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The language of the stars for each sign of the zodiac: Read your horoscope from September 28, 2020 here.


Mars not only provides you with extra energy, but also gives you a dynamic and attractive appearance. Singles can conquer, and your passion and ingenuity can give momentum to your partnership. On the job, you can overtake your competition.


Take a break and relax. You will quickly come up with new ideas, and an idea could also be the key to resolving a disagreement among friends. Use your curiosity and keen comprehension and turn to topics that you find interesting.


Passionate hours await you thanks to Venus. She is also by your side to settle financial matters that have already given you headaches. Trust your intuition with new projects and use your wealth of experience to master tricky situations.


You are doubting a decision you made recently. Discuss it with loved ones, and don’t immediately dismiss unusual suggestions. You will recognize which approach will bring you further and you will find inner balance. You can support this by doing sports.


You have a good knack for investing. That makes you feel good and you get involved in new projects. Just do not overwhelm yourself and continue to act carefully and prudently. Write down your ideas right away. Some of them you cannot realize immediately, but you can do them shortly.


Mercury fuels your ambition and you pursue your plans and work in a determined and structured manner. However, it is sometimes useful and also necessary to take detours. This sucks, but you will see that these can be helpful. Inner unrest subsides and you set good accents.


Venus spoils you with intimate hours for two and harmonious moments with family and friends. You can also live out your joy in varied activities and get involved in many new things. This also applies to sporting activities. Exercise has a positive effect on the body and mind.


You confidently solve tricky things at work, and you can mediate sensitively in a neighborhood dispute. Venus makes it possible. They are fascinating, but it is also important to take a good look at yourself. What is good for you? Think about it calmly and then push it. Your well-being will increase.


You have shown perseverance in a rather strenuous business, and it should now prove worthwhile. Celebrate that with loved ones. They will give your togetherness a kick of freshness. Venus gives your togetherness a wonderful tingling sensation and you enjoy sensuality.


There are some important decisions to be made, but it is important not to make them rashly and to avoid going it alone. Clear communication prevents misunderstandings and arguments. You should therefore plan time for intensive debates. Walks, hobbies and gentle sounds are beneficial.


Venus gives you a break so that you can relax with creative hobbies, a good book, wellness or good conversations with loved ones. You will also find out the best way to resolve an annoying matter. That relieves and makes you happy.


Even if it jerks a little in the meantime, it doesn’t hurt. They feel comfortable with family, colleagues and friends and they show that too. You let romance find its way into your partnership, and singles rave about a dreamlike encounter and encourage getting to know each other.

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