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Engagement congratulations message: Wow! Your best friend, brother or cousin got engaged to their long-time girlfriend, or your girlfriend, sister or cousin said yes to their chosen husband! Well, if that’s no reason to celebrate. 🙂

However, it is not only a reason to celebrate, but also to look deep into the heart and find the loveliest words for a greeting card. But be careful: Out of sheer joy, you can sometimes miss the right words. Since we have been in situations like this before, we understand that it can be very difficult to say the right thing at this moment.

That is exactly why we have decided to collect a long list for you with the most beautiful quotes, wisdom, sayings and verses and to give you a lot of inspiration. You are now spoiled for choice, to choose just one.

Here’s a little tip, if you have a hard time choosing just one, just give it a try

engagement congratulations message for brother

1. “Congratulations on getting engaged! We wish our dear and newly engaged couple love, joy, health and God’s blessings!”

2. “Your young happiness is something very special for us! Today’s engagement brings our families even closer together. We are very happy for you and hope that this beautiful day is the start of a wonderful future for you!”

3. “People do the strangest things out of love. Some even get married. Have fun comedians!”

4. “We wish you all the love for your engagement and a happy time together.”

5. “For the engagement we wish all the best, good luck and everlasting love.”

6. “The engagement ring is now here! We have all been waiting for this excitingly. Now we’re just waiting for the wedding invitations to really celebrate your great love! Congratulations brother!”

7. “How lucky to find someone who fits right into your heart. We sincerely wish you all the best for your engagement and love for a lifetime.”

8. “We only have the best wishes for the happy engaged couple, from the bottom of our hearts! Yours … “

9. “Stay in love for a lifetime! Cheers to your love! Congratulations brother!”

10. “We wish you the best of luck and God’s rich blessings for your engagement and your common life. Congratulations brother!”

11. “We rejoice from the heart that you are perfect now. Stay in love forever, because challenges are a little game for two! I wish you all the best Brother… “

12. “We wish you all the best on your engagement, good luck and God’s blessings. Stay in love as you are today. Congratulations brother!”

13. “We are happy and wish you many great moments together on your journey of discovery into married life after the wedding. Congratulations brother!”

14. “We wish you only the best: a lot of love, health and God’s blessing. Congratulations brother!!”

15. “We congratulate you on your decision for a common future and we wish you all the best for the future from the bottom of our hearts.”

16. “We would like to wish you the best of luck and all the best on your engagement. Hopefully all the wishes and dreams you have for the future will come true. Congratulations brother!”

17. “We wish you all the best and lots of sunshine for your future together. Congratulations on the engagement Brother.”

18. “I wish you all the best with your engagement and a happy future. Congratulations brother!”

19. “Our warmest congratulations on your engagement and continued great love to you Brother… “

20. “There is nothing more beautiful in the world than love that lasts a life. All the best for the engagement!”

engagement congratulations message for friend – engagement wishes to friend

1. “May this be the prelude to a happy and peaceful life. Best wishes.”

2. “Your joy makes me happy too. I hope yours is the love of life.”

3. “”Heaven is to love and to be loved”. Congratulations on your engagement.”

4. “We are happy for you, you are a beautiful couple. Best wishes for a lot of happiness.”

5. “You are a splendid couple. I wish you your happiness will last a lifetime.”

6. “Even the most unrepentant end up giving in! Best wishes for a lot of happiness for your life together.”

7. “Congratulations. Hold tight and love each other for life. Your happiness is ours too.”

8. “There is no happiness in love except in marriage. And I will marry you because I know you will make me happy.”

9. “This ring is to ask you if you want to be my bride. I could not live without you.”

10. “I love you with all my heart, above all else, and that is why today I have decided to say yes to you.”

11. “Now that Prince Charming has asked for your hand, I just have to wish you a fairytale life. Be happy!”

12. “My wish is that you love each other like this for life. Love can be read in your eyes, serenity and happiness in your smiles.”

