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How to start a day well if not exchanging a good morning Quotes with the person you love? A few sweet words are the best way to wake up with a smile thinking about the affection we feel for someone special.

Before diving into the daily routine it is good not to forget who is really important in our life and give them a thought of affection.

So here is a collection with the most beautiful phrases to say “Good morning My Love” to immediately dedicate to the person who makes our heartbeat. Good Morning Quotes for gf Find out here!

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Good Morning Quotes for GirlFriend

1. “Every day we should listen to a little melody, read a beautiful poem, see an exquisite painting and, if possible, say sensitive words.”

2. “I can’t stop thinking about you … Good morning, Love.”

3. “Whatever our souls are made of, mine and yours are made of the same thing.”

4. “Love, when they tell you that I have forgotten you, and even if I will say it, when I tell you, don’t believe me.”

5. “I open my eyes and see you. What more can I want? Thank you for being here!”

6. “Knowing to find you when I wake up lulls my sleep, giving me dreams that I can’t wait to share with you. Good morning love of my life.”

7. “Your love is to me like the evening star and the morning star: it sets after the sun and rises before it.”

8. “Good morning. This morning I woke up thinking of you. And how could it be otherwise? You’re my life!”

9. “Mornings are the most melancholy part of the day because that’s when I need you most, your warm hugs and your cuddles. I miss you. Hello my darling.”

10. “Starting a new day knowing that you are part of my life gives me the right positive charge I need. Goodmorning Princess!”

11. “I love you. You are a thought too important to be held in one hand, you are a recurring song in my dreams. Love is a word of light, written by a hand of light, on a page of light.”

12. “Being in love with you makes every morning worth getting up – good morning honey.”

13. “I would be lost if I lived a single moment without you.”

14. “I may not be able to whisper sweet things into your ear at night, but I can write them in the morning! I love you.”

15. “May this be for you one of those days to remember, full of positive moments and satisfactions… Good morning Love.”

16. “Even though I woke up with the rain today, the thought of your smile lights up my heart. I can not wait to hug you.”

17. “Your smile when I wake up is the most precious gift I could ever receive. Thanks my darling for giving me new emotions every day, today I want to start giving you one myself. Good morning honey, I love you.”

18. “Each morning reminds me of all the wrong dreams I had chased all my life until I found the right one, you. Good day to you who are becoming important.”

19. “Being in love with you is the reason that makes me wake up in a good mood. Good morning!”

20. “You are the first thing that comes to mind in the morning and the last thing that leaves my heart before bed. Good morning and good day!”

Funny Good Morning Messages, Wishes

good morning love messages for girlfriend

1. “Everything I love loses half of its pleasure if you are not there to share it with me.”

2. “I love you. I know all the weight of this word – the horror and the wonder – and yet I tell you, almost calmly. I’ve used it so little in my life, and so badly, it’s like new to me.”

3. “The first greeting in the morning is for special people… Good morning Love.”

4. “As the coldness of the night gives its place to the warmth of the sun, I would like to wish you a good day that takes you one step closer to achieving all your dreams. Good morning!”

5. “Good morning love, I send you my hugs and kisses in my thoughts, I hope you can feel them. I love you.”

6. “The sun is shining but something is missing, that’s why I decided to write you a message.”

7. “Live each day as if it were the day. Neither the first nor the last. The only one.”

8. “It is from you that I said yes to the world.”

9. “I love you. I’m fine with you. I am at home.”

10. “You are everything to me … Good morning Love.”

11. “Thanks to you I understood what love is. I love you!”

12. “Today is a new day. Don’t let your story interfere with your destiny! Let today be the day you stop being a victim of your circumstances and start taking action for the life you want. You are worth and I love you more than my life.”

13. “What are you to me? My one and only great love. My blessing. Here I wanted to tell you. Good morning darling!”

14. “My world is you … Good morning Love.”

15. “I go to sleep and miss you, wake up and can’t wait to be together again, what would I do without you? Good morning!”

16. “It is true that a good day starts in the morning: the first thing I saw this morning was you!”

17. “I love you with the breath, the smiles and the tears of my whole life.”

18. “I feel so lucky to be able to admire your smile so closely. Good morning darling!”

19. “You messed up my dreams too. Good morning”

20. “Being in love with you is why getting up is worth it. Good morning darling!”

