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You appear determined and have your goals firmly in mind. You know how to draw attention to your talents in your job, and you can push an interesting project off the ground. Everyone can rely on your efforts, and some of them benefit from it. You radiate satisfaction.


Venus twitches, but you don’t allow yourself to be provoked, but act carefully and can avoid arguments, whether at work or privately. Your plans are important to you today. You check what is feasible and with verve you advance what promises to be successful. In financial matters it is important to proceed with foresight.


Venus not only intensifies your feelings and lets your partnership flourish, it also sharpens your senses. It will help you understand why there is a family issue and you will find a solution quickly. Harmony then makes everyone happy and you can start beautiful things together.


Uranus opens up new perspectives for you with promising options. Take action immediately. You have the necessary energy. Even in a tricky financial matter, you can set the course again completely. They recognize what it takes to celebrate success.


Venus means well, and there is certainly no lack of romance and passion. Singles can meet their great love, and in your partnership, you feel that you are on the same wavelength. You can handle a delicate matter together in the best possible way. There is still time for sensual and erotic hours.


You do your work confidently, but don’t push yourself to the fore. You are more fascinating than you realize. It is helpful if you show your feelings and do not consciously act cool or considered. Talk about what is bothering you. That relieves you enormously.


Obtain extensive information and take your time to wait for further developments before embarking on a project. Tried and tested will take you further at the moment Do routine work. Stimulating conversations with friends make you happy, and thanks to Venus, your togetherness is a pleasure.


You can clear a misunderstanding by standing by your point of view, making your point of view clear, and listening carefully. On the job, you can now advance more in a team than on your own. Discuss how to proceed and be open to other approaches.


Venus sweetens your togetherness with eroticism and passion. Do in your partnership what you have wanted to do for a long time. Shared experiences strengthen your togetherness. Singles feel who suits them and act accordingly. Financially, it is important to act carefully.


You feel that a lot is draining your strength, and it is good if you pause and take stock. Check what’s left of ballast and throw it overboard. You can also create space for yourself by canceling unimportant appointments. Strengthen relaxation, rest and hobbies.


Venus promises a firework of emotions. You live out your desire for closeness, do not feel restricted, but still show that you need your space. Singles make decisions and are open to change. Pay attention to details on the job, otherwise your competition will overtake you.


You are troubled by inner unrest. What burdens or worries you? Talk about it and allow yourself some quiet moments. Get some fresh air and have a creative hobby. It is relaxing and you come up with good ideas. Some can then be implemented. Just don’t rush anything.

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