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With this collection of aphorisms, we discover together the most beautiful Disappointed Friendship Quotes. Phrases about fake friends, friends who fall short of our expectations and do not deserve our forgiveness. Perfect phrases to share on social networks, phrases to dedicate to those people who no longer deserve our affection. Because everyone deserves a second chance, but you also need to understand when dealing with a lost cause.

Friends can let us down, it’s a harsh reality. Sometimes it is the very person in whom we have placed all our trust that hurts us the most. Everyone talks about disappointment in love, but it can also be a friend that breaks our hearts. Because friendship is a feeling you shouldn’t play with, because we all need real friends we can rely on. And when they fail us, moving on takes commitment. But of the people who make us feel bad, we can and must do without. Here are the Disappointed Friendship Quotes

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Best Disappointed Friendship Quotes

1. “A friend is the one who is on your side when you are wrong, not when you are right. Because when you are right everyone is capable. ” – Galileo Galilei

2. “A friend who is with you in moments of despair is more precious than a hundred of those who are with you in pleasure. ” – Anonymous

3. “A half friend is half a traitor.” – Victor Hugo

4. “After all, you don’t have friends, you only have accomplices. And when the complicity ends, the friendship disappears.” – Pierre Reverdy

5. “An honest enemy is better than a false friend. ” – Anonymous

6. “As rare as true love is, true friendship is even rarer. ” – François de La Rochefoucauld

7. “Blessed are those who expect nothing, because they will never be disappointed.” – Alexander Pope

8. “Count your age from friends, not years. Count your life with smiles, not tears. ” – John Lennon

9. “Do not accept the friendship of those who are morally inferior to you. ” – Confucius

10. “Do you want a friend in this city? Get a dog!” – Harry S. Truman

11. “Don’t make more friends than your heart can keep. ” – Julien De Valckenaere

12. “Everyone says they are friends, but crazy who trusts them nothing is more common than the name, nothing rarer than the thing.” – Jean de La Fontaine

13. “Friends are willing to stay by your side until the last lira: yours, of course. ” – Anonymous

14. “Friends friends and then they steal your bike. ” – 

15. “Friendship is certainly the best balm for the wounds of a disappointed love.” – Jane Austen

16. “Friendship is far more tragic than love. It lasts longer. ” – Oscar Wilde

17. “Friendship is just a word, but fidelity is an empty word.” – Publius Ovid Naso

18. “Friendships are buried more often than friends. ” – Anonymous

19. “Getting rid of a trusted friend is the same to me as getting rid of your life.” – Sophocles

20. “I don’t like the idea of ​​going to either Heaven or Hell, because I have friends in both places. ” – Mark Twain

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21. “I don’t regret the people I’ve lost over time, but I regret the time I’ve lost with certain people, because people didn’t belong to me, the years did. ” – Anonymous

22. “I have more respect for those who tell me to my face that they don’t like me, than for friends who talk badly about me behind my back. ” – Anonymous

23. “I prefer a sincere enemy to most of the friends I have known.” – Ernest Hemingway

24. “If a friendship stopped being a friendship it was a false friendship. And if it was a false friendship, it’s good that it’s over. ” – Anonymous

25. “If all men knew what each other said there would not be four friends in the world.” – Blaise Pascal

26. “If you help a friend in need, he won’t forget about you the next time he needs it.” – Arthur Bloch

27. “In friendship as in love, we are often happier for things we don’t know than for things we know.” – François de La Rochefoucauld

28. “In love, you can only be disappointed in yourself. When you are disappointed in others, there is no love left.” – Fernando Auwera

29. “It is better to deceive yourself about your friends than to deceive your friends.” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

30. “It is easier to defend against an enemy than a friend.” – James Cole

31. “It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.” – William Blake

32. “It is more shameful to be wary of your friends than to be deceived by them.” – François de La Rochefoucauld

33. “It is much better to have a real enemy than a fake friend.” – Piovano Arlotto

34. “Keep away from your enemies, and beware of your friends.” – Sirach

35. “Men recover much better from love disappointments than from economic ones.” – George Bernard Shaw

36. “Misanthropy arises when one has placed excessive trust in someone, without knowing him well, considering him a loyal friend, sincere, faithful, while then, little by little, it turns out that he is evil and treacherous, a completely different being. When this experience is repeated several times, especially with those we thought were most trusted and most friends, we end up, after so many disappointments, with hating everyone and believing that there is nothing good in any man.” – Plato

