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It annoys you if you don’t immediately meet with open ears with your ideas. However, do not react violently; ask questions, listen carefully, and reconsider some critical remarks. You can then fine-tune some things and make improvements. It should be worth it.


You can now resolve discrepancies in your partnership thanks to your calm manner. They do not allow themselves to be provoked and try to find the right words. It does not work perfectly, but you can tell how important it is to you to be in harmony. That is more exciting than expected.


Things are not going well and you do not feel equal to everything right away, but stay confident. Trust your versatility and use contacts to help you cope with difficult things. Your loved ones give you the support you need in everything, and that makes you happy. Venus means well.


Some of them feel that they have been treated unfairly. Is it possible that you immediately take a lot personally, even though it is not really meant? Reflect and question your approach. It is worthwhile to create more harmony. Your empathy will be of enormous help to you.


Your suggestions are on hand. Everyone in the group of colleagues recognizes this, and together you can start implementing a project that promises success. Reserve time for love, too, and surprise them with ideas for great actions. They are full of vigor and zest for life.


Singles don’t let go of an encounter, and it’s good when they let their feelings run free. In your partnership, you benefit from in-depth discussions. You can clear up what the two of you had swept under the rug so far. That relieves you, and you are happy to tackle new things together.


You get a powerful push from Venus, you look fascinating, and those around you enjoy being close to you. Your advice is also sought after in your family and friends. But don’t let yourself be put under pressure. You don’t need to find a great solution for everything or to shine with the best answers.


Not only do you want to push your career, you also manage it. Skillfully demonstrate your abilities, push projects and do not let the competition push you away. But don’t give everything at home. This annoys your loved ones, and quarrels result.


You create the freedom you need to implement a project. This can initially irritate some in your environment, but they quickly notice that you are not on an ego trip, but can achieve so much from which others will also benefit. You fascinate.


Take the opportunity to clarify an important matter. You will then be motivated and with verve to implement what you have set out to do and will receive help if it is necessary. There is something hooked in love. Do you take too little time for your partnership? Check it out.


Relaxing hours for two are a relief and you will feel how good it is for you to talk about everything that concerns you. You will receive some good pointers that let you look at projects or the cooperation with colleagues differently than before. Think about what you can change.


Schedule time off. You don’t need to do everything on your own right away. Say a resounding no when someone wants to hand you over again. Clear boundaries will help you not to overwhelm yourself, and you will also show that you are not being taken advantage of.

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