Daily Horoscope of October 11th 2020 Sunday - wishes db


Actively advocate harmony for two

The physical attraction of the opposite sex is increased. With regard to partnership and sexuality, you want to do and not do what you like. If your spontaneous impulses are not compatible with the concerns of the partner, conflicts inevitably arise. You react with displeasure to tension in the relationship.


Positive thinking is the order of the day. In your thoughts you wander into the distance, be it planning the future or warming yourself to things outside of your usual framework. You are able to present yourself in a positive light, which can be very beneficial for business discussions, for example.

Unusual ideas

Do you feel like talking about your crazy ideas? Then you should do it, even if it provokes some head shaking. No idea is too absurd not to be at least played through in one’s mind. Listen to your inner voice! Stress and nervousness are possible consequences of a suppressed imagination.


Time to dream

Feelings and fantasies run through with you and put the rose-colored glasses on you. Your empathy can grow so great that you can easily mistake other people’s feelings for your own. Take the time to dream, but clearly distinguish between dream and reality!

You need rest in the evening

If you and your fellow human beings are still communicatively looking for contact in the morning and exchanging news, in the evening you ask for a cozy home, a cozy corner or at least a place where you feel secure.

Express your feelings

In the morning hours in particular, your thinking is more characterized by warm cordiality than cool objectivity. A good opportunity for good, personal conversations!


With heart and feeling

You are aware of your feelings, wishes and needs in an unusually clear way and can take care of your well-being accordingly. You are also open to the concerns of others and meet them with a warm and warm cordiality.

It’s not always easier together

Relationships are difficult sometimes. You may experience the less enjoyable aspects of being together today. You may even have the impression that you are hardly capable of relational. Do not be discouraged and approach other people!

Your charm is obvious

Do you feel like reaching out to other people? Today you exude a special charm. As friendly as you smile at the world, so kind and loving others will approach you. You are open to love, to new encounters and also to old friendships. Enjoy your day!


Personal statements

Do you only hear what you want to hear? Today you identify strongly with your own thoughts. Make an effort to have an open ear! If you stand behind what you say with your whole personality at the same time, you will find understanding for almost everything. Dry reasoning provokes arguments.

Active in thinking and communicating

A clear head enables you to do good thinking, to communicate in an understandable way and to follow the ideas and conceptions of other people. Your thoughts are not so much influenced by will and feeling and allow you to judge things objectively. During the conversation you can easily find the connection to the other person.

Create a home for yourself

Security, a cozy home and family are always important to you. But today you particularly feel the longing for a soothing environment. Find people you like! You can recharge your batteries and bring your caring side full of warmth and empathy.


Energy with heart

You feel and act closely. Everything you do, you do with heart. You have a wonderful talent for responding to feelings. Especially today you appear warm and lively. With your natural spontaneity, you can master many things quickly and easily without snubbering others or restricting yourself.

Clear and factual

You are not particularly exuberant or soulful today. But that’s actually a good thing. Because your sober and matter-of-fact manner brings a lot of stability into your life and your partnership. People feel safe with you and you too enjoy loyal and reliable relationships. The simpler and clearer, the better.

Imagination encourages misunderstandings

Today you are very imaginative, which has a positive effect on any creative activity. A sunset or music can be a deep experience. However, the inner world of the images can also lead you to believe something, for example if you only see a situation or a person the way you would like to.


The best conditions for an upscale mood

Since you spread a relaxed atmosphere, you will meet other people with goodwill. Relationships thrive especially well on this loving soil. If you have conflicts to resolve, this is a good time. You are ready both to respond to the concerns of the other person and to express yourself clearly.

Longing for more meaning

This day brings an unreal dimension to what gives you meaning, energy and joie de vivre. You could compare it to the situation on a raft: the ground beneath your feet is no longer firm and secure. Something – maybe your worldview, optimism or urge to expand – is wavering. In the evening the ghost is over again.

What’s the catch?

Let go should be the central motto of this day. This does not mean that once you start a business you should just drop it. On the contrary, increased efforts may be necessary in order not to give in to adversity. Letting go refers to the idea that success should fall into your lap on its own.


