Do you still love your sweetheart just as much as you did on the day of your marriage? Then, of course, wishes for your loved one on the wedding day! In the event that you love your significant other from the bottom of your heart, but just can’t find the right words to express your feelings, we’ve put together a selection of beautiful sayings for your wedding day.

Of course, every couple is also happy to receive congratulations from family or friends on the wedding day. You show that you have not forgotten the date of the wedding and that the well-being of the two lovebirds is still important to you . With the sayings and congratulations for the wedding day collected here, you can do it easily.

The congratulations are basically suitable for every wedding day. Handwritten on a card made of fine paper, they look particularly personal – regardless of whether the saying is intended for the spouse, family members or friends. Another possibility: You put your congratulations on the wedding day with the date of the marriage and your personal dedication as an advertisement in the newspaper.

First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband. Wish your loved husband on the best day of the year with these 1st Anniversary Wishes For Husband.

  • A husband is just a title every man can have. But it takes a heart and life to live by it. You never failed to show me how much I mean to you. I love you. I always do. Happy anniversary.
1st Anniversary Wishes For Husband-A husband is just title-wishes db
First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband – A husband is just title
  • A lover, a partner, a husband, a best friend. I can’t believe that I have all rolled into one!
  • A year after our wedding day, and I’m still falling for you. Our future together couldn’t be brighter, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store. Happy anniversary to the best husband a woman could ever hope for!
  • I enjoy every moment with you and am infinitely happy that I can spend my life with you. All the best and 1000 kisses for your wedding anniversary!

  • May the love in our hearts remain so inexhaustible that it lasts for a lifetime.

  • It’s a shame we’re already married. I would love to say yes to you again!

  • Thank you for always being there for me. What would I be without you! Happy wedding day!

  • A year has flown by, and I didn’t even realize it. Is the rest of our lives together going to run just as smoothly? I hope so. Wishing you a very happy anniversary, darling.
  • All I need in this life is you and your love forever. I hope that in the future you will continue making me the happiest person in the world. Happy anniversary.
1st Anniversary Wishes For Husband-All I need in this life-wishes db
First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband – All I need in this life
  • All that time since ‘we’ began, and I’m so glad that you’re my man. Through this and every other year, my love for you will persevere.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friends and Relatives: the 101 most beautiful to dedicate

  • All the romantic songs in this world would never be able to properly express the way I feel about you. You’re unique, and so is our love. Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband!
  • All these years, you have been amazing. As a dad to our kids and as my lover, I have been happy in your arms. I can see that we will be happier for the rest of our days. Thank you for everything.
  • Although I’m excited, I know that our first anniversary won’t be the most memorable one. Simply because I know that anniversaries will keep getting more and more beautiful with each passing year. Happy first anniversary.

first wedding anniversary wishes for husband funny

  • Amongst the million unresolved questions about the reasons of human existence, I’ve got the answer to mine – a husband like you. Happy anniversary.
1st Anniversary Wishes For Husband-Amongst the million-wishes db
First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband – Amongst the million
  • An anniversary reminds us that our marriage made it so far because it is strong, good and worth fighting for.
  • Baby, if I could, I would marry you all over again. Our wedding day was magical and I’m glad to relive it today. Happy Anniversary, from your wifey!
  • Before our meeting, our lives were a blank canvas, and our life has painted it with colored inks. I love you with all my heart, happy anniversary!
  • Being with you is one of my favorite things to do, let’s spend some quality time with each other on our anniversary today.
  • Can’t believe we’ve been a couple for one year already. With you by my side, life is so beautiful. Love you more than anything else. Kisses!
1st Anniversary Wishes For Husband-can't believe we've been-wishes db
First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband – can’t believe we’ve been
  • Darling, I had a tear in my eye when I first saw you on our wedding. Like most men, I was wondering…Will she let me watch football? Happy Anniversary, Baby!
  • Days are just magical with your company, I am in a different world, Baby I love you so much, On this day of togetherness, Let me wish you happy anniversary, my dear hubby.

