Daily Horoscope of October 4th 2020 Sunday


There’s a lot going on at home

In your private life you are easily irritated and angry because you think almost only of yourself today. You can easily stir up dust in a close family circle. Smoldering conflicts become open arguments. A more sensible use of this energy boost would be to work in your own four walls, for example tidying up the basement.

Between self-confidence and megalomania

Who are you? Now you should acknowledge your personality with all abilities and talents. You don’t need to climb onto a pedestal and look down at the others. But a healthy level of self-esteem will move you forward in life. Deal with your goals and also with the obstacles!

In a warm and loving mood

A few hours of enjoyment would be good for you now. If you can’t just stay at home and indulge in idleness, you should relax for at least a few hours in the intimate circle of your loved ones. A cozy evening with family or friends not only gives you new strength and vital energy.


Clarity about goals in life

Which goals in life are particularly important to you? If you deal with your path in life now, you can gain a lot of clarity. Take a close look at your life! The awareness for the personal way of life grows and you realize what your next steps are.

Between reason and harmony

A more enjoyable than serious attitude lets you give in to where common sense would suggest otherwise. Or you spoil a few nice moments with too much logic and reason. Understanding and the need for harmony are differentiated from one another and thus bring challenging changes to everyday life.

Lack of security

Like everyone else, you have a need for security and wellbeing. Today you may realize that you are neglecting this and not giving yourself the time, space, or right to look after yourself. You should change that!


Clear guidelines

You are particularly good at defining goals, planning and structuring individual steps. You show your backbone and have the opportunity to consolidate your social and professional position.

Take action

You have a lot of energy today. An extraordinary swing lets you conquer many obstacles with ease. They prevail, may act carelessly or even recklessly. Anger and aggression are also noticeable on the smallest occasion. Just take it a little slower!

Your charm is obvious

Do you feel like reaching out to other people? Today you exude a special charm. As friendly as you smile at the world, so kind and loving others will approach you. You are open to love, to new encounters and also to old friendships. Enjoy your day!


Do you know enough?

Knowledge is power! You must or may now grapple with this fact. Perhaps you are using your influence to learn something, or you use your wits and knowledge to influence others and get things going.

Feelings affect thinking

Is someone hurting your feelings? Or do you react on a whim with emotions where objectivity would actually be appropriate? Mind and feeling stand in particular contrast this afternoon and evening.

Easy to impress

You and the people around you are more influenced by moods and less by facts than on other days. Your perception of what is unspoken in the air or between the lines is sharpened. At the same time, you are easy to impress.


Self-confidence makes a lot possible

A positive view of things now makes a lot easier for you. You have foresight and self-confidence. Almost every realistic project can be realized with a positive attitude. Seize the opportunity! You don’t always go to work with so much enthusiasm and optimism.

Opportunity to implement plans

Many things may be easy for you today. “No sooner said than done” could be the motto. In conversation, you appear convincing and assertive without becoming aggressive. What you do is carefully considered. This provides a good basis for a project, but does not take the action for you.

Weaknesses are part of being human

You can now see your own sore spots particularly well. With this you will also feel the dissatisfaction with your own inadequacy. You can defend yourself against it – which costs you a lot of energy and ultimately brings little – or you can accept your own weaknesses and deepen your understanding of human inability.


Active in thinking and communicating

A clear head enables you to do good thinking, to communicate in an understandable manner and to follow the ideas and conceptions of other people. Your thoughts are not so much influenced by will and feeling and allow you to judge things objectively. During the conversation you can easily find the connection to the other person.

What do you need today

Today your very personal needs demand a hearing. So don’t try to be particularly sensible and efficient! You wouldn’t have much success with it. What you need is something to dream about. A walk in the woods, music or half an hour to let your thoughts run free: That would do you good.

Little things could go wrong

Don’t fret if you drop a glass or misplace your apartment keys! Today is not a black day, but you should encounter minor inconveniences. The less you let yourself be stressed, the more you achieve. You should now do your favorite activity for half an hour. It works wonders.


Irritated mood

Take your feelings seriously! This afternoon you react particularly emotionally to attacks. Conversely, you can easily get too close to others and trigger violent reactions. A little sport and exercise relieve the tension.

Not quite on the ground with reality

Today, especially in the afternoon, you can be influenced and easily hurt. A dreamy mood may overwhelm you. Get involved, e.g. B. by looking for a moment at the clouds in the sky.

More runs in the evening than in the morning

You and the people around you may start the day feeling like you all belong together. But before evening falls, personal interests come to the fore. This can offend you and others accordingly.


Bad mood?

Are you getting more and more pissed off for overcharging yourself? Responsibility can be quite tough. Nevertheless, take the time to take care of your own well-being. The better you are, the more productive you are.

Suggestion asked

If the restlessness grabs you, you should allow yourself a change. Some entertainment, a little fun or something new and unknown will give your emotional life the necessary nourishment. Otherwise you risk an unpleasant surprise this afternoon, e.g. B. in the form of misplaced keys.

Your influence has limits

Today, especially in the second half of the day, you should feel for a brief moment that you do not have all the power in the world. Perhaps your manager reminds you of this or some unpleasant news. Don’t let your head hang down, it’s part of life.


Good for conversation

You can read well between the lines today. An ideal day for important conversations with people who are important to you. Has something been on your mind for a long time? Then talk about it today.

accept challenges

You exude authority. Your willingness to set structures, take responsibility and show your backbone is particularly high today. Use the opportunity to review your goals and to consolidate your social or professional position.

With heart and mind

Are you a little restless or feeling bad about not being able to do what you intend to do? You are challenged to find a common denominator between long-term goals and current needs and wishes.


Show what you are feeling

The feelings are written on your face this afternoon and evening. You need an opportunity to just let yourself go as you please. If you do not allow yourself to show your emotions, they will open up uncontrollably and make you react moodily.

Mind versus feeling

They tend to be negligent, especially in the first half of the day. Thoughts and feelings mix. In conversation you are more subjective and let yourself be influenced more by emotions than usual.

The duty to take care of your own well-being

If you don’t feel like taking on the chores of the day, you should provide a few pleasurable moments. Do your work not only for your company, but also for yourself and do something for your personal well-being!


An invitation to activity

If you do something these days, you may be surprised by your own ability to act. You are discovering a new, energetic side of yourself. It may take some effort to get active, but when you do, you will come a lot closer to your goals.

A boost of energy

Today you have a lot of energy. It is up to you whether you use this for an extraordinary performance or otherwise live out the energy boost. A satisfactory or even exhilarating interaction would be a hundred percent commitment to a goal. With the power of will and heart you can now achieve a great deal.

Do you fancy an adventure?

Today your playful, erotic side wants to come into play. But don’t flirt at work! Otherwise you risk your reputation. A social evening is more fun and does not involve any professional risks. Stay home alone as little as possible!


Erotic hours

The physical attraction of the opposite sex is awakened, as is the desire to actively approach other people and act together. They want and should enjoy life. The spontaneous, impulsive and at the same time amiable note that clings to your being today will help you build bridges and bring color into relationships.

Invited to great efforts

This is a good day to put a long-planned project into practice, because you now have an exceptional level of productivity and resilience. For a job that requires a lot of diligence and commitment, as well as a project that requires assertiveness and leadership skills, you now have the best prerequisites.

Enjoy life

They are empathetic, sensitive and full of devotion. For you, life is like a river: you let yourself be carried and things come towards you. Basically, and especially today, you have the inner security and confidence that you will get to the right places on your own.

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