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Now you’ll find out how to give a project a boost without going overboard. You notice that you react quickly to irritation when you expect too much. But you don’t want to be in a bad mood at work, with friends or at home. Show and tell everyone that.


You don’t always want to tackle the same processes and the usual work, but want to get to know and implement new things. Discuss it with your colleagues and show everyone that you are persistent enough to overcome minor difficulties and get things done reliably.


Demonstrate your social skills in an argument on the job. You can point out the essentials and ensure that the team continues to act well. It will be easy for you to make new contacts and expand your good network. This proves to be advantageous for further projects.


What is it that bothers and annoys you? Think carefully before you start an argument over a little thing that you don’t really care about. With depth and self-reflection you can initiate good conversations and ensure positive developments. You will be fascinating.


Lean back, look at what you’ve achieved, and then think about what else you want to achieve. Step by step and systematically, you can get a lot going. You have the necessary drive for this. You can also reserve time for loved ones.


You cut a fine figure in negotiations and shine with your knowledge and eloquence. You will be happy if you can carefully tackle projects that you have repeatedly postponed. Thanks to Venus, you will continue to focus on hours together as a couple and with loved ones.


Use the soft tones in discussions and stand by your point. You will notice that you have talked past each other in some ways and you can clarify important things. This relieves you and you are open to planning. Short retreats and wellness measures are beneficial.


Sometimes your togetherness jerks a little, but that only makes you think more intensively about some things and also talk together than before. They clarify important things, and small friction can, overall, provide the flavor that you like. Venus helps you not to overdo it.


Make yourself comfortable and think about your plans in peace. You find it a little difficult to set priorities, and you analyze some things so intensively that you get lost in everything. Write down important things and listen to loved ones or friends. These will give you good pointers.


Pluto can lure with exciting offers, but if you want to seize them, you have to let go of other things. Take your time to consider and discuss everything with the family. Others see things more clearly than you and have a better overview. Don’t let your time for two fall short.


Uranus whirls around, encouraging you to take actions that are arguably a little hasty right now. Wait for further developments and do not put pressure on yourself or others. Be open to suggestions from your circle of friends and do not just force your thoughts. Successes beckon.


You take up your work, but you absolutely don’t mind. On the contrary. You want to get everything wrapped up in the best possible way, and for that you accept some unpleasant things. Be focused and you will notice when someone does not go along with you or tries to take advantage of you.

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