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Are you tripping over your own feet?

Even if things go wrong today, you don’t need to worry. You are currently in a phase in which old behavior patterns and procedures come back one last time. This will make you react awkwardly or aggressively and get yourself into a lot of trouble. The ghost will be over in a few days.

Unusual ideas

Do you feel like talking about your crazy ideas? Then you should do it, even if it provokes some head shaking. No idea is too absurd not to be played through at least in one’s mind. Listen to your inner voice! Stress and nervousness are possible consequences of a suppressed imagination.

Flooded with feelings

You are now particularly sensitive and react to moods. They increasingly live in a dream and fantasy world and tend to be inspired by an ideal and see reality through rose-colored glasses. Be careful not to fall into the trap of illusions!


Communication with assertiveness

You are particularly strong today in discussions and arguments. You are able to clearly name the differences and inconsistencies and to defend your arguments emphatically.

Convinced of your own opinion

You have an overview of your ideas, can formulate them clearly and thus convince others. Take advantage of the opportunity and share your views!

When thoughts do somersaults

You are particularly open to new ideas. Especially in the technical field, you master challenges relatively easily, because an alert mind lets you find solutions to problems.


Stimulation in the partnership

Today there is great desire to break through the daily grind with another person. You are looking for variety in the partnership, be it a joint experiment with a long-term partner or a new acquaintance. You are in the mood for fun, entertainment and enjoyment. Spend a few fun hours with a loved one!

Relationship with intensity

A new lover doesn’t have to appear on the scene, but you may find yourself responding to someone else’s charm and charisma, becoming jealous faster, or feeling constricted. Partnership is not just a clear, factual agreement, but a deep, emotional affair of the heart.

Challenged to think

An objective and factual view is a matter of course for you today. You are spiritually wide awake and get almost every communication flowing. If you take too little stand, there could be an argument. Beware of curious questions!


Do not give up

Duties may weigh heavily on your shoulders today. They are depressed from work, held accountable or restricted by authoritarian superiors. The positive thing about it: You have to develop a backbone!

to take risks

Do you want to act on a grand scale? While you have the courage and the energy to do it, you also tend to undertake too much. It gets tricky if you want to impress with a great deed and think you will lose face if you break it off halfway. Take it easy!

Optimistic mood

The world greets you with a smile tonight. With a generous self-evidence, you emphasize the positive and ignore the disadvantages. The only way to go wrong is if you overdo it.


Little strength for your own concerns

Personal goals are not a lucky star. You will encounter resistance in areas where you are concerned about your own advantages. Your ideas turn out to be illusory, you are disappointed in others, you are deceived or you lack the necessary energy. Help others and wait for cheaper days for your own concerns!

Communicate and plan

This day is ideal for exchanging information and negotiating. Without making lazy compromises, strive for mutual understanding with your interlocutor. At the same time, you are aware of your own goals and are able to formulate your concerns well.

Variety in the partnership

Are you in the mood for an experiment for two? You need a change in the partnership area. Maybe you have an extraordinary idea. From an extravagant weekend together to an excursion into the realm of eroticism to a violent marriage fight, everything is possible.


Sensitized to the realistic side of the partnership

You meet your loved ones loyally and soberly today and create a solid basis in the relationship, especially through a lack of exuberant cordiality. Any structure and stability – even outside of relationships – can be beautiful. Today you are extremely sensitive to the beauty of the simple, clear and strict forms.

The best conditions for an upscale mood

Since you spread a relaxed atmosphere, you will meet other people with goodwill. Relationships thrive especially well on this loving soil. If you have conflicts to resolve, this is a good time. You are ready both to respond to the concerns of the other person and to express yourself clearly.

Hard work pays off

Discipline and patience are now at your disposal to a greater extent. So the day is auspicious to achieve a goal through hard work. Therefore, success will not just fall into your lap, but an extraordinary tenacity will help you slowly and surely achieve what you set out to do.


