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In ancient Greece, the epitaph was the commemorative speech, sometimes poetic, which was pronounced in memory of a deceased person. Currently this term means the celebratory phrase engraved on the tombstone.

Many famous people have wanted to use the space of these last words to give a smile or offer food for thought to their visitors.

Here we have collected a series of the most famous, fun and curious tomb epitaphs ever. These short texts are also an interesting starting point to reflect on our life and what message we are leaving to the people who are close to us.

Most famous, funny and curious epitaphs ever

1. “Workers around the world, unite. Philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways, the point is to change it. ” –  Karl Marx, philosopher

2. “Freedom, humanity, justice, equality. ” –  Susan Brownell Anthony, activist

3. “Edamus, bibamus, gaudeaumus. Post mortem nulla voluptas” – 

4. “Murdered by a traitor and a coward whose name is not worthy of appearing here. ” –  Jasse James, criminal

5. “On the other hand, it is always the others who die. ” –  Marcel Duchamp, artist

6. “The starry sky above me. The moral law within me. ” –  Immanuel Kant, philosopher

7. “I am a child of freedom, and I owe everything I am to her ” –  Camillo Benso Count of Cavour, politician

8. “We loved it very much. But God loved him more. ” –  Eazy

9. “It lies here somewhere. ” –  Werner Heisenberg, physicist

10. “Here lies one whose name was written in the water. ” –  John Keats, poet

11. “Man, he was here just a minute ago. ” –  George Carlin, actor

12. “A great French writer wanted to rest here to listen only to the sea and the wind. Passerby, respect his last will.” – 

13. “Don’t try [an invitation not to try, but to do]. ” –  Charles Bukowski, writer

14. “I knew that if I waited long enough something like this would happen. ” –  George Bernard Shaw, writer

15. “Looking at the portals of eternity he taught that human brotherhood is inspired by God’s word; whereby all racial prejudice vanishes. (George Washington, US president)” – 

16. “Detached but not indifferent. ” –  Man Ray, photographer

17. “Finally free, finally free, thanks to Almighty God I am finally free [a passage from the famous speech “I have a dream”]. ” –  Martin Luther King, activist

18. “A quarter of an hour before he died, he was still alive. ” –  Jacques de La Palice, military

19. “I had a lover’s list with the world. ” –  Robert Frost, poet

20. “Justice and freedom. For this they died. For this they live. ” –  Carlo and Nello Rosselli, politicians

21. “There is a bee that if it lands on a pink button: it sucks it and goes away. All in all, happiness is a small thing. ” –  Trilussa, writer

22. “Qui nunquam quievit, quiescit [translation: He who never rested, now rests]. ” –  Gian Giacomo Trivulzio, military

23. “Sor Marquis, it is time. ” –  Alberto Sordi, actor

24. “Here lies Pierre” – Jean Vaillard. He composed verses, the worms now decompose him. 

25. “All in all, I’d rather be in Philadelphia. ” –  WC Fields, actor

26. “Go away. I’m sleeping. ” –  Joan Hackett, actress

27. “My freedom equals my life. ” –  Bettino Craxi, politician

28. “Please don’t step on the grass. ” –  Peter Ustinov, actor

29. “Think, now I’m alive forever. ” –  Edward Bach, physician

30. “Nothing is born from diamonds, flowers are born from manure. (Fabrizio de André, songwriter)” – 

31. “We eat, drink, enjoy. There is no pleasure after death. ” –  Ashurbanipal, Assyrian

32. “He fought against atheists and fanatics. He inspired tolerance, He advocated human rights against the slavery of feudalism. Poet, historian, philosopher, he enlarged the human spirit, teaching it to be free. ” –  Voltaire, philosopher

33. “Ok now I have to go. ” –  Dee Dee Ramone, musician

34. “We eat, drink, enjoy. After death there is no longer any pleasure. (Ashurbanipal, Assyrian)” – 

35. “I am ready to meet my Creator. Whether my Creator is ready for the great test to meet is another matter. ” –  Winston Churchill, politician

36. “Here lies a loser who has not given up. ” –  Saul Bellow, writer

37. “A sepulcher is enough for him to whom the world was not enough. ” –  Alexander the Great, military

