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If I have learned one thing while dealing with the topic of the strange holidays from all over the world , it is that there is apparently nothing that cannot be honored with a special day of celebration or action. This is also the case on May 9th , which in Brazil is also celebrated as Orgasm Day (Portuguese Día del Orgasmo ). This article examines what this special day of sexual climax is all about and why it definitely deserves a place in the collection of curious world days.

Día del Orgasmo – the Brazilian small town Esperantina comes to a climax

Despite the aforementioned days of orgasm, the main focus here is on today’s May 9th, on which the 35,000 inhabitants of the Brazilian Esperantina have had their own day of orgasm since 2002. The small town in the state of Piaui – approx. 2,100 kilometers from Rio de northeast of Janeiro – celebrates the fundamental right of every human being to sexual climax.

To what extent there is a connection of content here for crimes committed in parallel on May 9, Day of the lost sock (Lost Sock Memorial Day) or the US Foodie Day are (National Foodie Day), I could not but while researching find out. Although, sexual climax and socks should have a certain attraction for some people. 😉

Although the actual reason for this curious holiday in honor of orgasm can no longer be clearly determined, it is celebrated on a grand scale: on May 9, the streets of the community are decorated with flowers, numerous signs praise orgasm as a divine gift and prostitutes provide advice on sex in lectures, seminars and public panel discussions.

In short, it is about a better or more fulfilling sex life for the residents, with the city administration placing particular emphasis on the right of women to orgasm. A survey of the female residents of Esperantina found that 73 percent of women never climaxed.

If that time isn’t reason enough to induce an orgasm day, then I don’t know either. 😉

When does Esperantina celebrate any uncertainties about the date – May 9th or August 8th?

A look at the original publication date of this article shows that the first research dates back to 2012. At the time, most existing sources named May 9th as the date of this Brazilian day of honor for orgasm.

In contrast, I have now found a number of Brazilian and US websites that refer to August 8 as the date and 2007 as the year of foundation. Striking is here though, is that it relies on a Día Internacional del Orgasmo Femenino (Engl. International Day Of The Female Orgasm – International Day of the female orgasm ), relate so an international day of orgasm that does have the Brazilian Esperantina its origins, but is now also celebrated in Argentina, Mexico, Norway and Peru.

At this point, attentive readers of the curious holidays will of course immediately think of at least two other international dates with a similar topic:

  • On the one hand, the National Orgasm Day in England, which has been celebrated on July 31st since 2008 (National Orgasm Day UK).
  • On the other hand, the Global Orgasm for Peace initiative and its Global Orgasm Day, which on the day of the winter solstice (December 22 or 23) would like to set an example for world peace with the positive energy of as many orgasms as possible.

But only as an editorial marginal note. But without being able to finally clarify the matter at this point, I suspect that the international version was created from the local version. To that extent I let the original article with the date May 9 also exist and will devote a separate post on August 8, the International Day of the female orgasm (see for a similar setting and the contribution to the International Day of the kiss (International Kissing Day) on July 6th).

In this sense: have fun together. Or alone. And enjoy a great day of female orgasm.

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