. You are willing to compromise and focus on what you have in common.


Act with feeling

Do you feel alive and cheerful? They are spontaneous, full of joie de vivre and very emotional. But you’re also pretty bright and ready to turn the mood into anger and aggression.

With understanding and feeling

The feeling is everywhere today. You can personalize conversations by sharing your wants and feelings and addressing the concerns of others.

In harmony with yourself

You should find it easy to meet long-term goals and current needs at the same time. They radiate satisfaction and are convincing.


Divide forces correctly

You don’t have as much energy at your disposal every day as you do now. You are more powerful and tougher than usual and have the power to successfully cope with bigger things. Personal ambition and selfishness can lead you to overuse your elbows. Use the energy wisely! At the moment you can hardly be stopped.

The strenght is to be found in serenity

Now let the others go first! You need some rest. You can be influenced in the spotlight. But in silence you will find your true core, self-confidence and a clear idea of ​​your wishes and goals.

Beauty calls

Pamper yourself a little today! For example, with a visit to the theater or an art exhibition. Or enjoy a good meal in intimate get-together with loved ones. You not only need a loving and harmonious environment, you can create it now. There is something amiable and charming about her demeanor.


Irresistible charm

The chance to spend a few lively hours together is great. You can also take the opportunity to clean up a deadlock. With sparkling charm, you can get people to react spontaneously and positively to you.

Bad prerequisites for a determined approach

Clear, efficient action is hardly possible unless you are unselfishly committed to others. Don’t make important decisions and postpone demanding tasks for a few days! The risk of building on sand today is quite great.

On the sunny side of life

The doors are open and invite you to make new experiences. Take the chance and go beyond your usual limits! With increased self-confidence and confidence, you can overcome difficulties with ease.


How skillfully do you use your will?

This day brings a lot of energy and energy. You go fresh, identify yourself completely with your own will and action and thus challenge the resistance of your fellow human beings. Caution: With your somewhat irritable, wide awake and combative mood, it doesn’t take much to get involved in arguments and arguments.

Prevented will

Do you have a goal or an intention and cannot achieve it? If you don’t want to be unfaithful to yourself, you have to accept differences of opinion. But it is not your partners, superiors and others who stand in your way, but you are subject to a mood that makes you stick to resolutions that you have made quite willful.


The world is full of beauty and love. You can see some of it today. The prerequisite, however, is that you don’t just put your hands on your lap and wait for great luck. You would then only be disappointed. Keep your eyes open and don’t let the charm go unnoticed in the small everyday situations!


Romantic mood

To indulge in a romantic mood and to dream a bit of the great love should be a special treat today. Take the time to do it!

Mood swings

Are you a bit moody and not quite sure what you want? You may not feel like doing what you set out to do. Will and feeling arouse different needs. The inner tension makes you react angrily to the slightest cause, especially in the afternoon. Give yourself a little rest.

To talk to someone

Get in touch with people you’ve wanted to talk to for a long time! Information flows particularly well today. Whether in conversation, with modern communication technology or traditionally by letter, you and your fellow human beings have a special need to communicate today.


Love with conditions

Do you feel that you have to do something so that your loved ones will love you? You tend to charge yourself up just because you think you owe it to someone. They are also adorable without any special achievement.

New strength

You should and may shift down a gear by noon at the latest. Do the most important things in the morning and then have a good time. A few relaxing moments will give you new strength for everyday life.

No day like any other

This afternoon or evening, there’s a good chance you’ll have a surprise in store. You need some variety. That is why you react spontaneously in such a way that the uniform daily routine is broken.


Erotic tension

Relationships inspire you to action. You are likely to feel more attracted to other people, especially the opposite sex. This can range from a cheerful mood to increased sexual desire. Your way of asserting yourself and acting is more diplomatic and more related to the other than usual.

Dreaming allowed

Everyday life is very important to you. You prefer to put your inner world with all the dreams and fantasies in the background. Over time, however, the request to turn inward becomes more and more urgent. Take a small step in that direction today and watch the clouds for a moment!

Everyday life can be annoying

The little things in everyday life that occur over and over again can be a bit annoying today. You may feel like you are stuck in the rut and not developing any further. But don’t overestimate that.


Break for new shores

You feel a great desire to change your everyday life. And if it’s only through something small. Try something new today, an exotic dish or an exciting sport. It’s especially great fun for two!

Willing to compromise up to self-abandonment

A mood that tends to be sluggish lets you avoid hard work or uncomfortable arguments. It is easier than usual to win over compromises. The downside of this ability to give in is a lack of assertiveness. Don’t be tempted to make concessions that you will later regret!

Open up to new things

Today you urgently need new ideas, proven routines will bore you quickly. Be open to the new that wants to move into your life, but without randomly taking everything that is possible with you. In the second step, it is important to make a selection.

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