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Daily Horoscope of Daily Horoscope of October 16th 2020 Monday. The language of the stars for each sign of the zodiac. Know your Wednesday horoscope.

The language of the stars for each sign of the zodiac. Read your horoscope from November 16, 2020 here.


You might want to step on the gas, but it makes sense to wait and see some developments first. Do routine work, devote yourself to your hobbies or try a new one. You can also discover hidden talents and have fun developing them. Your mood rises.


You are fit and charming, and with the help of Pluto you can shine at your job and boost your career with a smart move. What do you want? Make this clear and take on challenges. You will master them and make a positive difference. You are motivated by respect and recognition.


You feel unbeatable, you shine with your eloquence, but you can also get lost in the details of one thing. Get to the point, otherwise some will turn away in annoyance even though you have interesting things to say. Thanks to Venus, you will make your togetherness happy with loving and tender words.


Try to remain calm if everything does not go according to plan at work or if there are differences among colleagues because of minor issues. You can then gradually set positive accents under Pluto, since you have an overview. In private life, the chances of a clarifying conversation are good.


You have gotten so much off the ground lately that you may feel a little tense now. Delegate some work and lean back and relax. Wellness, music, cozy hours on the sofa and good conversations with family and friends let you switch off.


You cannot be turned away and show self-confidence. Jupiter and Pluto support you. In your job you gain a good lead over the competition, and at home you prove that you don’t just lend a hand when help is needed, but that your advice is effective. You are enormously fascinating.


Singles can be hit by the love lightning, and they can be quickly stimulated into actions that they have previously avoided, be it a sport or a creative hobby. In your partnership you will feel that you complement each other, and the deep bond makes you happy. You can do annoying things together.


You divide up your resources well, do not allow yourself to be disturbed and immediately recognize when the way is free to bring a project under wraps. You act single-mindedly, not only taking your concerns into account, but also those of others. That makes an impression.


You are touched by the attitude in your circle of friends on a sensitive matter. You feel how popular you are and start happily with what you had marginalized. Help is available and you can make a difference as a team. You also plan time for two. Venus spoils you.


Good news lifts your spirits and lets you do a chore with exhilaration. By the way, you can shine with your knowledge and see how a project can be initiated that is seen as important by colleagues. Find the exchange immediately and plan.


Hardly anyone can escape your humor and charm, and your relaxed manner will enchant the mood. Show who your heart belongs to or jealousy will ensue. At work it helps to take another look at details to find and correct a mistake.


An interesting offer can be attractive. Take your time weighing the pros and cons, then make a decision. Your loved ones will also give you some good pointers so that you don’t overlook details. You feel that things can go uphill if you show your dedication and take the initiative.

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