first wedding anniversary wishes for husband long distance

  • Do you know what it is that will always sparkle brighter than the diamond in my wedding ring? My eyes, every time I see you. Happy anniversary.
  • Each day I’ve spent with you as your wife, I’ve found myself loving you even more than the last one. That means, that in the day that marks our first anniversary, I love you times more! Happy anniversary!
  • Enough of the romantic wishes and beautiful poems. The only way to my heart is through chocolates, flowers, and gifts. So keep your wishes to yourself and shower me with what I really want today.
1st Anniversary Wishes For Husband-Enough of the romantic wishes-wishes db
First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband – Enough of the romantic wishes
  • Ever since we got married, your actions keep reminding me that I’ve never made a better choice in my life. You truly are not only a perfect husband, but the love of my life as well. Happy anniversary!
  • Everyone knows about ups and downs of life. But I only know about ups and ups… thanks to you. Happy anniversary.
  • First anniversaries are special. Regardless of how you plan to celebrate or not, dress your best because your partner is going to remember this day for a very long time.
  • First, you gave me a glance and I gave you my hand. You reached out for me, and I held you tight. Then you looked deep into my eyes, and I gave you my heart. Happy Anniversary.
  • From our friendSHIP to courtSHIP to married relationSHIP – my life has been sailing in the best SHIP one after another. Happy st anniversary.
1st Anniversary Wishes For Husband-From our friendship to courtship-wishes db
First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband – From our friendship to courtship
  • From the bottom of my heart, I just want to thank you for being such an awesome husband lover and friend.
  • God gave me YOU, the YOU whom I belong to, I wish to spend the rest of my life with you, cherish every moment till I breathe my last breath, I am so glad that you choose me to be your lifetime partner.
  • Happy Anniversary darling – without you I couldn’t be the wife and mother I am today. Thanks for being the best husband I could ever wish for.
  • Happy Anniversary to my darling husband – my soulmate, my sanctuary and my strength. With you at my side there’s nothing we can’t do.
  • Happy Anniversary to my handsome husband, I love you. Thank you for loving me through my bursts of brilliance as well as my moments of madness, together we can do anything.
1st Anniversary Wishes For Husband-Happy Anniversary to my husband-wishes db
First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband – Happy Anniversary to my husband

first wedding anniversary wishes for husband in short

  • Happy Anniversary to my husband, my rock. I love you, thankyou for supporting me and letting me be the woman I want to be.
  • Happy Anniversary to my one and only husband. I love that you’ve always got my back, as I always have yours.
  • Happy Anniversary to the man who has stood by my side, holding my hand through it all. Happy Anniversary and I love you!
  • Happy Anniversary to the most devoted husband that I’ve ever known. I’m so lucky that you chose me to be your wife.
  • Happy Anniversary, handsome. I’m one lucky lady to have a husband like you – here’s to a day and night filled with smooches and snuggles.
1st Anniversary Wishes For Husband-Happy Anniversary to my husband-wishes db
First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband – Happy Anniversary to my husband
  • Happy first-anniversary message to husband from wife × First Anniversary Wishes for Husband: st Anniversary Messages for Him
  • Here’s wishing a Happy Birthday to the most charming, funny, attractive and rocking personality in town. Have a great day.
  • I always thought a perfect husband was a myth, but today, before a perfect man I sit.
    I am so lucky to have you as my husband and this is my best day in my life. Happy anniversary to you my dear.
  • I am the tea bag and you are my cup of hot water. Being drenched in you brings out the best in me. Happy anniversary.
  • I can still remember the day we got married. We were young and I could never imagine that I would be still stuck with you! Happy anniversary!
1st Anniversary Wishes For Husband-I can still remember the day-wishes db
First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband – I can still remember the day
  • I cherish you and I trust our marriage will keep going the length of we are alive, in light of the fact that I put stock in us, I have confidence in the platitude: ’till death do us part, happy anniversary.
  • I dedicate our anniversary to all of our firsts: our first kiss, our first hug, our first midnight cuddle, our first fight, our first threat to breakup, and our first night of making love. May the good times last forever.
  • I don’t remember when you have become a sense of my life, but I am extremely happy that it has happened! Happy Anniversary!
  • I don’t think I’ll ever need a vacation – because every day of our life feels like a honeymoon. Happy first anniversary.
  • I have forgotten all about the day we met for the first time because of life has been a sweet blur since the moment you became mine.
1st Anniversary Wishes For Husband-I have unforgotten all about-wishes db
First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband – I have unforgotten all about