13. “I love you with all my heart, above all else, and that is why today I decided to ask you if you want to marry me.”

14. “You are the most beautiful couple in the world. I wish you a lot of happiness.”

15. “I heard about your engagement and I’m happy for you, but inside I can only be sad. I haven’t stopped thinking about you yet …”

16. “If you will always love each other like today, you will be able to overcome every difficulty in life. We wish you this with all our heart. Be happy.”

17. “Hold hands and always know how to look each other in the eyes like today. With love.”

18. “Now that you’re engaged, don’t forget about your friends, you know we’re a little jealous! Best wishes!”

19. “You are made for each other, and before long we are sure that we will find you at the altar exchanging the ring. We wish you so heartily.”

20. “The important thing in every relationship is affection and understanding, but also irony and a smile. Best wishes.”

engagement congratulations message to best friend – congratulations on your engagement friend

1. “It is a short step from engagement to marriage. Best wishes!”

2. “You are made for each other, and this engagement of yours is certainly only the first step towards marriage. Best wishes!”

3. “A heartfelt wish that your love may be stronger and stronger, take you to the big step and accompany you throughout your life.”

4. “You are stubborn, taciturn, touchy and even a little macho. But I love you immensely and wouldn’t want to marry anyone but you.”

5. “A little thought in remembrance of a truly special day. I love you.”

6. “On this splendid day, our warmest congratulations reach you.”

7. “On this important day for your beautiful love story, I wish you a bright future together.”

8. “Now that you’re engaged, don’t forget your old friends, you know we’re a little jealous! Best wishes!”

9. “You are really lucky! There is no better matched couple than you. Best wishes for your engagement.”

10. “Always be happy as you are now. Best wishes!”

11. “These flowers to celebrate a truly great day: your engagement. Good luck to a beautiful couple.”

12. “Love is not looking at each other; it is looking together in the same direction. I wish you to continue your journey together with the same joy and the same love of today.”

13. “Happiness will accompany you throughout your life. Best wishes.”

14. “Our dearest wish is that your union will last a lifetime. Be happy.”

15. “May the happiness of this day accompany you throughout your life.”

16. “Since I met you, my life has changed. You have become / or the only reason in my life.”

17. “Congratulations. May this engagement be the first step on a lifelong journey.”

18. “Always love and understand each other like this. You are made for each other.”

19. “Let this be the beginning of a peaceful life, made of love, understanding and complicity.”

20. “The engagement is a bill that you will have to pay with the wedding. We wish you to pay it as soon as possible.”

21. “I am so happy for you dear, because you have finally realized your big dream. I hope that life always smiles at you as it does now.”

22. “In addition to being interesting, cultured and brilliant, your boyfriend is also handsome. Lucky!”

23. “A ring to never forget the day you said yes.”

24. “On this happy day, I wish you all the best for eternity.”

25. “Loving you for life will be my greatest joy. Many kisses.”

engagement congratulations message religious

1. “Love is long-suffering and friendly, love does not jealous, love does not act willfully, it does not inflate itself, it does not act unruly, it does not seek its own, it does not allow itself to be embittered, it does not attribute evil , She does not rejoice in injustice, but she rejoices in the truth; she can take everything, she believes everything, she hopes everything, she tolerates everything. Love never stops.” – Corinthians 13: 4-8

2. “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you. For whoever asks receives, and whoever seeks finds; and the door will be opened to those who knock. ” – Luke 11: 9-0

3. “Jesus said, I give you a new commandment; Love one another! As I have loved you, you too should love one another.” – John 13:34

4. “Love does no harm to one’s neighbor. So now love is the fulfillment of the law. ” – Romans 13:10

5. “One bear the burden of another; so you will keep the law of Christ. ” – Galatians 6.2

6. “Promote one another, each with the gift that God has given him. ” – Peter 4:10