38. “Here are the ashes everywhere is the name. ” –  Napoleon Bonaparte, emperor

39. “Finally alone! ” –  Pierre Fernandez Armand, artist

40. “And that they are not afraid. ” –  Jorge Luis Borges, writer

41. “Friends do not cry, it is only backward sleep. ” –  Walter Chiari, actor

42. “I used to measure the skies, now I measure the shadows of the Earth. Although my mind was tied to the sky, the shadow of my body lies here. ” –  Giovanni Kepler, astronomer

43. “Dear friend for Jesus’ sake, give up digging the dust that is contained here. Blessed is he who spares these stones and cursed whoever moves my bones. ” –  William Shakespeare, writer

44. “I told you I was sick. ” –  Spike Milligan, comedian

45. “Cheer! ” –  Mike Bongiorno, presenter

46. “Together again. ” –  George Burns & gracie Allen, actors

47. “I will never leave this world alive. ” –  Hank Williams, singer

48. “Love will tear us apart [from the title of his song: Love will tear us apart] (Ian Curtis, singer)” – 

49. “I’m done stupid. ” –  Paul Erdos, mathematician

50. “Sorry for the dust. ” –  Dorothy Parker, writer

51. “You will run even faster through the ways of Heaven. ” –  Tazio Nuvolari, racing driver

52. “The King of Pop. ” –  Michael Jackson, singer

53. “So we continue to row, boats against the current, pushed back into the past without rest. ” –  Francis Scott Fitzgerald, writer

54. “Call back. ” –  Emily Dickinson, poetess

55. “Let me sleep. I am made for this. ” –  Francis Blanche, humorist

56. “We will remember, of this planet. ” –  Leonardo Sciascia, writer

57. “Here lies Johnny Yeast. Sorry if I don’t get up. ” –  John Yeast, unknown

58. “He walked the hard way. ” –  Bette Davis, actress

59. “Here lies Antoine, Count of Rivarol. Laziness had kidnapped him even before his death. ” –  Antoine Rivarol, writer

60. “There is no life without death. ” –  Frank Nitti, gangster

61. “He snatched the lightning bolt from the sky and the scepter from the tyrants. ” –  Benjamin Franklin, politician

62. “Here is deposited what was mortal by Isaac Newton. ” –  Isaac Newton, physicist

63. “The greatest honor that history can bestow is the title of peacemaker. ” –  Richard Nixon, US president

64. “Removed from this world too al dente. ” –  Aldo Fabrizi, actor

65. “Now, immortality, you belong to me! ” –  Heinrich von Kleist, playwright

66. “I have died many times, but never like that.” – 

67. “He snatched the lightning bolt from the sky and the scepter from the tyrants. ” –  Benjamin Franklin, politician

68. “I’ll never be an old fool. ” –  Jean

69. “Have mercy, my Jesus. ” –  Al Capone, mafia

70. “Here lies someone who was devoted to art and honor. In life it wasn’t much of a thing and now it’s absolutely nothing.” – 

71. “Never born, never died. He only visited planet earth between 11 December 1931 and 19 January 1990. ” –  Osho, mystic

72. “Careless, but not indifferent. ” –  Man Ray, artist

73. “Invoked or not, God will be present. ” –  Carl Jung, philosopher

74. “Two roads forked in a wood and I took the less frequented one. This made all the difference.” – 

75. “Tomorrow is the most important thing in life, arrive at midnight very clean. It is perfect when it arrives and is placed in our hands. He hopes he learned something from yesterday. ” –  John Wayne, actor

76. “Here lies Raphael: nature feared being defeated by him, now that he is dead he fears dying. ” –  Raffaello Sanzio, painter

77. “Here are the ashes Dappertutto is the name. ” –  Napoleon Bonaparte, emperor

78. “The best is yet to come. ” –  Frank Sinatra, singer

79. “I was what I am not. ” –  Fernando Pessoa, writer

80. “Who never rested, now rests. ” –  Gian Giacomo Trivulzio, military

81. “All my freedom equals my life. ” –  Bettino Craxi, politician)

82. “I stopped smoking. I miss from here I am silent! ” –  Gianfranco Funari, presenter

83. “The trumpeter angel is asked to sound loud: the deceased is hard of ears. ” –  Georges Bernanos, writer

84. “He was never frozen [in television jargon it means “obscure”]. ” –  Vittorio Gassman, actor

85. “I may be dead, but rock & roll still lives on. ” –  John Belushi, actor

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