The language of the stars for each sign of the zodiac: Read your horoscope from September 22, 2020 here.


You feel that you are getting ahead with a considered approach. You would like to act quickly, but there are some things that you prefer to check several times to avoid mistakes. Nevertheless, it annoys you when some things are only progressing slowly. Direct your energy into your workout and enjoy your time together.


You perform your duties diligently and you can give up a vice. You have the necessary discipline. In your job you can shine with innovative ideas and bring about change. Uranus is supportive. Don’t neglect your friendships and family, however.


Work takes a huge amount of effort, but the power of the sun helps you create what matters. You can push your career. Venus helps you plan enough time for love nonetheless. It turns out to be a source of happiness and strength. You can feel that and show it to everyone.


An old controversial topic can now arise again at home. Try to be factual and be open to other points of view. You will come to a common denominator and find good ways that suit everyone. Professionally, you can now advance what you have wanted for a long time.


You are bursting with vitality and you can improve your workout. Just don’t be daring and don’t overrun those who are active with you, whether in sporting or professional activities. Your togetherness remains wonderful. You both have fun and deal with difficult things together.


You feel great and do demanding tasks with flying colors. You can be noticed by an influential person and your career can take off. But also force what is good for you. Empower yourself and set clear priorities. Your well-being will increase.


You feel safe and loved. Venus makes it possible, and you will be happy to spend as much time together as possible. Singles have attractive contact opportunities. You will also enjoy compliments at work. Consideration is required on the financial front. Don’t let anything be turned on you and don’t act too hastily.


Little things can lead to arguments with loved ones. Withdrawal helps against inner unrest and you feel that you are asking too much for yourself and others. Shift down a gear and do whatever can create a positive mood. You will make everyone happy with it.


Feel free to break out of the routine and follow a spontaneous inspiration. You will push projects that can ensure success and develop your talents even more than before. It is important that you do not push anyone away and explain exactly what you are going to do. Openness scores.


Where is your perspective? It affects your surroundings as if you were acting aimlessly. Look at what you want to achieve and then act clearly and consistently accordingly. Misunderstandings and anger will then subside by themselves, and success is soon possible.


With your original ideas you create the best atmosphere (private, at work) and show solutions to problems. Singles don’t give a feeling of depression a chance, put humorous accents under Venus and ensure a hot dating phase. In your partnership, you enjoy trust and sensuality.


Work keeps you busy and you show enormous commitment. You can consolidate or expand your position. Just don’t expect too much under retrograde Mars. You can also sit back and delegate some work. You don’t harm yourself with it. On the contrary. You impress.

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