21. “Give each day the chance to be the most beautiful of your life.”

22. “I just can’t imagine my life without your presence. I love you.I wish you a wonderful day full of luck, like the luck I have to have you by my side.”

23. “I don’t know what I would give to be next to you and watch you open your eyes softly. Good morning my love!”

24. “With your smile you light up the world… Good morning Love.”

25. “Every day I wake up next to the person of my dreams. Have a nice day, love!”

26. “Your smile is my inspiration, your voice is my motivation, your love is my happiness. I love you. Good day my love.”

27. “I realized I was missing something, I found out it was you. A unique good morning to the woman who holds a special place in my heart.”

romantic good morning love messages for girlfriend

1. “The breeze of this cold morning reminds me of the wonderful feeling of your romantic touch – a sweet sensation I have on my skin. Good morning dear!”

2. “You are the light of my eyes, the light that gives me the strength to get up and walk the darkest paths of life. Good morning light of my life.”

3. “On this rainy day, you are my light. Good morning my love!”

4. “Last night I dreamed of you and I couldn’t wait to wake up to live my dream. Good morning my love!”

5. “When I open my eyes every day, all I want to see is you. Good morning love, I send you my hugs and kisses in my thoughts, I hope you can feel them.”

6. “I will never tire of repeating that I love you. I’ll always be there for you. Good morning.”

7. “My heart beats only for you … Good morning Love.”

8. “It is you who bring light to the world … Good morning Love.”

9. “The morning air is so fresh and pleasant, but the scent of your skin is comparable to nothing. You don’t know how much I would like to breathe your sweet scent right now. Good morning and have a nice day, love. See you soon.”

10. “You have no idea how I feel waking up every morning knowing that you are mine and I am yours. Good morning my love.”

11. “I love you not only for who you are, but for who I am when I am with you.”

12. “You are the ray of sunshine that lights up my days … Good morning Love.”

13. “The best alarm clock in the world is your kiss. Good morning with all my heart!”

14. “My dear, I have sent you hugs and kisses. Hope you hear them. Good morning my love.”

15. “The best surprise every morning is to wake up and always see you there by my side. Good morning my love, only I am how much I love you.”

16. “You are the sunshine that sweeps the bad thoughts out of my head. Good morning my angel.”

17. “When you get up in the morning, think what a precious privilege it is to be alive: to breathe, to think, to feel joy and to love.”

18. “When I wake up with you by my side every day becomes more beautiful and I have the strength to be able to face everything that I will meet with the passing of the hours. Goodmorning my life!”

19. “Good morning! Could I interrupt your peaceful sleep? You are the first thing that comes to my mind when I wake up. Could you stop sleeping and give me my morning kiss? I love you.”

20. “Good morning princess, just give me time to saddle the white horse and I’ll be right with you.”

21. “With you in my life, I no longer throw the alarm clock on the wall because I can’t wait to get up.”

22. “You do not know, but there is someone who as soon as he opens his eyes in the morning already has you in his thoughts and you stay there until the evening, until his eyes close again.”

23. “I wake up between the stars of your eyes. Good morning love!”

24. “My best days always start next to you! Thank you my love!”

25. “You don’t have time to get out of my dreams that you immediately enter my thoughts… Good morning Love.”

good morning message to make her fall in love

If the girl you want to text isn’t your girlfriend already, romantic good morning phrases might be out of place. In this case, therefore, we have collected some good morning phrases that make the girl in question understand your interest, but without seeming too morbid. Just the right amount of romance that the girl will appreciate and that maybe will help you win her over.

1. “Sometimes a “Good morning” said by the right person is enough to start the day well.”

2. “I just opened my eyes and you are already in my thoughts. Good morning darling!”

3. “Every day you make me fall in love with something: a detail, a new mole that I discover on your body, a smile, a look, a thought, a dream. Never cease to amaze me.”

4. “I hope your day is as bright as your smile!”

5. “Tell someone each day that there is something in them that you admire and appreciate. You will find that it takes less than two seconds to make a person happy.”

6. “You are every reason, every hope and every dream I’ve ever had.”

7. “I am so lucky to have met a sweet and kind girl like you.Thank you for existing, good morning!”

8. “You have a place in my heart that no one else could have.”