first wedding anniversary wishes for a husband who is far away

  • I just wanted to wish a very special Happy Anniversary to the man whose devotion, loving care and understanding has made me realize every single day just what a lucky woman that I am.
  • I love how we care about each other and how much we cherish each and every day. Happy Anniversary to my adoring husband.
  • I love you more and more each year that passes. I am excited to begin another year of our married life.
  • I love you unconditionally and I’m sure you do, too. So I hope it will be fine if I don’t buy you a gift for today and just wish you a happy first anniversary.
  • I may not say it every day I hope you know how much I love you. Marrying you was the best thing I ever did. Happy Anniversary!
1st Anniversary Wishes For Husband-I may not say it everyday-wishes db
First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband – I may not say it everyday
  • I prayed to God every day and He has sent you to me, but you didn’t pray and you’ve got me as your wife. I’m just kidding, love. Happy Anniversary!
  • I remember the day we met, I fell in love with you at first sight. Today, I love you just as much if not more. Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband!
  • I thought that our Wedding Day would be the best day of my life, but I was wrong… its Every Day. Happy st anniversary.
  • I was a simple girl who wished for beautiful wedding ceremony. But you changed my life by giving me that as well as a blissful marriage. Happy anniversary.
  • If you forget our anniversary, I’ll have to get a little mercenary. I’ll sell you for a million, though you’re really worth a billion.
1st Anniversary Wishes For Husband-If you forget our anniversary-wishes db
First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband – If you forget our anniversary
  • It does not matter where you go in life, what you do, it is who you have beside you. I am truly blessed to have you in my life.
  • It may take some couples years to know each other inside out. But it has taken me only year to find out what an amazing husband you are. Happy st anniversary.
  • It was a miracle that we met, chance that we fell in love and destiny that we should be together forever. Thank you for being the most amazing man that I’ve ever dreamed of. Happy Anniversary.
  • Just hold me tight and kiss me, because I want to go back to the moment when I first realized that we were made for each other. I love you, happy anniversary.
  • Let us be grateful to people who make us happy. They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.
  • Let’s go wild celebrating our first anniversary the way we spent our first night together. Here’s wishing us both a rocking first marriage anniversary.
1st Anniversary Wishes For Husband-let's go wild celebrating our-wishes db
First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband – let’s go wild celebrating our