Enjoy variety

Provide a pleasant change in your everyday life! How about if you take a little liberty? You can enjoy them today. Beware of unpredictable people! Today you tend to cater to anyone who promises variety. In the partnership too much closeness brings unpleasant surprises.

Think optimistically

Positive thinking is the order of the day. In your thoughts you wander into the distance, be it planning the future or warming yourself to things outside of your usual framework. You are able to present yourself in a positive light, which can be very useful in business discussions, for example.

Take care of your own well-being

Structure is not everything, humans can also feel and sense. Take that to heart today and you will find more love and happiness in life. You can also use your sense of duty to take care of your own feelings, desires and needs.


Satisfied with your services

Your work is going well today. You know what you want and you will achieve your goal with discipline and perseverance. If you do not have unattainable demands on your own perfection, this day will prove to be productive and satisfying. However, it is difficult to spend doing nothing.


You are full of enthusiasm and optimism. The interest in everything possible and also impossible is aroused. You are more open and tolerant of foreign views. You see the possibilities that life offers you. However, you should make sure that you do not forget the requirements of the specific here and now because of the sheer foresight.

Tense communication

Talking to others is more important to you than usual today. A lively exchange of ideas can be a pleasure and helpful when communicating and listening are about in balance. However, they have an increased tendency not to let the other person have their say or to otherwise obstruct the flow of give and take.


Act with feeling

Do you feel alive and cheerful? They are spontaneous, full of joie de vivre and very emotional. But you’re also pretty bright and ready to turn the mood into anger and aggression.

Erotic tension

The chance to spend a few lively hours together is great. You can also take the opportunity to clean up a deadlock. With tingling charm, you get people around you to react spontaneously and positively to you.

Invited to dream

A dreamy, romantic mood is in the air. Neither you nor those around you can concentrate particularly well. In return, the imagination is all the more active and takes you into a fascinating dream world.



Take time for a cozy chat with a loved one! A conversation today can get very personal because you are in the mood to listen, show understanding and get involved with the person you are speaking to.

Get started in the morning

The morning is the best time of the day. Then it becomes easy to focus on the positive things and look over small annoyances with a smile. Then tackle the delicate or the strenuous!

What increases your wellbeing?

Dissatisfied with himself? Take the time to take care of your own well-being! Small things, a flower, birdsong or even a successful job could lift your mood barometer. You just have to see it.


Put your love in words!

The bridge to your partner is called communication. Conversation creates closeness. You can clear up and reduce any tension today in an open discussion. Verbal exchange is also a key element in friendships. Conversations that are not harmonious have a cleansing effect.

Do you speak!

You should now step on the stage and speak. Even if this is not necessarily to be understood in the literal sense, you are called upon to be creative with communication, thinking and learning. Say what’s on your mind! You shouldn’t be short of ideas. Talk about it! This has a beneficial effect, even if not everything is feasible.

Deceptive hold

The framework that determines your life and gives you stability and security is slowly and imperceptibly cracking. You can see where you have bet the wrong horse. Avoid stress and great professional or private demands! Self-doubt could affect you negatively. Make sure that you can concentrate on yourself in peace!


A boost of energy

Today you have a lot of energy. It is up to you whether you use this for an extraordinary performance or otherwise live out the energy boost. A satisfactory or even exhilarating interaction would be a hundred percent commitment to a goal. With the power of will and heart you can now achieve a great deal.

Prevented will

Do you have a goal or an intention and cannot achieve it? If you don’t want to be unfaithful to yourself, you have to accept differences of opinion. However, it is not your partners, superiors and others who stand in your way, but you are subject to a mood that makes you stick to resolutions that you have made quite unconventionally.

A chance for relationships

Reach out to people you like today! Give your partnership or friendship a new impulse! Taking the first step may take some effort. But when you find the strength to do it, you can re-direction a relationship. It is important that you know exactly what you want.

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