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Daily Horoscope of October 19th 2020 Thursday. The language of the stars for each sign of the zodiac. Know your Wednesday horoscope.

The language of the stars for each sign of the zodiac: Read your horoscope from November 19, 2020 here.


Show that you are in your midst when you peppy at things that you consider important. You will inspire and prove that you also have an eye on what is less important for you than for others. In a financial matter, it is worth waiting for developments.


You have good cards in your hand and with a little skill you can take advantage of an annoying matter. Take it step-by-step and involve your loved ones. They look at some things with a clearer eye than you and can give valuable advice on details. Success then beckons.


Romantic and sensual moments make you happy in your togetherness, and singles have great contact opportunities. Venus means well. Mars stimulates movement. Start a new sport or increase your workout a little. You can also enjoy outdoor activities. Just don’t overdo it.


You want to achieve a lot and Pluto pushes you. Recognition and great opportunities for advancement beckon, and you know how to put your skills to the fore. Just don’t push anyone away. With your empathy, you will achieve even more than you think. It is your true inner strength.


You would like to change some things, but are currently not quite sure what and how. Don’t put yourself under pressure, just live out your creative vein for a purpose. You will then find out what suits you and what you want to address. Even then, don’t rush anything.


You have the necessary discipline to get a demanding project to its destination. Explain to your colleagues what is important and show openness and flexibility. You can also lean a little further out of the window in negotiations than before. Your skills are impressive.


Your sense of aesthetics is enormous. Do something on it. Get creative, intensify a hobby, and think about how some things can be financially worthwhile. Advice from loved ones or friends should help. You will also receive support with further assistance. Take courage.


A small dip moves on quickly and you look confidently ahead. This is also because you realize that you have already achieved some things in a very positive way and that you will continue to achieve a lot. Open to new ideas and with a good view of the tried and tested, you are now fascinating.


In your partnership, you show how much you value familiarity and connectedness, and you enjoy physical closeness and sensual hours under Venus. You feel that your independence is not restricted. That makes you yearn for even more security. Proximity and distance come into harmony.


Your career is more important to you than you sometimes want to admit it. Now do your best for them, and with your knowledge you can also draw the attention of those who have important decisions to make. Stay tuned and use previous contacts to move forward.


Unexpectedly, new perspectives open up and you want to act immediately. Venus is a reminder to talk to loved ones and think together about what makes sense. This also affects your approach, and some things can be moved forward better together. Rely on teamwork at work too.


You actively contribute to the job, and the melancholy mood that is trying to spread among friends does not affect you at all or only hardly at all. You are quite realistic under Pluto and act clearly. Some admire that, and with your ideas you can then inspire interesting actions.

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