Daily Horoscope of October 16th 2020 Friday - wishes db

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You want to tackle new tasks, but it is worth setting clear priorities first. Make a list and be careful about it. You will see that some things are not as important to you as you have previously thought. Then gradually make the appropriate changes.


Consciously treat yourself to quiet moments. Heat applications work great. Go to the sauna or thermal bath and let yourself be pampered with a hot stone massage. Tensions are released. The highlight is your time for two. Venus beams you to cloud nine. Just let yourself be carried away.


Exercise now turns out to be a good outlet to vent your anger. You will then feel liberated and you will also know how to set new and good accents, whether privately or at work. You will then also enjoy relaxing hours and approaching people openly. Make contacts quickly.


You don’t see easily how to sort out an annoying matter. Do not put yourself or others under pressure, but take your time to check all the details again. Venus will give you a hand and let you find the solution. Then act lively.


You are so busy that you are slowly losing track of things. At least you have the feeling that some things are slipping out of your hands and you get restless inside. Rely on targeted breathing and relaxation techniques in order to act in a balanced and calm manner. Success then beckons.


Venus underlines your sensuality and your seductive aura. Still, you tend to brood from time to time, and you seem a bit absent. What are you concerned with? Be honest about it, and include what you have marginalized so far. It strengthens your togetherness.


If you have important issues at work, seek a personal conversation and do not just send an email or short message. In a good exchange, you will share what is important to you and also show that you are not only looking at your concerns. That goes down very well. Success beckon.


It annoys you when you have to follow up several times or when you realize that agreements and promises are not being kept. Express your displeasure clearly and show how important it is for everyone to act clearly. Thanks to Neptune, you will be convincing. That strengthens you.


Did you miss an opportunity on the job? Don’t worry, there will soon be new things that will bring benefits. It is important that you continue to show commitment and promote your cooperation among colleagues. You can now finish the work you have started.


Venus gives you wonderful hours for two, which ensure that you don’t let delays or cancellations in your job throw you off track. You know and feel that you can achieve what you set out to do. However, enormous patience is required. But you have.


You worry about so much that you come up with ideas that may seem a bit strange to others. Write them all down, but don’t try to do them right away. Some still need to be worked on in peace. Dedicate yourself to the things that are right now. It’s worth it.


You like to take care of yourself, but now you have the feeling that many in your family and friends as well as in your neighborhood are demanding your attention. Be careful not to neglect yourself and draw clear lines. A friendly no can be very helpful.

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