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Daily Horoscope of October 18th 2020 Sunday - wishes db


No day like any other

There is a good chance that you will have a surprise waiting for you this afternoon or evening. You need some variety. That is why you react spontaneously in such a way that the uniform daily routine is broken.

What do you feel like doing right now?

Your physical and emotional needs want to be heard. Fulfill your little wishes for security and do whatever you want! This morning in particular, you can use it to increase your well-being considerably.


You can feel great this afternoon and evening. You see the world in a positive light and encourage others to respond generously. You yourself are not petty either.


I can do what I want!

You are able to put your will into practice with verve and assertiveness. Use the increased self-confidence! They do more and be more focused, but in doing so they also challenge resistance. If you take the initiative, you are now one step closer to achieving your goals.

Assertiveness in the job

Drive and personal ambition let you get started in your profession today. You can do a lot now. Woe to you, however, if there is an obstacle in your way. Then you are probably not squeamish in your choice of means. You now have exceptional tenacity to help you achieve your goals.

Love for life

Are you well-disposed towards everyone today? A couple of romantic, contemplative hours fill your heart with energy and zest for life. Or you can make yourself happy and buy something nice. Now you choose neither according to your wallet nor for reasons of reason, but let the joy of beauty and good taste decide.


Enjoy as a couple

Do you want to enjoy the day? Then make a wish come true that you have carried around with you for a long time, but never taken seriously. Or treat yourself to a few hours of relaxation, possibly with a loved one. You can feel wonderfully good today and recharge your batteries.

Be a little nice

They exude a special friendliness, are willing to compromise and emphasize what they have in common. Encounters with fellow human beings can therefore be particularly pleasant experiences.

Kindness is important

Not only you, but also those around you are particularly friendly today. A nice word is good for you, provided it is meant honestly. They hardly feel like arguing. This increases the risk of glossing over conflicts instead of resolving them.


Bad prerequisites for a determined approach

Clear, efficient action is hardly possible unless you are unselfishly committed to others. Don’t make important decisions and postpone demanding tasks for a few days! The risk of building on sand today is quite great.

Entertaining encounter

If you want, you can spend a few stimulating and at the same time soothing hours with a partner or an old or new acquaintance today. Get in contact!

Pay attention to the feelings

Get into your feelings! The child in you wants a few cuddles from you this afternoon and evening. If you are a little nice to yourself, you will be happier.


Unusual hip

This day should be out of the ordinary. Events may come too quickly, you may experience something exciting or even a surprise. You may also be restless and tense and need to provide a change yourself in order to maintain your inner balance.

Positive mood

You are particularly easy to impress and open to emotional realms this afternoon. The warm cordiality that you radiate comes back to you. Take the opportunity and you will find more friendly people and open doors than on other days.

spend time with the family

There is a harmonious atmosphere in the family and among friends that you really enjoy. Spend as much time as possible with loved ones today. That brings you closer to each other.


Clarity about goals in life

Which goals in life are particularly important to you? If you deal with your path in life now, you can gain a lot of clarity. Take a close look at your life! The awareness for the personal design of your life grows and you realize what your next steps are.

Unusual ideas

You have a lot of ideas. You have a lot going through your mind. Perhaps you react impatiently and nervously when the concrete situations and fellow human beings and also you are not moving at the hasty pace that you do in your mind today. Use the high mental tension for demanding mental work.

Deal with your weaknesses!

Like everything in life, weaknesses have two sides. On the one hand, it is unsatisfactory to have to acknowledge that one lacks this or that and that certain things cannot be achieved or appropriated. On the other hand, it is precisely this knowledge of limits and inadequacies that awakens understanding for other people with similar difficulties.


In a bad mood?

Are you depressed by a conflict related to the opposite sex? Or do you just want to enjoy yourself and still can’t find what you need right now to relax? Be nice to yourself and treat yourself to a little treat!

Critical and factual

The clarity of thought you now have will help you complete difficult conversations, paperwork, or other disciplinary tasks. Guidelines and principles are more important to you than usual.

Take care of your wellbeing

You would love to spend a few hours of carefree time this afternoon. Your feelings and needs for affection and being cared for come in, making the day’s duties a burden. Allow yourself some rest.


Out of the ordinary

If you want, you can experience some extraordinary hours today. You can easily go beyond the usual and learn new things if you just take the opportunity.


This afternoon and evening you could hug the whole world but find it difficult to focus on your work. Your imagination takes you into an inner dream world. Allow your romantic mood to take you away from the sober everyday life!

Relaxation for two

You can enjoy a few relaxing hours and have a good time, preferably with a loved one. How about if you took the initiative yourself this morning?


What do you believe in

The question of the meaning of life may come up again and again today. What is your very personal philosophy of life? What beliefs have you adopted from others? Form a personal opinion! Having a clear worldview strengthens self-confidence.

Good conditions for a sunny day

Today you want and should let it go. You smile at other people and reap goodwill and courtesy. So the door and gate are open for new acquaintances. In existing relationships, your demeanor promotes mutual understanding. You are willing to compromise and focus on what you have in common.

The mood barometer is high

Trust that you will be appreciated and loved by everyone! You radiate generosity and warmth of heart. Other people inevitably react in a similarly friendly and warm-hearted manner. This makes this day easy to enjoy. Especially social events, amusements and encounters with loved ones are positively influenced.


Erotic tension

A tingling game between the sexes or a tense situation? Today both is yours. If you do what is right for you, you can never please everyone. Adapt, you will fall by the wayside. Find a middle ground!


In the evening you will enjoy the intimate togetherness very much. Once again, consciously take time for your partner, cook something delicious together and spend time comfortably. Singles should contact their crush.

Gain free time

If possible, go to work early and use the free time to do something good for yourself in the afternoon. A few quiet hours of leisure give you a lot of new strength for everyday life.


Optimistic mood

The world will say hello today in the morning with a smile. With a generous self-evidence you emphasize the positive and ignore the disadvantages. The only way to go wrong is if you overdo it.

Get out of the daily grind

You’re in a particularly good mood this morning. You want to break out of everyday life and do or experience something unusual. Provide variety!

Dialogue with charm

A kind word works wonders. You can wrap your fellow human beings around your finger with ease, because now you have special diplomatic skills.


No important decisions

Today there is a great danger of misjudging yourself or your abilities. Better not make important decisions, especially when it comes to professional or financial matters. Then you are on the safe side.

Be nice or prevail?

Small everyday situations make you decide whether to use charm and peacefulness or not. You are asked to find a middle ground. Show your fellow human beings your affection without making lazy compromises! If all you care about is kindness, it is easy for you to run counter to what you want.

Rich in ideas

Your thinking is focused on the future. You can easily recognize the possibilities that lie in a situation. Today you have particularly clear ideas about how this and that could be improved. Since you are quick thinking yourself, you can be quite impatient with slower people.

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