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The language of the stars for each zodiac sign: Read your horoscope from October 1st, 2020 here.


Mars incites you to take intensive action. This can lead to you acting too quickly and overlooking details. Better to pause and see what is really useful and important to celebrate success. Priorities and a plan will help. Also reserve time for love.


There can be arguments at home over little things. Treat yourself to some retreat and pamper yourself. Pamper your skin with a peeling and nourishing cream or body lotion. Protein-rich meals support your body’s defenses and your well-being increases. Things are looking up.


Now refrain from evasive maneuvers. They show that you have dealt intensively with a problem and you can eloquently show what is important in order to solve it well. Then act. You can also bring the Mars energy well into your sport. You strengthen your body and mind.


You feel very comfortable at home and it annoys you when you have to keep appointments all the time. Cross out the unimportant and set clear accents. Although this can briefly lead to irritation in family and friends, everyone will notice how useful it is. Harmony beckons.


Mars gives you power that you can really live out sportily. Incorporate exercise into your everyday life by leaving the bus, train and car behind and instead walking or cycling. You live out your enormous passion in love. They fascinate, conquer and enjoy.


You advance your work, take responsibility and fulfill your duties. You can be relied on. Nevertheless, you also want to spend intimate hours with your loved ones. Tell them and show them, and then take your time to see how it all works out.


The main topic is love. You will pamper and enjoy sensual and erotic hours. Singles show who and what they want, and they are open to change. There can be financial uncertainty. Do your research and then act accordingly. It depends on your vision.


Show that you are sensitive to the needs of others. Especially in your partnership you can score with it and quickly eliminate small discrepancies. Treat your mind and body to relaxation, whether with wellness baths, music or a hobby. You manage finances skillfully.


You are overwhelmed by intense feelings and you live them out intensely. That pushes your togetherness, and minor discrepancies that have existed are quickly forgotten and over. Singles are authentic and talk about what concerns them. Cozy hours are a pleasure.


Remember that the tone makes the music, then it stays harmonious. You can then make critical comments. You will achieve what you want with them, and your togetherness will gain depth and intimacy. Then show everyone how happy that makes you.


Be open to suggestions in your circle of friends, even if you had other plans. You will get to know interesting things, broaden your horizons, and you can gradually advance your ideas. You will receive help from many around you. Enrich giving and receiving.


You approach a task quite soberly, and at home you regulate everything more objectively. Doubts about your feelings can well arise in your partner. If you rely on your sensitivity, you will see how you can ensure lively hours for two. Then hover.

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