9. “Your smile is the only thing that gives me the strength to get up and face the day. Thank you for being here!”

10. “I asked this message to go to the sweetest person in the world and now you are reading it. Good morning!”

11. “I do not have time to wake up that you are already in my thoughts. I love you!”

12. “I got up this morning with you in my thoughts. Come to think of it I went to bed last night with the same thought. Hey, at least I’m consistent. Have a nice day!”

13. “Love is not about finding someone to live with, it’s about finding someone you can’t live with without… Good morning Love.”

14. “You are the reason that gives me the strength to wake up every morning, you are my blessing.”

15. “I love the dawn of a new day, because every morning is an opportunity to spend a wonderful day with the woman of my dreams. Good morning”

16. “You are that delicate and warm ray of sunshine that caresses me every day when I wake up … Good morning my love!”

17. “I love waking up when reality is more beautiful than my dreams. Hello my darling!”

18. “Even today I carry you in my heart … Good morning Love.”

19. “Good morning my love, tonight I dreamed of heaven with angels and who knows why I chose one in particular, but this beautiful angel had no wings, perhaps because that angel was you … I love you!”

20. “You are the best person in my life. Good morning.”

21. “Perhaps to the world you are only a person, but to one person you are the whole world.”

22. “Love me, because without you I can do nothing, I am nothing.”

23. “Every morning is wonderful because it means that I will be able to spend the day with you.”

24. “Hello my beautiful! You were the first thing that came to my mind as I woke up this morning.”

25. “Some days you just have to look for your sun. For me it’s you. Good morning!”

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hot good morning messages for girlfriend

1. “May the sun light your way during the day, just as our love light up our life together. Good morning!!”

2. “I open my eyes, move my hand and by my side I always find yours. There is no more beautiful certainty than knowing you are always by my side. Happy awakening love!”

3. “I love you for all you are, all you have been, all you have yet to be.”

4. “If it is true that a good morning starts in the morning, mine will be a wonderful day because your thick closed eyelashes are the first thing I see when I wake up. Good morning with love!”

5. “I went to sleep last night with a smile because I knew I was going to dream of you, but I woke up this morning with an even brighter smile because you weren’t a dream. Good morning butterfly!”

6. “I would like to stop time just to watch you sleep and admire you for eternity.”

7. “No matter how you feel today, get up, dress and show yourself.”

8. “Good morning to you too, and then the sun comes up, I realize that I dress badly, but I always have a little bit of you on me.”

9. “Millions and millions of years will still not give me enough time to describe that little instant of eternity when you hugged me and I hugged you.”

good morning message for her to make her smile

1. “Do you want to know a secret? I can not stop thinking about you. Good morning my love!”

2. “Since I love you, my loneliness begins two steps away from you.”

3. “I hope this start of a new day is as beautiful as your dazzling smile. Good morning Little Star!”

4. “The Sun lights up the day, but you light up my life… Good morning Love.”

5. “A day without smile is a lost day.”

6. “I don’t know where my path goes, but I walk better when my hand holds yours.”

7. “What I like about mornings is that I can play the role of your prince charming and you are my sleeping beauty. Good morning my princess, it’s time to wake up.”

8. “I love you more than my own skin.”

good morning quotes for crush

1. “You are always in my thoughts, but especially this morning. Good luck today, and remember, I’m just a phone call away if you need me. Good morning!”

2. “I only need a second to think about you every morning, but the reassuring smile you put on my face lasts all day.”

3. “I know today could be a tough day to get through. If it helps you I wish I could be part of your day.”

4. “If you don’t love me, it doesn’t matter, I can love for both of you.”

5. “Each new morning brings a new beginning, like a new page to write on; I scribble your name. Good morning.”

6. “Good morning dear. I just wanted you to know how much I care about you. You’re always in my mind. Have a nice day.”

7. “I send you a little box of sun to light up your day while you always light up mine.”

8. “Just the thought of you brightens my morning. Good morning.”

9. “Good morning to those who wake up with a smile or try in spite of everything, to those who face challenges, to those who fall and get up more fiercely than before.”

10. “Every day may not be good, but there is something good about every day. Good morning dear.”

11. “God has added another day into your life not necessarily because you need it, but because someone else may need you. Good morning my love.”

12. “If I know what love is, it’s thanks to you.”

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