7. “Make my joy complete by being of one mind, united to one another in love, of one accord and of harmony.” – Philippians 2,3

8. “Above all, hold fast to love for one another. Serve one another, each with the gift he has received.” – Peter 4: 8-10

9. “Nobody remains owed; only you always owe one another love. He who loves the other has fulfilled the law.” – Romans 13: 8

10. “Our love cannot consist of empty words. It has to be real love shown in action.” – 1 John 3:18

11. “Earn one another in love and strive to maintain unity of spirit through the peace that holds you together.” – Ephesians 4: 2b-4

12. “But you are called to freedom. It is only permissible that you do not give space to the flesh through freedom, but serve one another through love.” – Galatians 5:13

13. “Therefore, let us come to the throne of grace with confidence that we may receive mercy and find grace in times of need. ” – Hebrews 4.16

14. “Be patient and seek to get along with one another in love. Make an effort to maintain the oneness that the Spirit of God has given you. The peace that comes from God should bind you all together. ” – Ephesians 4: 2b-3

15. “Be of one mind to one another. Do not seek high things, but hold yourself down to the low. Do not think of yourself as wise. Do not return evil for evil to anyone. Be mindful of the good of everyone. ” – Romans 12: 16-17

16. “Have the same mind, keep peace! So the God of love and peace will be with you. ” – 2 Corinthians 13:11

17. “Where you are going, I will also go; where you stay, I stay there too. Your people are my people, and your God is my God. Wherever you die, that’s where I’ll die too, that’s where I want to be buried. The Lord do this and that to me, death must part you and me.” – Ruth 1.16f.

18. “Bear each other and forgive one another when one has something to reproach the other. As the Lord has forgiven you, so do you also forgive.” – Colossians 3:13

19. “So it is better to be two than alone: ​​for they have good wages for their efforts. If one of them falls, his companion will help him up. Woe to him who is alone when he falls! Then there is no one else to help him up. Even when two are lying together, they warm each other; how can an individual get warm? One may be overwhelmed, but two can withstand, and a triple cord does not break easily in two. ” – Ecclesiastes 4: 9-12

20. “Let your heart live forever.” – Psalm 22: 27c

21. “Remain in my love. I tell you this so that my joy may remain in you and your joy may become perfect.” – John 15: 9-11

22. “But now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of them is love.” – 1 Corinthians 13:13

23. “Above all, hold fast to love for one another; for love covers up many sins.” – 1 Peter 4: 8

24. “Be joyful in hope, patient in distress, persistent in prayer.” – Romans 12:12

25. “Let everything happen to you in love!” – 1 Corinthians 16:14

26. “Therefore accept one another as Christ accepted you to praise God. ” – Romans 15.7

27. “Everything you do should be determined by love.” – 1 Corinthians 16:14

28. “Let your heart rejoice, and let no one take your joy from you. ” – John 16:22 b

29. “Be kind and warm to one another, and forgive one another, as God also forgave you in Christ.” – Ephesians 4:32

30. “Our love cannot consist of empty words. It has to be real love shown in action.” – 1 John 3:18

happy engagement quotes

Beautiful sayings or quotes from great well-known writers or wisdom from the people are a classic. Find a quote that will remind you of the future wedding couple and personalize it with a few congratulations that you wish them from the bottom of your heart.

1. “Love is the desire to give, not receive. – Bertolt Brecht” –  Bertolt Brecht

2. “Marriage must continually fight an all-consuming monster: habit. – Honoré de Balzac” – consuming monster: habit. 