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37. “Occasionally it is good to shake the friendship tree to drop the rotten fruit. ” – Anonymous

38. “One must be careful not to conceive a very good opinion of people of new acquaintance; otherwise in most cases you will be disappointed with your own scorn or perhaps harm.” – William Shakespeare

39. “Some friendships that have arrived at a certain point burst, like soap bubbles. ” – Anonymous

40. “The duties of friendship admit only one exception: that of not confiding one’s faults to one’s friend, which, if it were possible, should not even be confided to oneself.” – Baltasar Gracián

41. “The problem isn’t dying for a friend, it’s finding a friend worth dying for.” – Mark Twain

42. “There can be no deep disappointment where there is no deep love.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

43. “To find a friend, you have to turn a blind eye; not to lose it, both of you.” – Norman Douglas

44. “Today I am a successful man because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn’t have the courage to let him down. ” – Abraham Lincoln

45. “Today I am a successful man because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn’t have the courage to let him down.” – Abraham Lincoln

46. “Why has almost everyone suffered a disappointment in love? Because the very love in which they have thrown themselves with enthusiasm must betray them – for the law that you only get what you ask for with indifference.” – Cesare Pavese

47. “You have no friends other than your shadow.” – Genghis Khan

48. “I prefer a sincere enemy to most of the friends I have known.” – Ernest Hemingway

49. “I prefer the tranquility of solitude rather than the disappointment of a false friendship.”

50. “I renounced the friendship of two men: the first, because he had never talked to me about himself; the second because he had never told me about me.” – Nicolas Chamfort

51. “If all men knew what each other said there would not be four friends in the world.” – Blaise Pascal

52. “If I cut you out of my life, stop and think about it: you probably gave me the scissors to do it.”

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53. “It is necessary to be tough, to reveal the hypocrisies of poor friends, of unloving loves.” – Franco Arminio

54. “Losing a friend is like mourning, especially if you gave your all for that friend. A part of you goes away forever and you just don’t know where to rediscover it… In the face of another friend? But will I still be able to trust others?” – Anonymous

55. “Losing a friend is the worst thing that can happen to any human being on earth.”

56. “Love is a disappointment that you take into account right away, but friendship is not. The disappointment of a friend is never ready.” – 

57. “One of the surest possibilities of being let down by a friend is to lend them money.” – Benjamin Franklin

58. “Our friendship ended, when you left me alone, in the midst of the storm,”

59. “Some friendships end without a why, others with a “why did it start ?!”

60. “Strange how much it hurts when a friend leaves – and leaves only silence behind.” – Pam Brown

61. “Sure, breakups hurt, but have you ever seen your best friend turn into a stranger?”

62. “that to be there, when the sun is out, we are all good.”

63. “The delusion. Weapon of Destruction of Friendship.”

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64. “The disappointment of a friend you esteemed so much goes off suddenly. It is a matter of a moment: something breaks. Something that doesn’t fix itself anymore.”

65. “The disappointment when you realize that friends for whom you would face a hurricane, for you would not even jump on a puddle.”

66. “The end of a love stops hurting, sooner or later The end of a friendship never.” – Anonymous

67. “The loss of a friend is the greatest of all losses.” – Latin saying

68. “The whims of luck test the trustworthiness of friends.” – Marco Tullio Cicerone

69. “There is nothing you dismiss like disappointment. Nothing.”

70. “Time settles everything except disappointment. There is no cure for that.”

71. “To find a friend, you have to turn a blind eye; not to lose it, both of you.” – Norman Douglas

72. “We are all someone’s next disappointment”

73. “When they say “you were so friends how is it possible that you don’t talk to each other anymore” remember that Lucifer and God were also best friends once upon a time.”

74. “When you lose a friend, you lose half of yourself.” – Jean-François Sénault

An emotional relationship, such as that of a friendship , can sometimes turn out not exactly as we expected.

It therefore happens that a person we loved, or in any case we trusted, deeply disappoint us for a behavior we could not even imagine.

Here is a selection of quotes about disappointment in a friendship that fully expresses all the bitterness we experience in these moments. Discover them now!

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