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To wish good night to the man you love, these sweet messages are for you. Even if men aren’t as sweet as girls, deep down they too enjoy receiving good night love messages for him. Many good night Quotes for him to share on Whatsapp with those you love.

1. “Your crazy love has enchanted me; I knew I loved you from the first sight. Fall asleep knowing that you are deeply loved, my special man.”

2. “Delusional with love, I can’t think of anything but you. Goodnight from the girl who will love you forever.”

3. “As I fall asleep to the sound of crickets chirping outside my window, the excitement is building within me to hear the birds singing in the morning. That’s when I’ll know we’re only moments away from being together again. Sweet dreams.”

4. “I choose you from all men on earth and loving you is as easy as breathing. Pleasant dreams, my dear.”

5. “The soul of the night awakens in the splendor of the moon and my soul awakens in the splendor of my love for you, the man I will love forever. Good night my Love.”

6. “How many ways can a girl love a man? I’m still finding out. Precious dreams love.”

7. “May the mysterious magic of our love be renewed at every dawn. Sleep tight until morning brings us together again, my prince.”

8. “I wish I was there to see you fall asleep peacefully, your dark lashes fluttering softly against your tanned skin. I’ll have to settle for the next best thing: wishing you good night and sweet dreams!”

9. “The only thing sweeter than having you as my man during the day is having you in my dreams at night. Goodnight My Love.”

10. “Everyone says they wish they could sleep like a baby. Not me Since I met you, I’ve never slept better. Knowing that you are my boyfriend gives me so much happiness and peace. May your sleep be just as restful.”

11. “I hid special memories of you in a little prayer and sent it to God to ask him to bless you as you blessed me today, precious man.”

12. “Close your beautiful eyes and picture me here closing your eyes and picturing yourself there. Tomorrow we will be together again, sweet prince.”

13. “Sweet man, I threw the flowers you gave me into the sky and each petal became a star that shines on you as you sleep tonight under our love.”

14. “Sometimes my love for you is so strong, it wakes me up from a deep sleep. You are like a magnet, which draws me towards you even in the darkest night. I love you eternally. Good night.”

15. “Sleeping without you is difficult, but knowing that you are too tired to face tomorrow would be even more difficult. Let sleep find you fast so that you have the energy to enjoy another day of fun adventures with me.”

16. “Even in my dreams, I know you will protect me. Good night, my knight in shining armor. I love you to the moon and back.”

17. “Even though you’re miles away, I’m not afraid of the dark because of you, the man of my dreams.”

18. “I am remembering the strength of your arms, the manly build of your body and the softness of your heart as I fall asleep tonight.”

19. “I sleep peacefully at night knowing that I have such an extraordinary man to share my life with. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. Until the morning, my sweet love!”

20. “May your sleep be sweet and healthy and may you feel my love envelop you in your dreams. I love you, you are a special man.”

21. “All those kisses you gave me got stuck in my heart and I keep them forever. Goodnight to the only man who ever wanted to kiss.”

22. “I prayed for you before I met you, and when we met, I knew you were the only one God sent me, a man with a full and loving heart. May your heart rest tonight and may your dreams be pleasant.”

23. “Goodnight to my boyfriend. Never forget you’re the only one in my heart tonight.”

24. “I’m imagining your empty arms right now and how I would fill them perfectly. I miss you. Sleep well my dear.”

25. “When you want a star, I hope you know how much loved you are. Because there has never been a love so true as what blossomed between you and me. Goodnight My Love.”

26. “I am the luckiest girl in the world to have the pleasure of greeting you every morning and greeting you every evening. May the most pleasant dreams greet you, honey.”

27. “I hope this text will melt your heart like hot chocolate melts on your tongue. Enjoy every sweet moment of sleep tonight, my handsome boy.”

28. “What’s good about the night? He sends me dreams of you when we are apart. Rest well, my charming man.”

good night love messages for him from the heart

1. “And how could I wish you goodnight properly if not hugging you tightly and kissing you passionately under the light of this wonderful full moon?”

2. “Goodnight my love, because you may be away from me now, but you will be in my heart forever.”

3. “It will be a sweet night because your eyes, like two stars, will illuminate my dreams.”

4. “Honey, I can’t believe my day is over without you by my side. There is nothing more I want in this life than to always have you in my arms. I love you and miss you very much. Good night and sweet dreams. How I wish you were here by my side.”

5. “Let yourself be lulled by the sweet light of the stars and have sweet dreams thinking of me … Goodnight my darling.”

6. “I wish you to spend an enchanting night made only of magical dreams that will turn into beautiful realities when you wake up …”

7. “Sleep tight sweet My love, and don’t forget to open the door of dreams for me tonight …”

8. “I never do, but tonight I really want to wish you sweet dreams my sweet and only treasure …”

9. “Goodnight to all the stars in the sky and therefore to you, my love, who are the brightest of all …”

10. “Goodnight my love, let’s dream! I can’t wait for morning again to be able to give you my sweet good morning!”

11. “Goodnight Love, and please, dream of me again tonight so I can come and hug you tightly once more …”

12. “I look at the sky, I wrote you Goodnight with the light of the stars, sweet dreams honey.”

good night love messages for him long distance

1. “I know I will miss all your hugs, cuddles and sweet kisses tonight because the cruel distance has kept me so far away from you. How I wish I never had to live a night without you again, my dear. Good night I love you.”

2. “Good night, love. Distance gives us a reason to love more. The reason it hurts to separate is because our souls are connected.”

3. “A thousand miles between you and me. After so many months, and I still love you with all my heart. Good night my Love.”

4. “My lonely heart and I are counting until the day we meet again. Goodnight my love I miss you.”

5. “Hold on. Time passes quickly when all I can think of is coming home to your loving arms. Goodnight love see you in my dreams.”

6. “Goodnight my love, because you may be away from me now, but you will be in my heart forever.”

7. “Words can’t express how much I miss you tonight. I miss the warmth of your body next to me. I miss your beautiful smile. I miss holding you. If I had a desire, it would be to see you next to me right now. I really miss you. Goodnight, honey, and know there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to be with you tonight. Good night I love you.”

8. “When I say my goodnight prayers, you are the first thing I thank God for. You are my morning star shining beside me. I’m asking him to send you extra love tonight as I can’t be by your side. Sweet dreams honey.”

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