3. “God’s blessing should always give peace and security to those who find themselves in true love and bind them more firmly through engagement.” – 

4. “Engagement is not only the beginning of a marriage, it is also the end of a lifelong search for the better half.” – 

5. “Love is not about looking at one another, but about looking together in the same direction. – Antoine de Saint-Exupery” –  Antoine de Saint

6. “Whoever loves the other lets them count as they are, as they have been and as they will be. – Michel Quoist” –  Michel Quoist

7. “Getting married is not the happy ending, it is always just the beginning. – Frederico Fellini” –  Frederico Fellini

8. “Now that you have decided on the covenant of marriage, you are to love one another forever. The wish for happiness will be certain, we will offer it to you for engagement.” – 

9. “Marriage is the closest, most beautiful, intimate, holiest and most lasting covenant that people can make with people. A happy marriage is the greatest good of earthly life. – Heinrich Daniel Zschokke” –  Heinrich Daniel Zschokke

10. “Married couples should leave cracks and joints in their marriage open for the wind of heaven to penetrate. – Khalil Gibran” –  Khalil Gibran

11. “That is the magical power of love that it ennobles what its breath touches. Similar to the sun, whose golden ray turns storm clouds into gold themselves. – Franz Grillparzer” –  Franz Grillparzer

12. “Two people who love one another create paradise on earth and open heaven. – MA Couturier” –  MA Couturier

13. “One should never keep happiness to oneself; because sharing is for happiness like water is for flowers. – Frank Maibaum” –  Frank Maibaum

14. “The most beautiful secret is probably that of a happy marriage, it will always remain a secret in the end.” – 

15. “In love, silence is often more important than speaking. – Blaise Pascal” –  Blaise Pascal

16. “To experience the full value of happiness, we need someone to share it with. – Mark Twain” –  Mark Twain

17. “You are only a vagabond robber and rascal when you have passed your thirtieth year without being married. – Franz Grillparzer” –  Franz Grillparzer

18. “If one does not want, two cannot argue with each other. – Spanish proverb” –  Spanish proverb

19. “An engagement is a conditional sentence to double life imprisonment with a provisional reprieve. – August Strindberg” –  August Strindberg

20. “When two find each other and bind more tightly for life, it must be love.” – 

21. “Nothing is impossible in dreams and in love. – wisdom from Hungary” –  wisdom from Hungary

22. “To be loved means to burn out. To love is to shine with inexhaustible oils. – Rainer Maria Rilke” –  Rainer Maria Rilke

23. “To free out of love or reason? How should it be the same Since there is nothing more sensible than taking someone you love. – Paul Heyse” –  Paul Heyse

24. “Joy begins exactly at the moment when you give up the search for your own happiness and try to give it to others. – Fulton Sheen” –  Fulton Sheen

25. “Happiness is a way, not a goal. – German proverb” –  German proverb

26. “Finding people who feel for us is probably the greatest happiness that this world has in store. – Samuel Johnson” –  Samuel Johnson

27. “Man came into the world through love and for love’s sake. Because love without question, love for free, makes everything possible, can make everything new. – Friedrich Weinreb” –  Friedrich Weinreb

28. “You only have to love and everything is joy. – Leo Tolstoy” –  Leo Tolstoy

29. “The engagement is an important step in your life. It means giving up your own path in order to find a new one together.” – 

30. “Oh, that it would stay green forever, the beautiful time of young love. – Friedrich von Schiller” –  Friedrich von Schiller

funny engagement wishes

hearty congratulations on your engagement

1. “Your determination has gone beyond convention. Be proud of it, your love is winning.”

2. “A song says: “Rome don’t be stupid tonight”. But he did it and his magic won you over. Best wishes.”

3. “No one more than you could represent love more beautifully. We are very happy for you and wish you well for the future with all our hearts.”

4. “I am so happy for you dear, because you have finally realized your big dream. Prince Charming asked for your hand. May your life be like a fairy tale.”

5. “Congratulations. May this engagement be the first step on a lifelong journey.”

6. “Roses and flowers are in front of your eyes on this engagement day, my wish is that in your future you will always have immense and beautiful gardens in front of you.”

7. “Congratulations! Together you are the most beautiful couple in the world.”

