Daily Horoscope of October 2nd 2020 Friday - wishes db

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Be open to compromise and shift down a gear. So some things are progressing better than expected, and you perceive some things in your environment that can be important. Overall, it gets you to perceive the small and inconspicuous things in life that embellish it.


A small argument is possible, but you will quickly feel again how well you harmonize in your partnership. Venus gives in. Singles sort out very carefully and show that they definitely want depth. They have no desire for superficial adventures. In financial matters, advice helps.


Cozy hours are yours now. You can discuss things with loved ones that have been swept under the carpet or for which you did not have time. Together you will lay the basis for positive developments, and in this way you will promote your cohesion more than expected.


You get involved in a lot and demonstrate competence. Things don’t go quite smoothly in private. An event can cause unrest. Check how you can act and do not allow yourself to be forced into tasks that do not suit you or that can now overwhelm you. You absolutely need islands of calm.


Venus means well and you feel very elated. You surprise your loved ones with spontaneous ideas for leisure time together or with loving attentions. Singles approach others openly and win thanks to your warmth and charm. In financial matters, accuracy is helpful.


With Jupiter you can do some things that are important to you. First, think about what you want to change or advance, and then rely on your clear course of action. Some of the Freundeskreis would be happy to receive your advice on how financial progress can be made.


Romance, closeness and sensuality set the tone today. Enjoy the beautiful moments for two. You can talk openly about your ideas and wishes, and sensitive issues can be clarified together. Singles would do well to be very authentic. It only irritates when they try to hide something.


You can put your skills to the test, especially in financial matters. You can feel which offers or deals are lucrative, negotiate best when buying or selling, and recognize which old contracts you can optimize. Others seek your advice and give it immediately and gladly.


Today it suits you when projects and work require only slow action. They enjoy being able to take all actions slowly. But don’t neglect your exercise program. That increases your well-being, and a little variety enriches more than you think it is.


The more you have to do, the better you will feel now. But don’t push yourself too hard, otherwise the mood quickly changes, and mistakes or financial losses can creep in and become angry. An artistic hobby helps you to feel inside yourself and to switch off from time to time.


Your humor and pun is easily misunderstood today. Some people around you are more sensitive than you think. Be empathetic and take a back seat. This is also well received by colleagues if you want to implement a project in a team. You seem a bit dominant.


Even if you are very emotional, it is good now if you approach a task absolutely soberly. You can then make progress and show that you have all the details in view. Overall, you pay attention to fairness in everything. They let you feel that you don’t want to push anyone away.

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