Daily Horoscope of September 26th 2020 Saturday - wishes db


A romantic flair

A romantic mood leads you to daydream. You look at a lot through rose-colored glasses. They are appropriately compassionate, helpful, and open to the joys and sorrows of others. Everything romantic, creative and imaginative will fill you with joy, provided you don’t forget reality.

Stormy love

A storm of passion breaks loose in your love life today. The attraction between you and your partner is huge, so you can hardly keep your hands off each other. Still single? Now nobody can resist you. But think twice about whether you want to go on an adventure.

Personal conversations

Conversations in close family circles, a meeting with old friends or just a few contemplative hours will bring you particular satisfaction today. Maybe you enjoy a leisurely chat. Or you can direct your thoughts into the past, take stock and plan your next future.


Too much of a good thing

Today you can enjoy life to the fullest. But be careful that the joy of the fullness of existence does not make you forget the measure! When you draw on all your skills, the temptation to exaggerate is close. Not only too many sweets now manage to spoil your stomach and the joy of life if you are not careful.

Be there for the family

Your dedication to home and family can bring you great fulfillment. In excess, however, you prevent yourself and your relatives from becoming independent, because too much care makes you dependent. Today you can clearly see through the attitude that everyone is available. Is that what you really want?

A little deeper than on other days

For a brief moment today, feelings can go deep. A look into the negative aspects of life may shake you up. A message on the radio could remind you of the profound and uncontrollable sides of life. Don’t let your courage sink! This mood will soon be over.



You exude authority. Your willingness to set structures, take on responsibility and show your backbone is particularly high today. Use the opportunity to review your goals and to consolidate your social or professional position.

When mind and imagination mix

Your thoughts are not particularly focused on the matter. You have a tendency to dream, you may have false illusions or you are easily thrown sand in your eyes by other people. Don’t sign any contracts or make important deals today! Better allow yourself some rest.

Clarity in action

You should now achieve a lot with ease. You have an extraordinary amount of persuasiveness and drive. With it you can assert yourself, cope with a high workload or achieve a sporting performance.


Positive outlook

A lively atmosphere ensures a good mood. You are optimistic about your life and look forward to your future. When partying, you tend to look too deep into the glass.

Forget the reality

You are in a dreamy mood. For a few hours you can relax in nature or with music and forget the problems of everyday life. Take the time to do it this afternoon or evening!

Emotions that move

It could be intense today. You hardly notice it unless you pay attention to your feelings. Let yourself be touched and pause for a moment.


Critical and factual

The afternoon clarity of thinking will help you handle difficult conversations, paperwork, or other disciplinary tasks. Guidelines and principles are more important to you than usual.


In the first half of the day you will feel very dreamy and romantic. Don’t put these feelings aside, indulge yourself in them a little! It is fun and good for you. Just make sure that others don’t take advantage of you in this mood.

Take care of your wellbeing

You would love to spend a few completely carefree hours this morning. Your feelings and needs for affection and care come in, making the day’s duties a burden. Allow yourself some rest.


A chance for relationships

Reach out to people you like today! Give your partnership or friendship a new impulse! Taking the first step may take some effort. But when you find the strength to do it, you can give a relationship a new direction. It is important that you know exactly what you want.

Connect words

You are particularly open to other people today. In a good mood, you can easily find the right word even in delicate matters. If you feel sympathy and appreciation for someone, it should be expressed. You now have a special talent for building bridges to other people with a few words.

Communication in the group

Conversations with friends, in groups or in a work team can now bring valuable insights or simply be fun. You probably don’t feel like keeping your thoughts to yourself. You will find suggestions in exchange with others. The time is good to think through your own ideals, hopes and wishes and to discuss them with others.


A little compulsive in encounters

Don’t blame yourself if you act a little awkward towards loved ones today. You may be bothered by the fact that you adjust too much. Or you do not manage to meet a loved one the way you would like. It will pass. So do not doubt your ability to have a relationship!

