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The language of the stars for each sign of the zodiac: Read your horoscope from October 13th, 2020 here.


You are creative and can optimize work processes. Relax with hobbies that allow you to develop your talents. It can also be financially worthwhile. You get good thoughts while walking, hiking or biking, and you also strengthen your immune system. You feel great.


You enjoy helping others and showing them what is possible. Just don’t over-shoot. It’s causing trouble, and you don’t want it. Do as much as you need to and don’t interfere unsolicited. Your depth is required, and you will notice that very quickly.


Not everything goes as hoped and that reduces your drive. Don’t give up, just grapple with things. They have tremendous knowledge that will help you further. You can correct a small mistake faster than expected. You will also get assistance.


Venus increases your charisma, and it really benefits your self-esteem. You shine with confidence and happiness, and singles attract everyone’s attention. You skillfully seduce and conquer. In your partnership you are tender and loving to one another. Harmony exhorts you both.


You are extremely enthusiastic, but want to get a lot of things wrapped up too quickly. Don’t let Mars rush you, stay true to your rhythm. You will then also explain to everyone involved what is important and ensure success in a gentle manner. Pay attention to your concerns.


They enjoy attention from all sides and know how to give up restraint. That suits you perfectly, and you can confidently shine in negotiations and convince you of your ideas. It’s all going uphill. Treat yourself to something nice while shopping.


If you want to specify everything now, discrepancies will result. Rely on a good exchange and show that you are willing to compromise. When it comes to an important task, it is important not to get lost in details. Keep track of it all and seek help from others.


Hardly anyone can hold a candle to their commitment at the moment. You want to celebrate, and you certainly will. Under Neptune, you can also feel inside yourself and think about what is good for you and what makes you happy. Make a conscious effort to do this. Your well-being then increases gradually.


Do not try to force things, but direct your energy into meaningful channels. Your views may be correct, but there is some resistance right now. Step by step you will be able to convince of some. Be patient. Meditations help.


Treat yourself to something beautiful and surprise your partner with your ideas and small gifts. You can also put your practical skills to the test. Your togetherness makes you extremely happy. Jupiter helps you financially to lay the foundation for success.


It may be necessary to turn things around. You’ll see it just in time if you pay attention to details. Then show yourself open to change. These can also help you get an old project started. But coordinate your approach with everyone involved.


Protect yourself again on a financial matter before taking action. You will avoid mistakes or misunderstandings. Your sensitive approach to a sensitive family matter is received very positively by everyone. Venus means well. This also applies to your togetherness.

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