Use your imagination

Take the time to dream! Now there are hardly any limits to your imagination in creative and artistic direction. However, you better postpone important decisions.

Thinking and feeling are one

Talk about your feelings! This afternoon and evening the opportunity is particularly favorable and the emotions almost spontaneously form into words. You should postpone a factual discussion.

Warmth creates closeness

Enjoy togetherness with a loved one! A little closeness would do you good. This afternoon and evening you will meet other people with special warmth and cordiality.


Get an overview!

Since you are taking full advantage of the opportunities that are offered to you today and are confident of doing a lot, this day is ideal for planning. Far-sightedness and positive thinking make many things happen. You are extremely open to new ideas and treat those who think differently with tolerance.

Relationship with tenderness and warmth

Most of all, you look for tenderness, security and warmth in your relationships. For you, a relationship should be the place where you can recover from the troubles of everyday life and recharge your batteries. Especially today, a little closeness would have a beneficial effect. With a loved one you draw new energy.

Longing for togetherness

A few nice hours with a loved one would do you good today. Unfortunately, the chances of this are slim. The smallest occasion creates a disgruntled mood. It’s more about getting to know your feelings than enjoying a harmonious togetherness.


Communication with emphasis on the common

Today your thinking revolves around pleasant things, everything beautiful, light and lovely. They are extremely kind and indulgent and easy to find the right words. The emphasis is on the common. A pleasure ride or a cozy chat are now more to your liking than serious arguments and disciplined thinking.

Enjoy variety

Provide a pleasant change in your everyday life! How about if you take a little liberty? You can enjoy them today. Beware of unpredictable people! Today you tend to cater to anyone who promises variety. In the partnership too much closeness brings unpleasant surprises.

New optimism

You are full of enthusiasm and optimism. The interest in everything possible and also impossible is aroused. You are more open and tolerant of foreign views. You see the possibilities that life offers you. However, you should make sure that you do not forget the requirements of the specific here and now because of the sheer foresight.


Make plans

This is a great day to make plans. Your mind is clear and open to new things. Thinking and talking are particularly worthwhile in personal matters. It would be a shame if you missed the opportunity to grind and develop an idea in exchange with others.

More pleasure than usual

A cheerful atmosphere allows you to meet everyone with friendliness and warmth. And of course this rubs off, and you too will experience generosity and cordiality. In this way, a social event or an encounter with a loved one becomes a special celebration. You let five be straight and are generous to yourself and others.

Stimulation in the partnership

Today there is great desire to break through the daily grind with another person. You are looking for variety in the partnership, be it a joint experiment with a long-term partner or a new acquaintance. You are in the mood for fun, entertainment and enjoyment. Spend a few fun hours with a loved one!


Relationship mishaps

If something in your partnership is not going to your satisfaction, you should not leave any doubts about it. The day is predestined for relationship breakdowns. Friendships can also become the scene of too much closeness, the wrong willingness to compromise or adapt. Watch what happens! You learn so much about your behavior in relationships.

Conversations with a heart

In conversations, a personal touch comes to the fore. You probably don’t feel like exchanging dry facts with other people. You would rather talk about what really moves your heart, about feelings, wishes and other very private things. Choose the right person to talk to!

Recognize the dark side

Your unconscious holds the mirror up to you and confronts you with the previously repressed aspects of your being. If you can accept this revelation of unlived traits as a support for inner growth, the gift is inevitable: you gain personal maturity.


Show what you are feeling

The feelings are written on your face this afternoon and evening. You need an opportunity to just let yourself go as you please. If you do not allow yourself to show your emotions, they will open up uncontrollably and make you react moodily.

Clarity in action

You should now achieve a lot with ease. You have an extraordinary amount of persuasiveness and drive. With it you can assert yourself, cope with a high workload or achieve a sporting performance.


Everything is going smoothly for you this morning because you are inwardly balanced. You can enjoy the day or take advantage of the good vibes to perform some duties with almost no effort. In any case, you are extremely satisfied and relaxed.

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