Freshly diced is half won!

A change would do you good, for example an opportunity to improvise, to take a tempo or to take risks. Expand your scope and do something unusual that you enjoy! The risk of accidents is slightly increased.

Optimistic mood

A tendency to greatness is almost palpable in the air. You are in a positive mood and master the demands of the day with an optimistic drive. However, they are also easily seduced into eating a lot, spending a lot of money, or valuing themselves highly. Hold back a little!


Thirst for action

Drive and personal ambition let you get started in your profession today. You can do a lot now. Woe to you, however, if there is an obstacle in your way. Then you are probably not squeamish in your choice of means. You now have exceptional tenacity to help you achieve your goals.

Planning and execution are one

Thought, said and done! With this motto you are motivated to do deeds that require an alert mind. Idea and execution are close together so it is easy to act impulsively. The real impact can be anywhere between noisy disagreements and carrying out a well-thought-out project.

Think critically and focused

Today you think exceptionally down to earth and sensible. You weigh and evaluate both your statements and the statements of others. This day is ideal for thinking work that requires a clear head, a high degree of concentration and reliability, but no foresight.


Penetrating power

You now have a lot of assertiveness. You know what you want and you are headed straight for a goal. But watch out: you also react particularly aggressively. You may be ruthlessly asserting yourself without realizing it. Or you unintentionally trigger the negative aspects in your fellow man. The fighting mood gets a lot going, but also triggers conflicts.

Assertiveness in the job

The day is great for a lot of work. You should almost pounce on the challenges. If you don’t channel this energy into meaningful channels such as work or athletic performance, you will react irritably to anyone who gets in your way. Even if you are not a ruthless egoist, use your elbows now.

Will and desire in harmony

What do you feel like doing right now? Whenever possible, you should have a good time. From a strong sense of harmony and self-confidence, you can see what you deeply affirm and what makes you feel a distinct dislike. Happiness in life has a lot to do with how you balance will and feeling.


Good conditions for a sunny day

Today you want and should let it go. You smile at other people and reap goodwill and courtesy. The door and gate are open for new acquaintances. In existing relationships, your demeanor promotes mutual understanding. You are willing to compromise and focus on what you have in common.

Sensitized to the realistic side of the partnership

You meet your loved ones loyally and soberly today and create a solid basis in the relationship, precisely because of the lack of exuberant warmth. Any structure and stability – even outside of relationships – can be beautiful. Today you are extremely sensitive to the beauty of the simple, clear and strict forms.

Feeling good in community

You look for security in being with others. Especially today you like to be pampered a little. You may be inclined to be passivity and ease. Or you have trouble making up your mind and getting involved in something. Do not make lazy compromises in the opinion of always being friendly!


Approach others

Today you are closest to yourself and you tend to hear only what you want to hear. Make an effort to listen to your fellow human beings. Understanding others better makes it easier for you to find common ground.

Be nice or prevail?

Small everyday situations make you decide whether to use charm and peacefulness or not. You are asked to find a middle ground. Show your fellow human beings your affection without making lazy compromises! If you only strive to be kind, it is easy for you to run counter to what you want.

Joy in the little

Small everyday things are particularly striking today. Some make you happy, others annoy you. Either way, you react to it emotionally. You show joy through a calm smile than through loud laughter, anger through nagging rather than violent scolding. Watch yourself and try to smile one more time!


Act with feeling

Do you feel alive and cheerful? They are spontaneous, full of joie de vivre and very emotional. But you’re also pretty bright and quick to turn the mood into anger and aggression.

Easily annoyed

What would you most like to do this afternoon? Hardly what you set out to do. For a few hours you are under an inner tension that makes you react emotionally at the slightest cause. Give yourself a little rest.

Inclination to the excessive

You’re insatiable this afternoon and evening and probably want too much. Your expectations tend to be high and can therefore easily be disappointed. Not that you are supposed to be humble, but don’t confuse generosity with excess.

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