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First communion captions for Instagram: Here are some greetings Captions to write to celebrate the first communion of the boy or girl, to send to the family or to combine with a gift, also ideal for the godmother and the godfather

First communion captions for Instagram Short

1. “God is the life giver of the world, respect the earth.”

2. “if you pray to God, he will answer you.”

3. “God is in everyone, know God in other people.”

4. “God is there for you, he listens.”

5. “you are a child of God, he will protect you.”

6. “Jesus is your friend and your brother.”

7. “God is always available to you through Jesus.”

8. “God protects you and holds you in his arms.”

9. “God is there for you, he is your friend.”

10. “God is there for his children.”

11. “God is the helper in need.”

12. “God is the good one in the fast moving world.”

13. “God is your helper, you just have to believe in him.”

14. “God helps you and won’t let you go under.”

15. “God is the light of the world.”

16. “God is there for you, he is your brother.”

17. “God helps fellow christians who have no one.”

18. “God helps you in sickness and crises, trust him.”

19. “God is good to you, be good to yourself too.”

20. “God is the creator of the world, you should respect the earth.”

21. “God helps you when you are in despair.”

22. “God is your father and he wants you to help others.”

23. “God is good, he is the creator of the world.”

24. “God is your father, he shows you your life and helps you.”

25. “God is your friend, he prays for you.”

26. “God is there for you, he stands by you, from your enemies.”

27. “God forgives you your debts.”

28. “God is there to help you, Jesus is your brother.”

29. “God is a shield against enemies.”

30. “God is there for everyone when they need help.”

31. “your sins are forgiven, God has forgiven you.”

32. “God helps you in the face of your enemies.”

33. “God is your friend and helps you too.”

34. “God is the power that guides and gives life.”

35. “God wants us to look out for one another and talk to one another.”

36. “God helps families.”

37. “God is the star in this and your world.”

38. “God is the rainbow after a storm, he brings joy again.”

39. “you are chosen by God to stand up for others and to help.”

40. “God helps, he is your helper in times of need.”

41. “God helps those who have no friends.”

42. “God is your father, he loves you.”

43. “God is there for you to make you feel good.”

44. “God is there for everyone who wants to turn to him.”

45. “God helps you, you shouldn’t put him to the test.”

46. “if you are afraid, God will tell you “do not be afraid”.”

47. “God is your father and he helps you wherever he can.”

48. “God is a brother to you and helps you in need.”

49. “God helps when you pray to him.”

50. “you shouldn’t lose your own will, the salt.”

51. “God is there for you when you are in trouble.”

52. “God has prepared his cloak for you, you shall want nothing.”

53. “God is the good one, he gives you joyful cheer.”

54. “God is your father, he wants his child to talk to him.”

55. “God shows himself in the neighbor.”

56. “God is the way, the truth and the life.”

57. “God helps those who have endured suffering.”

58. “when you walk through the fire, God will protect you.”

59. “God is good for you, he wants you to be fine.”

60. “God is there for you when you lack something.”

61. “love thy neighbor as thyself.”

62. “Jesus stands by you and takes care of you when you are in need.”

63. “Jesus listens to you, recognizes Jesus in other people.”

64. “if you believe in yourself, believe in your neighbor too.”

65. “God is good and loves us all.”

66. “look for God in your friends.”

67. “God helps you when you have problems.”

68. “God will fight war and hunger.”

69. “be reverent to God.”

70. “God is your father, he helps you through this life.”

71. “God is the good to hold onto.”

72. “believe that others will be there for you. you get help from your brothers and sisters.”

73. “God protects you from evil, you protect others too.”

74. “God helps the children.”

75. “God helps those who are hungry. you help too.”

76. “like a storm on a boat, Jesus will be there for you.”

77. “God has chosen you to serve him.”

78. “God is your colleague, friend and brother.”

79. “God helps those in need.”

80. “God is there for you when you ask for help.”

81. “God helps those who despair.”

82. “God is there for you, he is your sister.”

83. “God is the father of the world, he has appointed you to serve it.”

84. “God is your shepherd, he is there for you.”

85. “God wants us all to live in peace with one another.”

86. “God is your friend and your father, trust him.”

87. “God keep you from danger.”

88. “you have sisters and brothers by your side with God.”

89. “God is a nature lover, respect nature.”

90. “you are chosen by God to be a good person.”

91. “God is your brother, your sister and your father.”

92. “God is there for you when you need help.”

93. “not those who shout “lord lord” will go to heaven, but those who act according to the will of the father.”

94. “God is a father, he takes care of you like a child.”

95. “God has given you a place to protect you.”

96. “God helps you when you don’t know your way around anymore.”

97. “God is the power that protects.”

98. “when you believe in God, you understand the meaning of life.”

99. “God is there for you, he is your mother.”

100. “God will help you defend yourself against enemies.”

101. “God helps the marginalized.”

First communion quotes – Beautiful Quotes for communion

First communion captions for Instagram

1. “On this important day, we celebrate your first communion. And this blessed day will accompany you for the rest of your life.”

2. “On this holy day, we are with you with all our hearts. Today is an important day: Jesus is close to you. Best wishes”

3. “The angels who circle around you sing celestial music. May their song accompany you gently throughout your life”

4. “The splendor of this day will accompany you throughout your life”

5. “First Communion, an important stage in your life. Best wishes”

6. “A little angel with folded hands. You will not need the voice for your prayers to come to heaven.”

7. “A thought for when you are older, which will make the memory of your First Communion appear more alive. With love your grandparents (or uncles or XXX)”

8. “The best gift the Lord gives you: the chalice with his blood and the bread with his body. Best wishes!”

9. “May Jesus accompany you in a life full of joy.”

10. “On this wonderful day, Jesus enters your heart, always carry him with you, he will guide you towards a path full of love and joy. Best wishes”

11. “Today that you are so close to the angels, in your prayer also remind us that we love you so much. May the Lord guide you and protect you always”

12. “Today Jesus shows you that you are much loved. Keep within you the flame of love for your neighbor.”

13. “You will remember your First Communion for your whole life. And we with you! Best wishes”

14. “Thank you for involving me in this big and important celebration of yours. It is a pleasure to share the joy of this moment with you and your parents.”

15. “May the serenity of this day sustain you throughout your life.”

16. “A thought and a prayer for us too, when Jesus comes down to meet your heart.”

17. “May the whiteness of your soul be the symbol of your being for life. Best wishes for your first communion.”

18. “You are dressed in white, radiant and white like your soul. Best wishes so that the happiness of this moment will accompany you throughout your life. A hug from all of us.”

19. “Today you received an important sacrament: may it always be a happy day, so that today’s happiness always follows you.”

20. “May life reserve a bright future for you and may the light of the Lord always enlighten you as on this day when you go to meet Jesus”

21. “Jesus, make the memory of this pure and sweet day be the guide of the life of …”

22. “On this feast day, on which you receive your First Communion, we all wish you a peaceful future.”

23. “May the future always be as pure and pure as today.”

24. “A splendid first communion! Dressed in white, your heart rejoices in candid goodness. Best wishes to you for many communions of peace and forgiveness”

25. “Intercede for me with your prayers: on this extraordinary day you are close to God”

26. “With the best wishes so that the blessing of this Holy day may last over time and may the encounter with Jesus be forever, keeping you as good and dear as you are today.”

27. “Today, with your first communion, you will receive a precious good, keep it forever in your heart.”

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