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Do you want to wish your friends or relatives a good day, but do you want to do it in a witty and original way? Forget the usual and boring morning messages and discover all the Good Morning Funny Quotes!

The warmth of the blankets, the comfort of the pajamas, the softness of the pillow under our head: how beautiful is it to sleep? And, on the other hand, how dramatic is it to have to get up early , especially on weekdays? And no matter how many times we postpone the alarm, at some point we will have to wake up and take our life in hand. Let’s try to do it with a smile thanks some nice good morning phrases. Below we have collected the funniest ones for you or to share with all your friends and loved ones!

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A romantic and fun good morning for your sweetheart

If you are not lucky enough to open your eyes and find your sweetheart by your side, make her feel all your love anyway, by sending her a good morning message in the name of romance. But don’t go overboard with the fuss, to keep the feeling alive, you need a bit of irony. This is why we have selected for you the sweetest and most hilarious phrases with which to wish a good day to the person who makes your heart beat faster!

1. “Do you know when you wake up and immediately want to do a thousand things? Not me.”

2. “Either I get up early, or I get up nice, you choose.”

3. “Good morning, except for complications.”

4. “I drink coffee for your safety.”

Good Morning Funny Quotes - I drink coffee for your safety. - wishesdb
Good Morning Funny Quotes – I drink coffee for your safety.

Good Morning Quotes for gf

5. “If you make me coffee in the morning I will love you forever, or at least until the coffee runs out.”

6. “In bed I’m incredible: I can sleep for days.”

7. “Just because I’m awake doesn’t mean I’m functioning at my full capacity. Good morning.”

8. “Love is blind, especially in the morning, because I can’t see anything before having a coffee.”

Good Morning Funny Quotes - Love is blind, especially in the morning - wishesdb
Good Morning Funny Quotes – Love is blind, especially in the morning

9. “Love, let’s be clear: five minutes of extra sleep in the morning is a very serious matter!”

10. “To be out of bed, I’m down. Now I just have to get up off the floor.”

11. “Whatever your question, my answer is: coffee. Good morning!”

Good Morning Funny Quotes - Whatever your question, my answer is coffee. Good morning! - wishesdb
Good Morning Funny Quotes – Whatever your question, my answer is coffee. Good morning!

12. “Your cafe is also surprised to see you awake at this hour.”

Author phrases with which to wish a good day with a smile

Getting out of bed has always been hard, even for illustrious names in literature. Even though the alarm clock was once the crowing of a rooster, the story doesn’t change: some people are made to hate the morning. If you want to get up on the right foot and start the day with a smile, read and send to your contacts these fantastic good morning phrases written by great and famous authors!

1. “As far as I know, nothing worth hearing is said at seven in the morning; and if it is said, it will usually be repeated at a more reasonable time for a larger, more awake audience.” – Moss Hart

2. “Bad coffee is also better than no coffee.” – David Lynch

Good Morning Funny Quotes - Bad coffee is also better than no coffee - wishesdb
Good Morning Funny Quotes – Bad coffee is also better than no coffee

3. “I wake up in the morning and grab the newspaper. If my name isn’t on the obituary page, I get up.” – Benjamin Franklin

4. “I was planning on world domination this morning, but woke up late. Let’s postpone, again.” – Suburban Man

5. “It’s like the morning is applauding. To make me wake up.” – Markus Zusak

6. “The happiest part of a man’s life is spent lying awake in bed in the morning.” – Samuel Johnson

Good Morning Funny Quotes - The happiest part of a man's life is spent lying awake in bed in the morning. - wishesdb
Good Morning Funny Quotes – The happiest part of a man’s life is spent lying awake in bed in the morning.

7. “There are those who wake up quickly, there are those who wake up slowly: I wake up dead.” – Terry Pratchett

8. “There should be a rule against people trying to be funny before the sun comes up completely.” – Kristen Chandler

9. “When your dreams and reality coincide, it’s usually your alarm clock that has stopped working.” – Crystal Woods

Nice Good Morning Funny Quotes: the most beautiful on Twitter

Twitter can hold great and welcome surprises when it comes to genuine laughter. It is on this platform that we have found some of the wittiest and funniest phrases with which to wish good morning to ourselves and to those we love. Ready to laugh? Read below!

1. “But do you ever wake up fresh, rested and get out of bed with a smile, happy to face another wonderful day?”

2. “Every morning a mirror wakes up and knows it will have to contend with a zombie.”

3. “I had to turn off the autocorrect. Every time I wrote “I wake up”, he corrected me with “ahahahahah!”.”

4. “For each of us there are seven doubles, and never one of these wakes up in the morning and goes to work for us.”

5. “Good morning. We need an alarm clock that releases the scent of a croissant.”

6. “I’m the kind of person who gets up at 7 and wakes up at noon.”

7. “If it weren’t for all these architectural barriers I would go around the world on my bed.”

8. “In the morning I am so sleepy that when he sees me having coffee, he falls asleep too.”

9. “My horoscope this morning says: “Look, forget it, if something improves I’ll make myself feel”.

10. “No, because in my opinion it only happens in cartoons.”

11. “The alarm clock lacks the ‘snooze until August’ button.”

12. “The first coffee of the morning cannot be considered breakfast, but rather an attempt at resuscitation.”

13. “Today we talk about a crime against humanity that is too often ignored:”

14. “When they distributed the urge to get up at the first sound of the alarm, I was in line for the ability to play dead under the duvet.”

Funny good morning sayings – quotes for morning grouches

Sayings for a nice day are rather inappropriate? If you can’t get anything out of the day or if you know that your loved ones would like to stay in bed, you can convey that with a good dose of sarcasm or joke. If you want the good morning sayings to be funny and to make the recipient smile even on a rainy morning, you don’t have to look far. Good morning irony is the order of the day. How about one of the following good morning or good day sayings?

“For some it’s Monday, for me it’s the first step towards the weekend.”

“It only says” Good morning “because” Shut up! “Is not so socially accepted.”

“Good morning clan! Now let’s all tighten our astral bodies and adopt a correct, don’t-shit posture! “

“I was beautiful, rich, sexy … and then the alarm clock rang!”

“Good morning has moved, he now lives in a good mood and a beautiful day in a country before our time.”

“Getting up early is the first step in the wrong direction!”

“Awake? No! We call it “approachable and able to whine about the time.”

“Good Morning! Come on, get up, the day won’t mess itself up! “

Funny Good Morning Messages, Wishes

Good morning funny Quotes for your own status

Are you looking for more funny morning sayings with which you can show the world that the morning hour may not have any gold in its mouth? If you want to face the good morning in a funny way, you can enrich your profile with the following quotes:

“The coffee was added successfully. This body can now be started. “

“Too early … too cold … on Monday!”

“The three biggest enemies of a morning grouch are:
daylight, fresh air and the unbearable roar of the birds!”

“Can’t get up today! My pillows have accepted me as a pack member and if I leave I will lose their trust … “

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