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  • Like the sun is to a blooming flower, hummingbird is to the hibiscus and moth is to a flame, we are to each other – inseparable. Happy anniversary.
  • Loving me in a very special way. Supporting me all the way. You will always be my Prince Charming and I wish to have a happy ending. Happy Wedding Anniversary.
  • Marriage isn’t always easy but ours is worth the effort. Happy Anniversary to the best husband a girl could ask for.
  • May our first anniversary set the scene for a romantic love saga that unfolds in its true glory in the years to come. Happy anniversary.
1st Anniversary Wishes For Husband-May our first anniversary-wishes db
First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband – May our first anniversary
  • Much has changed since I was your blushing bride. We’ve had our ups and downs, and I still love you more than ever. Happy Anniversary to my husband!
  • My darling husband, let’s take time out to celebrate ‘us’ on our anniversary. Even after all these years, you still make my heart skip a beat.
  • My love for you could not possibly get any bigger for it is endless and timeless. You have given me a new life, naming me The Rarest Beauty. I am in your debt, and I will always be your Queen. I Love You.
  • My wonderful husband, you provide so well for me and our family. I love taking care of you, we make a great team. Happy Anniversary darling, I love you to the moon and back.
  • No one else would understand our relationship, and no one else in this world would understand me the way you do. Happy anniversary!
1st Anniversary Wishes For Husband-no one else would-wishes db
First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband – no one else would
  • Nothing and no one in this world is perfect, except our marriage because even the imprecations seem perfectly romantic.
  • On this solemn day, I wish you that our love sparkle as bright as splashes of champagne! I will do everything to make you happy, my hubby. Happy Anniversary!
  • One of the things about marriage is that you get to know the best and worst of each other. I love you even on the days
  • One year of joy, laughter, and love. I’m so proud to be your wife, and I couldn’t imagine spending my life with anyone else. Happy anniversary, I love you so much.
  • Our first anniversary brings back memories of how we used to flirt before we started dating, and it gives me goosebumps. I hope our relationship keeps giving us goosebumps forever!
1st Anniversary Wishes For Husband-our first anniversary brings-wishes db
1st Anniversary Wishes For Husband
  • Our love is still as strong and fresh as on the day of our first meeting, let’s cherish and keep what we have. Happy Anniversary.
  • Our marriage may have been a bumpy ride with many speed breakers, but that is what has made us circumvent those obstacles and fly high in the sky. Happy anniversary.
  • People say that the first year of marriage is a crazy roller coaster ride. But for me, it has been the most stabilizing factor which has flooded my life with happiness and smiles. Happy anniversary.
  • Scientists have discovered that the longer people stay married, the more they begin to look alike. After years you better start putting name tags in your underwear. Happy Anniversary.
  • Sometimes people search an entire lifetime to find their perfect love. My search ended the day I met you. I love you and Happy anniversary!
  • Sometimes when our lives get busy it takes a special occasion to stop everything and tell someone you love them. Happy anniversary! I love you!
  • That special day is here again the day we took our vows; you are just as special to me today as you still get me aroused.
  • The first year of our marriage was full of exciting twists and turns and some unexpected ups and downs. In short, it was the best roller coaster ride ever. Happy anniversary handsome.
  • The first year of our married lives was exquisite, and so will be the ones to come. I know that when you’re with me, my life will be nothing but awesome. Happy anniversary.
  • The most important tip is not to forget your anniversary date. If you are bad with dates, put a reminder on your phone and email so that you don’t end up disappointing your partner with your forgetfulness.
1st Anniversary Wishes For Husband-the most important -wishes db
1st Anniversary Wishes For Husband
  • The only reason I chose a simple wedding ceremony was that I knew that the grandeur of our married life was going to make up for it. Happy anniversary to the best husband ever.
  • There are no words in this world, which may express my feelings for you, I am so blessed to be your wife, friend, and partner.
  • There’s nobody in this world I could see myself sharing my life with, rather than you. Happy Anniversary to my handsome hubby!
  • This is not just a wedding anniversary, but also a reminder of all the beautiful promises we’ve made to each other. Happy anniversary.
  • Though our marriage cannot be called the most serene, despite all the tests that we have passed, it is happy. Happy anniversary, my love.
1st Anniversary Wishes For Husband-Though our first marriage-wishes db
1st Anniversary Wishes For Husband
  • To look into your eyes and to drown in them is the best feeling for me. I hope that I will do it at least for the next years! Happy anniversary!

Short Wedding Quotes for your loved once

  • To my handsome husband: I wish you the happiest wedding anniversary. With the promise, to celebrate many more of these wonderful days together! I love you!
  • Today is the day of our anniversary. I’m so grateful that we had a lot of happy moments together as a couple, that our marriage survived the toughest tests and we stayed together. God bless you, my beloved.
  • When I look into your eyes, shivers cover my skin and butterflies are fluttering in my stomach. My feelings for you are as strong as the first day, you are my happiness, happy anniversary!
  • When you fall I will pick you up. When you are happy I will share your joy. When you need a friend I will be the first one there. I will always love you.
1st Anniversary Wishes For Husband-when you fall i will-wishes db
First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

first wedding anniversary wishes for husband status

  • You are so kind, generous, sweet and handsome, as bonus. I hope that you stay that way forever. Thanks for another year of wonderful marriage.
  • You are stuck with me like glue, there is no one else besides you; for me, you will always be the apple of my eye, I will always love you until the day I die. Happy anniversary to my husband.
  • You put the zip in my drive, the twinkle in my eye and the rock in my music. I couldn’t ask for anything more.
  • You’ve made my life more wonderful than words could ever express. Without the love of such a wonderful man like you, I’m not sure where I would be right now. Happy Anniversary.
  • You’ve managed to make all my imperfections perfect! I thank God for our meeting and for sending me such a fantastic husband! Happy Anniversary!
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