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You feel that some tasks or debates have drained your strength. Allow your body and mind a little relaxation by creating space for yourself. Delete unimportant appointments from your calendar, delegate some work, and indulge yourself in comfort measures. Fresh air also strengthens.


Venus sweetens your togetherness, but also lets you pay close attention to loyalty and reliability. If there is something wrong here, bring it up immediately. This can give your togetherness even more depth. Also get involved in matters of the heart. That makes you happy.


You feel that it doesn’t help you if you avoid an unpleasant matter. You address this. There are some obstacles to overcome, but thanks to your versatility, you should succeed. Provided you persevere. It can also be financially worthwhile.


Pay attention to your choice of words if you do not find the approach of some in your circle of friends good and criticize it. You can then point out the essentials and push a project together well. In doing so, you force changes, as Uranus affects you accordingly. Some immediately join in with enthusiasm.


You will tackle your projects full of energy, bring important things off the table and also take on work that others have assigned you. There is also too much. Remember and draw boundaries. Otherwise you will overwhelm yourself and react irritably if some things don’t go as hoped.


You fascinate your environment. Not only because you can analyze and see how projects can gain momentum, but also with the charismatic aura that Venus gives you. It is easy for you to live out your feelings under her. You enjoy intimate hours together.


Mars is sending some disruptions and discussions can be heated. You don’t want them at all, but you also want to be clear about your point of view and your opinion. Be factual, however, and don’t take comments too quickly personally. A lot can then be regulated.


Venus means well with you and you bring your togetherness to the fore. Singles can no longer get a contact out of their head, and it’s good to get to know each other. In the case of important projects, make sure that everyone involved is involved. You will quickly find out who is not being honest.


Do not put yourself under pressure just because you want to implement a certain project. It is worth taking your time to think about how you can and want to proceed. Get your loved ones involved and refer to their suggestions as well. A lot can be achieved together, and inner unrest subsides.


Break out of the daily routine and follow your spontaneous inspirations. You can give your finances a boost. But don’t get overconfident and keep an eye on a project and the concerns of those who want to start it with you.


It cannot just proceed according to your will and your ideas. You are well aware of this, but you can seem a bit stubborn to some around you if you stick to your plans intensely. Prove your distance, let go and then plan everything together.


You are comfortable under Venus and show who your heart belongs to. Singles are open to change and show what they want. In your partnership you enjoy closeness and security as well as me-time. You can increase your well-being by giving up a vice. Saturn helps.

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