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Your enormous vitality causes you to be constantly active. You get involved in a lot, you also manage a lot, but you don’t have very endurance. You quickly turn to something new because you think you can move more. Do not fall into action and recharge your batteries.


Venus mixes up your feelings a lot. You feel fantastic and radiate that too. Her charisma is stunning, and flirtations lure. Your behavior can lead to jealousy or misunderstanding in your relationship. Treat your tense neck and back muscles to massages.


You now stay out of some things and enjoy sitting back and thinking about some things. You can then take care of the important things and give your togetherness momentum by providing inspiration. You have plenty of ideas and good conversations make you happy. You eloquently fascinate.


Float on cloud nine and enjoy sensual and erotic hours for two. Venus continues to mean well. Some work turns out to be a bit difficult. This is also due to the fact that you can hardly concentrate on the essentials. Delegate a lot and show how important a lot is to you.


Higher faster further. That is your motto now. Go full of vigor and show what talents lie dormant in you. Make sure others can keep up and calmly explain what you are doing. Patience is required. You can do a lot better in a team than alone.


What would your friends be without you? You will find solutions to problems, you will analyze perfectly when you are planning joint projects, and you will be on hand with help and advice when necessary. Don’t put yourself in the foreground. They fascinate and get recognition. That motivates and strengthens you.


It is now not so easy to find the right balance between family, partnership and professional life. You feel torn, and when things don’t go as hoped, you get irritated quickly. Stop for a moment and don’t set your standards too high.


Singles sense whether a casual acquaintance can become more and you act accordingly. In your partnership, you have the joy of making plans and starting activities that you have put on hold. They both harmonize under Venus. Your workout will now have the best health effects.


Do not doubt your decisions if you have carefully considered all the pros and cons. Take action immediately. Wellness and sporting activities ensure relaxation. You will also enjoy them in the group. You get to know interesting people and receive new impulses.


You act proactively and recognize whether you can already start planning a project. Make sure that you don’t run over others, then your solo efforts will also be viewed favorably. Thanks to Venus, you let others feel how important a harmonious coexistence is to you.


Even if you feel vital and want to implement your unusual ideas immediately and with verve, that does not mean that others can get off to a flying start as you do. Think about this before making demands that others cannot meet at all. Consideration now scores.


In your partnership, you use every free minute for joint activities. You feel safe and show it. However, do not let important work rest. You want everything to reach its destination perfectly, and you are determined to do this under Pluto. Competition overtakes you.

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