8. “Our most sincere wishes, so that your love will always be strong and overcome any uncertainty. You preferred another to me, on this day so happy for you and so sad for me, from those who loved you so much you receive sincere wishes of happiness.”

9. “I see you so happy, and all this fills my heart with satisfaction. I wish my dearest friend all the best.”

10. “What to do? Cupid strikes again … and judging by your loving eyes, his arrows don’t hurt.”

11. “Congratulations, you did it! Hold tight and love each other for life.”

12. “I wish you to continue your journey together with the same joy and the same love of today.”

13. “May this be the prelude to a happy and peaceful life. Endless wishes from all of us. This is the beginning of a beautiful adventure, it depends on you on the way to overcome obstacles with serenity. I wish you not to meet them and that you will always be happy, all your life.”

14. “Dear friend, for now you have lost a finger, Beware that you risk losing all the bones. It is a short step from engagement to marriage. Think carefully! Best wishes.”

15. “You are really lucky! There is no better matched couple than you. Best wishes for your engagement.”

16. “Today in particular you see everything pink, you love each other with ardor, I hope that it will always last and that you will be happy forever including marriage.”

17. “You have reached one of your wishes to “get engaged” I hope you have many others that I wish you to reach everyone in the best possible way.”

18. “The first step is done you will have to do more and I wish you to do them with the same happiness as the first,”

19. “The happiness of today is tomorrow and always.”

20. “Today you are engaged is a very important and happy day. I hope that what you feel today will always accompany you throughout your life.”

21. “On this day that you have decided to lose your freedom and your personality, your friends wish you that this decision of yours will go up in smoke as soon as possible. Seriously good wishes to both of you.”

22. “After so much back and forth you have decided to get engaged. Don’t take that long to get to the wedding or you’ll have dentures. Seriously your happiness and ours too, our wish is that it will last a lifetime.”

A couple in your immediate environment got engaged and you are now wondering how and whether you should congratulate the couple on their engagement? We have ideas and sayings for you on how you can express your congratulations to a newly engaged couple.

History of the engagement

The engagement describes the period between consenting to marry his partner and the legally concluded marriage. In the Old Testament, the act of engagement referred to a kind of marriage claim for women with God’s blessing. With a certain payment of money, the marriage tax, the man acquired the claim and promised to marry the woman.

Nowadays, this act of bridal acquisition is of course no longer relevant in order to decide in favor of each other. The engagement time officially begins when both partners decide to get married. As a rule, the engagement is decided with a marriage proposal and the handing over of an engagement ring . The time between the marriage proposal and the day of the official marriage is the engagement time and the couple is engaged. In the past, it was customary to announce the upcoming marriage in front of friends and family at an engagement party. Today is an engagement party not so often celebrated.

It used to be the so-called Engagement year , as a time to the upcoming wedding and their future together prepare. So after the engagement you traditionally had a year to get married. In the meantime, however, many engaged couples take their time and approach the planning of the wedding with a lot of patience and are engaged for several years before they make the marriage official.

Should you congratulate newly engaged people with congratulations on their engagement?

Sure, actually nothing speaks against it. Congratulations and romantic words congratulating the decision to get engaged are certainly welcome on this occasion. The two fiancés are happy about the marriage and are probably already busy planning the upcoming wedding. A beautiful greeting card or engagement card for the engagement will certainly put a smile on the couple’s face.

If the future bride and groom belong to your closest family or friends, you will certainly have the opportunity to personally congratulate on the engagement. Here you can hand over a congratulation card or, if you want, a small engagement gift to the fiancé.

What should be on the greeting card?

For the greeting card, there is a large selection of cards with sayings and congratulations that you can give away for the engagement. As a text, you can of course also choose your own congratulations and sayings or well-known sayings and poems. We have collected some examples of engagement sayings for you to express your warm wishes and joy to the bride and groom.

Short Wedding Quotes: Most Beautiful for your loved once

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